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January 16, 2020





In 80, ‘Dog Eat Dog’, reached No.4,

for Adam And The Ants, on CBS.

And in 96, ‘No Fronts-The Remixes’, on Roadrunner,

gave Dog Eat Dog, a No.9 success.


In 95, ‘Make Way For The Indian’, on Island label ,

took Apache Indian & Tim Dog to No.29.

And in 2010,’Dog Days Are Over’, also on Island,

found Florence And The Machine, on the No.23 line.


In 68, ‘Dogs’, on Track,

reached No.25, for The Who.

And in 94, ‘Doggy Dogg World, on Death Row,

for Snoop Doggy Dogg, peaked at No.32.


In 81, ‘Dogs Of War’, on Secret,

for Exploited, made No.63.

And in 93, ‘Dogs Of Luist’, on Epic,

for The The, a No.25, was to be.


In 89, ‘How Come It Never Rains’, on China,

for Dogs D’amour, climbed to No.44.

And in 04, ‘Godhopping’, on V2VVR,

gave Dogs Die In Hot Cars, a No.24 score.


In 66, ‘Walking My Cat Named Dog’, on Stateside,

saw Norma Tanega, at No.22.

And in 70, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’, on Stateside.

gave Three Dog Night, a US No.1 & UK Top 3 view.


In 97, ‘Dog Train’, on China label,

saw The Levellers at No.24 arrive.

And in 68, ‘I’m The Urban Spaceman’, on Liberty.

for Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, was a Top 5



Neil Innes     1944 – 2019





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January 2, 2020





With her first of 14 consecutive UK hits on RAK,

in 73, Suzi Quatro took ‘Can The Can’ to No.1.

Also in 73, ’48 Crash’, was a Top 3,

and ‘Daytona Demon’, at No.14, followed on.


In 74, came gold-selling No.1 – ‘Devil Gate Drive’,

and ‘Too Big’ reached No.14.

And ending 74, ‘The Wild One’,

enjoyed a No.7 scene.


In 75, ‘Your Mama Won’t Like Me’, made No.31,

and in 77, peaking at No.27 was, ‘Tear Me Apart’.

In 78, ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’, reached No.4,

and ‘The Race Is On’, made No.43 in the chart.


Ending 78, ‘Stumblin’ In’, with Chris Norman, was at No.41,

and in 79, at No.11, came ‘She’s In Love With You’.

In 80, ‘Mama’s Boy’, settled at No.34,

and ‘I’ve Never Been In Love’, at No.56, came into view.


Still in 80, ‘Rock Hard’, on Dreamland,

made a No.68 score.

And in 82, ‘Heart Of Stone’, was a Top 60,

this time on Polydor.


Keep on Rockin’   Suzi Quatro – You’re the tops


written by

Harriet Blackbury





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December 19, 2019




With his first seven hits

coming on HMV –

in 60, ‘Mountain Of Love’, & in 62, Puff (Up In Smoke)’,

both reached No.33.


Also in 62, ‘Up On The Roof’, and in 63 –

‘You Can Never Stop Me Loving You’,

became his best selling singles –

both enjoying a Top 10 view.


In 64, ‘Stand By Me’, peaked at No.39,

and ‘What Am I To You’, made No.37, in 64.

In 65, ‘I’ll Stay By You’, reached No.29, and

‘Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earnt A Penny’,

in 83, on Satril, made a Top 50 score.



Thank You for the music.

R I P   Kenny Lynch  1938 – 2019

– one of entertainment’s loveliest guys.





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December 13, 2019





In 72, ‘Elected’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Alice Cooper a Top 4.

And in 99, ‘Two In A Million’/’You’re My Number 1’ –

a Top 2, for S Club 7, on Polydor.


In 68, ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’,

on Atlantic, for Aretha Franklyn – a Top 4 play.

And in 83, Nick Heywood, peaked at No.14,

on Arista, with ‘Blue Hat For A Blue Day’.


In 78, ‘Flying High’, on Motown,

gave The Commodores, a No.37.

And in 94, ‘I Believe’, on London,

for Marcella Detroit, peaked at No.11.


In 82, ‘Fantastic Day’, on Arista,

gave Haircut 100, a No.9 tweak.

And in 05, ‘A Night To Remember’, for Liberty X –

a Top 6, on EMI/Virgin/Unique.


In 04, ‘Free’, climbed to No.15,

for Estelle, on V2/J-Did.

And in 06, ‘Glorious’, on EMI,

gave Captain, a Top 30 bid.


In 74, ‘Let’s Put It All Together’, on Avco,

for The Stylistics, peaked at No.9.

And in 77, ‘Sunshine After The Rain’, on A & M,

took Elkie Brooks to the Top 10 line.


In 75, ‘What A Difference A Day Makes’, on Kudo,

gave Go West, a Top 5 high.

And in 77, ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs – All My Loving (Medley)’,

reached No.49, for Simon May, on Pye.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.






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December 7, 2019





In 73, ‘Take Me To The Mardi Gras’, on CBS,

gave Paul Simon, a No.7.

And in 93, ‘West End Girls’, on London,

for East 17, reached No.11.


In 81, ‘The Caribbean Disco Show’, peaked at No.8,

for Lobo, on Polydor.

And in 08, ‘Love In The Club’, on Laface,

for Usher featuring Young Jeezy, a US No.1 & UK No.4.


In 67, ‘San Franciscan Nights’, on MGM,

gave Eric Burdon & The Animals, a No.7.

And in 84, ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’, on EMI,

for Iron Maiden, reached No.11.


In 64, ‘Viva Las Vegas’, on RCA,

gave Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires, a No.17 success.

And in 78, ‘Come On Dance Dance’, peaked at No.16,

for The Saturday Night Band, on CBS.


In 67, The Small Faces, on Immediate,

had a Top 3, with ‘Itchycoo Park’.

And in 09, Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado,

reached No.21, with ‘Morning After Dark’.


In 82, ‘Music & Lights’, was a gold-selling Top 5,

for Imagination, on R & B.

And in 03, ‘Move Your Feet’, on Mercury,

gave Junior Senior, a Top 3.


In 80, ‘Dance Yourself Dizzy’, on Polo,

saw Liquid Gold, up to No.2, fly.

And in 85, The Untouchables, made No.59,

on Stiff label, with ‘I Spy For The FBI’.


In 74, ‘Queen Of Clubs’, on Jayboy,

saw KC & The Sunshine Band, with a No.7 play.

And in 84, ‘Smooth Operator’, on Epic,

reached No.19, for Sade.


In 96, ‘The Night Train’, on Positiva,

gave Kadoc, a No.14.

And in 04, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’,

on Island, was a Top 3, for Keene.


In 81, ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Randy Crawford, a No.18 call.

And in 98, Simple Minds, also made No.18,

on Chrysalis, with ‘Glitterball’.





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….. and Boris, from the kitchen,

can be heard singing out loud,

his favourite Stones single –

Hey you ‘Get Off My Cloud’.


…..and Boris, full of energy,

sings ‘Come on’,  ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’,

as he rallies his fans to the sound,

of The Stones’  ‘Street Fighting Man’.


…..and Boris, so determined,

will ‘Not Fade Away’ from you,

and cracks on undaunted,

in a ‘Respectable’, ‘Emotional Rescue’.




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December 5, 2019





In 73, ‘Wild Love’, on Dawn,

gave Mungo Jerry, a No 32.

And in 90, Natalie Cole, on EMI – USA,

reached No.16, with ‘Wild Women Do’.


In 88, ‘Wild Hearted Woman’, on Mercury,

gave All About Eve, a No.33.

And in 95, Rednex, on Internal Affairs,

peaked at No.55, with ‘Wild ‘N Free’.


In 74 ‘The Wild One’, on Rak,

climbed to No.7, for Suzi Quattro.

And in 78, Electric Light Orchestra, on Jet,

reached No.6, with ‘Wild West Hero’.


In 60, ‘Wild One’, on Columbia,

was a Top 7, for Bobby Rydell.

And in 61, ‘Wild Wind’, on Top Rank,

gave John Leyton, a Top 2 sell.


In 87, ‘Wild Frontier’, on 10Ten –

a No.35, for Gary Moore.

And in 91, ‘Wild Hearted Son’, on Beggars Banquet,

gave Cult, a Top 40 score.


In 84 ‘Wild Boys’, on EMI,

saw Duran Duran, with a Top 2.

And in 88, ‘Wild Side’, on Elektra,

peaked at No.23, for Motley Crue.


In 94, ‘The Wild Ones’, on Nude,

reached No.18, for Suede.

And in 09, ‘Wild Horses’, on Syco Music,

for Susan Boyle – a No.9, made.


In 67, ‘Wild Honey’, on Capitol,

gave The Beach Boys, a No.29 ride.

And in 73, Lou Reed, had a Top 10,

on RCA, with ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.


In 76, ‘Play That Funky Music’, on Epic,

gave Wild Cherry, a US No.1 & UK No. 7 score.

And in 89, ‘Breakin Up’, on Parlophone,

for Wild Weekend, peaked at No.74.


In 70, ‘Wild World’, on Island,

gave Jimmy Cliff, a No.8 play.

And in 81,’Wild Is The Wind’, made No.24,

for David Bowie, on RCA.


In 95, Wild Colour, reached No.25,

with ‘Dreams’, on Perfecto.

And also in 95, Wildhearts, made No.16, on East West,

with ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’.


In 95 & 98, ‘Renegade Master’, on Hi-Life,

gave Wildchild, a No.11 & No.3.

And in 04, ‘Wild Boys’, on Concept,

for Phixx – a No.12, was to be.


In 61, ‘Wild In The Country’, on RCA,

found Elvis Presley, on Top 4 turf.

And in 98, Ash, rode to No.31,

on Infectious, with ‘Wild Surf’.


In 94, Happy Bizzness’/’Wild Luv’, on Junior Boy’s Own,

for Roach Hotel, made No.75.

And in 06, ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, on V2,

a No.22, for Paul Weller – last in this mix to arrive,






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The first of six hits on Island, came in 73,

when ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’, hit the Top 10 scene.

And in 74 came ‘The In Crowd’, at No.13,

and ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’, at No.17.


In 75, ‘You Go To My Head’, reached No.33,

and in 76, ‘Let’s Stick Together’, made the Top 4.

And at No.7, ‘Extended Play EP’, peaked at No.7,

and in 77, at No.9, was ‘This Is Tomorrow’, on Polydor.


Also in 77, on Polydor, at No.15, was ‘Tokyo Joe’,

and in 78, ‘What Goes On’ – at No.67, did sit,

with ‘Sign Of The Times’, making No.37, (both on Polydor),

and in 85, ‘Slave To Love’, on EG FERRY – a Top 10 hit.


Also in 85, ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’, made No.21,

and ‘Windswept’, up to No.46 flew.

And in 86, ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’ –

the last hit on EG FERRY – made No.22.


In 87, ‘The Right Stuff’, on Virgin, peaked at No.37,

and in 88, also on Virgin, at No.41 was ‘Kiss And Tell’,

wiith ‘Let’s Stick Together (Remix)’ on EG EGO, next at No.12,

and in 89, ‘The Price Of Love (Remix)’ – a No.49 sell.


In 89, ‘He’ll Have To Go’, also on EG EGO – made No.63.

And in 93, came the first of five more hits on Virgin,

beginning with, ‘I Put A Spell On You’, at No.18,

and ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’,  – a No.23 win.


Also in 93, ‘Girl Of My Best Friend’, peaked at No.57,

and in 94, at No.52, was ‘Your Painted Smile’.

In 95, ‘Mamouna’, reached No.57,

ending this Bryan Ferry mix in style.





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In 68, Amen Corner reached No.6,

on Deram, with ‘High In The Sky’.

And in 94, ‘High Hopes’/’Keep Talking’,

was a No.26, for Pink Floyd, on EMI.


In 66, Paul Jones, peaked at No.4,

with ‘High Time’, on HMV.

And in 89, ‘High Rollers’, on Sire,

for Ice-T made No.63.


In 80, ‘I’m The Face’, for High Numbers,

was at No.49, on Back Door.

And in 07, ‘High 5’, on Virgin,

for Palladium, reached No.44.


In 78, ‘Hi Tension’, on Island,

saw Hi Tension, with a No.13.

And in 04, High Contrast, made No.73,

on Hospital label, with ‘Racing Green’.


In 95, ‘High & Dry’/’Planet Telex’,

on Parlophone, took Radiohead, to the No.17 line.

And in 02, ‘High Voltage’/’Point Of Authority’,

on Warner Brothers, saw Linkin Park, at No.9.


In 80, ‘I Never Go Out In The Rain’, on Eagle,

gave High Society, a No.53.

And in 83, ‘High Life’, climbed to No.8,

for Modern Romance, on WEA.


In 84, ‘High Energy’, on Record Shack,

saw Evelyn Thomas, in the Top 5, shine.

And in 73, ‘Higher Ground’, on Tamla Motown,

took Stevie Wonder up to No.29.




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November 27, 2019





In 88, ‘Good Tradition’, was a Top 10,

for Tanita Tikaram, on WEA.

And in 2000, ‘The Great Beyond’, on Warner Brothers,

for REM, peaked at No.3.


In 77, ‘Got To Give It Up’, on Motown,

was a Top 7, for Marvin Gaye.

And in 07, Gabriella & Troy, made the Top 40,

on Walt Disney, with ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’.


In 79, ‘Day Trip To Bangor (Didn’t We Have A Lovely Time)’,

on Dingles label, for Fiddlers Dram, made the Top 3.

And in 89, ‘London Nights’, reached the Top 2,

for London Boys on WEA.


In 72, ‘Got To Be There’, on Tamla Motown,

for Michael Jackson – a sure Top 5 bet.

And in 88, ‘Changes’, on Ariola,

peaked at No.54 for The Alan Price Set.


In 68, ”Where Is Tomorrow’, on Parlophone,

reached No.39 for Cilla Black.

And in 2000, ‘Set Me Free, on When label,

peaked at No.41, for The Brit Pack.


In 97, Janet Jackson featuring Q-Tip & Joni,

made No.6, on Virgin, with ‘Got ’til it’s Gone’.

And in 06, ‘Manchester’, on Sony,

gave Beautiful South, a No.41.


In 89, ‘Got To Keep On’, on ffrr,

made No.17, for The Cookie Crew.

And in 91, ‘Goodbye Cruel World’, on London,

gave Shakespear’s Sister, a No.32.


In 81, ‘Good Thing Going (We’ve Got A Good Thing Going)’,

gave Sugar Minott, a Top 4 success.

And in 86 ‘Going Down To Liverpool’, made No.56,

for The Bangles, on CBS.


In 64, ‘Blue Christmas, on RCA,

for Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires, reached No.11.

And in 83, ‘Waiting For A Train’, on Easy Beat,

gave Flash & The Pan, a Top 7.


In 68, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, on Track,

made the Top 5, with ‘All Along The Watch Tower’,

And in 08, ‘Waving Flags’, on Rough Trade,

peaked at No.31, for British Sea Power.


In 79, ‘Viola Wills, had a No.8, on Ariola/Hansa,

with ‘Gonna Get Along Without You Now’.

And in 08, Rihanna had a gold-selling US & UK No.1,

on Def Jam, with ‘Take A Bow’.


In 65, ‘Goodbye My Love’, was a Top 4,

for The Searchers, on Pye.

And in 85, ending this mix, is Chaka Khan,

on Warner Brothers, at No.16, with ‘Eye To Eye’.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury





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