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March 4, 2020




That pivotal moment, that sticks in the brain,

too strong to forget, too wild to restrain.


That consuming urge, so hard to contain,

too hot to touch, too mad to explain.


That lightning flash, before torrents of rain,

short lived is love, never visited again.




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February 16, 2020





You don’t need words,

to know how I love you,

and gifts to you,

come from my heart.


I am loyal to you,

in thought and deed,

and will be

until the day I depart.


You don’t need roses,

to sense how I love you,

and after a while

they only decay.


I am here for you,

if you have a crisis,

and can’t imagine life,

any other way.


You don’t need texts,

from some distant land,

because I’m here, close by,

to hold your hand,


and comfort you,

when you feel sad,

and calm you down,

when you feel mad.


You don’t need a tissue,

to dry your eyes,

because I’ll never

make you cry.


You know I’ll be here,

to pick up the pieces,

until all the breath,

in my body ceases.





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February 3, 2020





and flowers in the meadow too,

took on new life, as skies turned blue.


The day we set eyes on each other,

would be a day, unlike another.


A lawn of bluebells, lots and lots,

swayed happily with forget-me-knots,


the day we met and talked awhile,

you liked my dress, I liked your smile.


And lilies of the valley knew,

love in the air, for me and you,


the day we will not, ever forget,

when our eyes, upon each other set.


And daffodils lined, the countryside,

and tulips too, came for the ride.


the day we put our trust in fate,

and said ‘come on, let’s celebrate’.


And roses of the summer flowered,

as gladioli saintly towered,


the day we started life together,

for better or worse, and through all weather.


How nice, years on, to still recall,

the very start, of it all,


when love was young,

and bluebirds sung.


when we, as one, would onward tread,

hand in hand, by freedom lead.


The world our future, to discover,

because we set, eyes on each other.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury   February 2020.


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January 27, 2020





I loved him, I loved him,

from the moment I saw him,

I was knocked over by a pin.


I loved him, I loved him,

God knows I loved him,

but kept the feeling hidden deep within.


I loved him, I loved him,

I promise I loved him,

his presence always made my heart spin.


I loved him, I loved him,

even when he sat snoring,

after once downing, far too much gin.


I loved him, I loved him,

but sometimes had to grin and bear it,

please tell me that wasn’t a sin.


I loved him, I loved him,

more than the others,

who gave me a kiss on the chin.


I loved him, I loved him,

he put up with my failings,

always charming me back with a grin.


I loved him, I loved him,

Oh how I wish I had told him,

again, and again, and again.




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January 17, 2020





Moments like no other,

that live with us for a lifetime.

Without a sense of purpose,

or knowing no reason or rhyme.


Moments that suddenly catch us,

on our back foot, as we gaily trip,

through the routine of mundane duties,

that at times, make our minds flip.


Moments like no other,

where we dabbled, where we should have not.

Never thinking of the repercussions,

and not making sense, a lot.


Moments of pure enjoyment,

and never to be repeated pleasures,

that flash into our minds again and again,

tumbling out of our box of treasures.


Moments like no other.

Pivitol happenings, that caused a life change.

When going with the flow, was everything,

no diary needed, for dates to re-arrange.


Moments of pure simplicity.

Who said ‘Youth is wasted on the young?

It must have been someone, who had never lived,

or the song of  ‘wanton desire’, never sung.


Moments like no other,

will forever be there to recall,

but going forward is so essential,

otherwise, no point to life at all.


Moments of  joyous exctasy,

will always come to the fore.

But today is a new tomorrow,

and what’s gone, won’t come back, for sure.


Written by  Harriet Blackbury

January 2020




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January 7, 2020





He came to me at dead of night

and asked me if I was alright.

‘Alright?’ I said. ‘Well, you know me,

a lone survivor of rough sea’.


Then decades passed without a word.

Not even a whimper could be heard.

All aggravation now would cease.

My active mind, was left in peace.


Until, once more, an unplanned visit.

‘It’s me again!’  I said ‘Oh, is it’.

‘What are your needs, oh restless soul,

my heart and thoughts to still control?’


With that the vision quickly went.

I always question good intent.

A panic button at the alert.

prevents the heart from being hurt.


And only just the other day,

I let my guard down and did stray,

into the world he left behind,

where life was mad and sense was blind.


He quickly noticed I was there,

and burst right in without a care.

My private moment, was invaded.

Into my mind, old thoughts cascaded.


Each hour we had, I still recall.

It’s as if he hasn’t gone at all.

Though so much time was spent apart,

each word remembered, from the start.


In after life, no need for re-birth,

as he stayed right by me, here on earth.

And so no point in moving on,

when he was and is, the only one.





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August 3, 2018


Touch him at your peril –

not even a friendly nudge,

if you know what’s good for you

as she will hold a grudge.


Do not pinch his bottom

just because he winked his eye,

for she will surely see it –

this past mistress of i-spy.


Play footsie under the table

if your life you want to end,

for she knows too well his history

and on her foot you can depend.


No more touchy-feely,

no more impulsive nips,

allowed these days in this society

now P.C. has got to grips.


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April 28, 2017



Beyond the realms of madness

on a planet far away,

lies the devil waiting

in the hope one will go astray.


Beyond the realms of reason

testing out ones strength,

lies the old persuader

who will go to any length.


Beyond the realms of sadness

in a world of yesterday,

lies half dead, the subconscious

since love went away.


Beyond the realms of tomorrow

no future can there be,

where tears have formed an ocean

and one marooned for eternity.



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Never to have had that moment,

never to have had that hit.

Never to have laid wide open,

your heart, your soul, your it.


Never to have yearned and conquered,

never to have struck that note.

Never to have lost your senses,

never to have, on someone dote.


Never to have seen such madness,

never to have lost control.

Never to have been there, done that,

never to have lived life whole.



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February 27, 2017



He was here and yet,

now nowhere to be seen.

Like so many more

who came in between.


He was here, you bet –

joy, a bottomless floor.

No thought for tomorrow,

knowing there was no more.


He was here and yet,

now a lone silhouette,

on a deserted shore,

that time won’t forget.


He was here and yet,

his voice lingers still,

as the echo of laughter,

meanders downhill.


He was here and yet,

never meant to stay.

Take a moment of heaven

and store it away.




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