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June 8, 2016



Been there, done that,

the label showing.

Denial would see

a small nose growing.


Been there, done that,

just fat to chew,

when feeling lonesome

without you.


Been there, done that,

without thinking,

Though afterthought

found my heart sinking.


Been there, done that,

I’ve said it now.

I know you knew,

why raise your brow?


Been there, done that.

Just took a chance,

when someone threw

a second glance.


Been there, done that,

no hurt was meant.

My love for you

set in cement.


Been there, done that,

a lifetime ago,

but hell, does it matter,

now hair, white as snow?


Been there, done that,

but I couldn’t now.

No need for anxiety,

you silly cow!




Been there, done that!

Well, have you really?

After one too many

and getting touchy – feely?


Been there, done that!

Yes, I was well aware.

Call it intuition,

when you returned from there.


Been there, done that.

I too chewed the fat,

when feeling lonesome,

when feeling flat.


Been there, done that.

My turn in the dock –

When the penny dropped

I also ran amok.


Been there, done that.

We’ve been through a lot.

Times were different then,

we both lost the plot.


Been there, done that.

You look dumbfounded.

Did you think me homely

with feet firmly grounded?


Been there, done that,

can’t you take the shock,

of knowing once or twice,

I lifted up my frock?


Been there, done that,

but free from anxiety now,

and not quite so stupid,

is your silly cow !




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As easy as that, they robbed him;

just took him for all he was worth.

Two urchin girls with the giggles,

destined to be thieves from birth.


A willing recipient he was,

flinging his arms in the air.

Flattered by so much attention,

as he strode through St Marks Square.


The rascals ran off – job accomplished;

an easy start to their day.

Cash expertly extracted,

before the wallet thrown away.


Percoughalees was really frustrated;

his plane due in under an hour.

He knew Mendotta would be onboard;

the chance to see her, now turning sour.




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May 23, 2016



and as with matters

of the heart,

distrust formed madness

from the start.


No love so strong

could time endure,

No quick-fix pill

a freedom cure.


and so long gone

the one who came,

and changed the world –

What was his name?


and as with matters

of the heart,

no barrier cream

could stop the smart.


No love so wrong

could stand the test,

so separate paths

always the best.


and so long gone

the one who came,

who’s now blocked out –

What was his name? 




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May 13, 2016



The truth behind a misconception

far too private to explain,

but amazing how a lack of knowledge

can put on one, such extra strain.


The truth behind a misconception,

as constricting as barbed wire.

Wind travelling in the wrong direction

killing the flame of loves desire. 



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April 14, 2016



Vague shadows of a life now past;

a ticking time-bomb, beating fast.

A melting moment, soon dissolved,

when so in love, when so involved.


Vague glimpses of those vibrant rooms;

such laughter once, now catacombs.

And only echoes left behind,

as each word spoken, brought to mind.


Vague hopes of meeting – not a chance;

a fool indeed, who dares, a backward glance.

Why kill the dream, the mind holds pure?

Though the pain of loss, hard to endure!


Vague memories finally put to bed;

no more, thoughts linger in the head.

An exorcism, now executed

No more, the heart is persecuted.


Vague thoughts of everything I do,

from the last second that you withdrew.

In truth, a blur, a tormented hell;

a lone existence – this empty shell.


Vague shadows of a life now through;

you’re done with me, I’m done with you.

So tightly hands held ‘goodbye grips’,

til the last touch of finger tips.







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Needing a side-kick

comes at a price.

Questioning one’s judgement,

once, maybe twice.


Needing some ‘me’ time,

away from myself.

An out of body experience,

leaving me on the shelf.


Needing some freedom –

choking on stifled air.

But life is a beggar,

when nobody’s there.


Needing an overall;

the engine to re-tune.

Now you’ve gone to God’s heaven,

I’ll be joining you real soon.







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November 1, 2015



Oh love, that deep

within me sleeps.

A rested soul

til daybreak peeps,

when together, onward

we walk freely;

two souls as one,

unseen, but clearly

united in death,

as in life, the same.

Oh love so deep,

You came, you came.


Your forever promise

you did fulfill,

to stay by me,

through winters chill.

No flesh to touch.

No tears to dry.

No look of love

seen in your eye.

But still you’re here

as my heart weeps.

Oh love that deep

within me sleeps.



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What a waste of emotion,

a life of regret.

What an indulgent fantasy,

a love, one cannot forget.



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September 24, 2015



Half naked dancing with desire;

no thought of what may yet transpire.

The fairies moved with gentle ease,

and tiptoed lightly in the breeze.

The elves retired, their whim complete;

to do what elves do, in the heat.




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June 24, 2015



Old love that came

at dead of night,

into my mind

by satellite,


and touched my heart

like once before,

then just as quickly,

closed the door.


Old love that is

a lifetime sin,

that should stay buried

deep within,


Yet surfaces,

from time to time;

never free am I,

from this ancient crime.


Old love that is

a burden heavy.

Give me a break,

I’ve paid the levy.


No future built

on heartache’s glow.

The time is right,

old love, please go.


Old love that is,

too hot to handle,

like dying embers

of a candle.


Pray leave me now;

no future can there be,

to my loving you,

or you loving me.


Old love that was

the only thing,

to ever make

my young heart sing.


Take with you knowledge;

of this be certain.

You were the one,

now draw the curtain.






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