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February 27, 2017



He was here and yet,

now nowhere to be seen.

Like so many more

who came in between.


He was here, you bet –

joy, a bottomless floor.

No thought for tomorrow,

knowing there was no more.


He was here and yet,

now a lone silhouette,

on a deserted shore,

that time won’t forget.


He was here and yet,

his voice lingers still,

as the echo of laughter,

meanders downhill.


He was here and yet,

never meant to stay.

Take a moment of heaven

and store it away.




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October 22, 2016



and two or three

or maybe four,

passed by this way

in days of yore.


Some stopping off

as travellers do.

To re-fuel tanks

before saying adieu.


and five or six

or seven more,

in intervals

knocked at the door.


Some getting in

as travellers do,

unless ‘No vacancy’

sign on view.


and eight or nine

or even ten;

all sad and lonely

weary men.


Some spinning yarns

as travellers do,

whilst selling wares-

rest overdue.


and eleven or twelve

or memorable thirteen,

down on his luck,

without a bean.


Some sob story given

as travellers do –

A bed in the shed

where rhubarb grew.


and fourteen or fifteen

and sixteen, I recall.

Arriving with two trunks

dropped in the hall.


Some magician of sorts,

he said, was he,

with an able assistant –

as fit as a flee.


and seventeen or eighteen

or nineteen, I did greet,

feeling it was time,

to put up my feet.


Some rest needed

from the hotel lark.

Time had taken it’s toll –

I was losing my spark.


Good job that twenty’s key,

fitted like it should:

Home Sweet Home, a blessing;

returning back for good.


Some loving comfort needed;

his timing spot on.

The door firmly bolted

now we two back as one.



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Let’s meet and talk mumbo-jumbo,

and put the world to rights.

Let’s yap until our throats dry,

about nothing until dawn lights.


Let’s skate around the houses,

and up and down the alleyways,

without revealing anything obvious,

that on our cautious tongue stays.


Let’s have a drink, then another,

and one more to make memory flee,

until we forget if we’ve done what we came for,

so another guilt trip, there won’t be.



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October 1, 2016



I sent you a message by telepathy

that I hoped would arrive at your side,

as you boarded the 8.10 to Euston,

in time for your daily ride.


Once inside your head I tangled,

with your thoughts, until I got through,

patiently, willingly, waiting in line,

as I knew there’d be quite a queue.


I felt you take off your jacket;

placing it neatly across your knee.

One less thought for you to think about,

before you got around to me.


I blocked your thought of the Laptop.

I’m sorry to use my power this way.

I just needed to have your attention,

more so than ever today.


Instead you took out your newspaper!

Dear Lord, there goes my master plan.

It would be another twenty minutes,

before your mind I could fully scan.


But something you read, somehow made you

look out through the window to think.

So I grabbed the chance whilst I had it;

my message through, leaving me tickled pink.


You closed your eyes for a moment.

It was then I knew I’d reached first base.

When the smile that I live and die for,

appeared on your wonderful face.



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‘Well ‘to and fro’ –

you know how it goes,

this game of ups

and downs and lows.


This getting on

with life in spite

of all the hazards

day and night.


Trapped on a see-saw –

thoughts suspended.

No get-out clause,

or ride open-ended.


And only viable

is this attraction,

when offloaded is

the weighty fraction.


So, there you go –

lets now put to bed

absurd misgivings,

sometimes falsely read.


No more getting wrong –

well – meant intentions,

that come out twisted

as if new inventions.


Trapped in a Dodgem

with a jerk, suspended.

No get-out clause;

a wedding ring intended


this ride for life

without distraction:

Problems worked through

until satisfaction,


sees fresh water

in the well run clear,

after a glass of wine

or a needy beer.


When unraveled are,

the old crossed wires,

replaced by moon dust

and loves desires.



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September 13, 2016



Sweet music working it’s magic

taking one back in time,

to a page in the imagination –

so vivid, the scene of the crime.


Where quite unexpectedly taken

was a heart, now set deep in stone.

The outer casing cracked by the rhythm,

glances exchanged for reasons unknown.


The opening bar, a constant reminder,

whenever heard from that day on.

When a heart stolen unexpectedly;

life never the same, until memory gone.


Sweet music working it’s magic

taking one back to that day,

and a chapter never to be forgotten.

So sad when it ends that way!


Where quite unexpectedly taken

was a heart, now set deep in stone.

The outer casing cracked by the rhythm,

glances exchanged for reasons unknown.


The closing bar, the saddest part ever,

when heard from that day on.

Old feelings automatically surface;

life never the same, until memory gone. 


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June 30, 2016



and if all hugs be

the yeast of life,


but a small sacrifice.


and when kisses fuel

the want for thee,

not a problem

being nut-free.


and tender strokes

as soft as silk,

replace the lactose

found in milk,


when romance feeds

the hearts desire;

the food of love

there to inspire.



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June 8, 2016



Been there, done that,

the label showing.

Denial would see

a small nose growing.


Been there, done that,

just fat to chew,

when feeling lonesome

without you.


Been there, done that,

without thinking,

Though afterthought

found my heart sinking.


Been there, done that,

I’ve said it now.

I know you knew,

why raise your brow?


Been there, done that.

Just took a chance,

when someone threw

a second glance.


Been there, done that,

no hurt was meant.

My love for you

set in cement.


Been there, done that,

a lifetime ago,

but hell, does it matter,

now hair, white as snow?


Been there, done that,

but I couldn’t now.

No need for anxiety,

you silly cow!




Been there, done that!

Well, have you really?

After one too many

and getting touchy – feely?


Been there, done that!

Yes, I was well aware.

Call it intuition,

when you returned from there.


Been there, done that.

I too chewed the fat,

when feeling lonesome,

when feeling flat.


Been there, done that.

My turn in the dock –

When the penny dropped

I also ran amok.


Been there, done that.

We’ve been through a lot.

Times were different then,

we both lost the plot.


Been there, done that.

You look dumbfounded.

Did you think me homely

with feet firmly grounded?


Been there, done that,

can’t you take the shock,

of knowing once or twice,

I lifted up my frock?


Been there, done that,

but free from anxiety now,

and not quite so stupid,

is your silly cow !




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As easy as that, they robbed him;

just took him for all he was worth.

Two urchin girls with the giggles,

destined to be thieves from birth.


A willing recipient he was,

flinging his arms in the air.

Flattered by so much attention,

as he strode through St Marks Square.


The rascals ran off – job accomplished;

an easy start to their day.

Cash expertly extracted,

before the wallet thrown away.


Percoughalees was really frustrated;

his plane due in under an hour.

He knew Mendotta would be onboard;

the chance to see her, now turning sour.




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May 23, 2016



and as with matters

of the heart,

distrust formed madness

from the start.


No love so strong

could time endure,

No quick-fix pill

a freedom cure.


and so long gone

the one who came,

and changed the world –

What was his name?


and as with matters

of the heart,

no barrier cream

could stop the smart.


No love so wrong

could stand the test,

so separate paths

always the best.


and so long gone

the one who came,

who’s now blocked out –

What was his name? 




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