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May 25, 2023



With 22 of her solo UK hits on Capitol,

in 83, ‘Let’s Stay Together’, made No.6 in the charts.

And in 84, four more hits followed,

the first being ‘Help’, a Top 40, winning hearts.


Next came ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’,

a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And then, reaching No.45,

arrived ‘Better Be Good To Me’.


Ending 84, ‘Private Dancer’, rose to No.26,

with four more hits next in 85.

When ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ made No.57, and

‘We Don’t Need Another Hero(Thunderdome)’at No.3 arrived


‘One Of The Living’ followed

rising to the No.55 line.

And on A&M with Bryan Adams

‘It’s Only Love’ made No.29.


Back on Capitol, in 86, came two more hits,

with ‘Typical Male’, at No.33, and ‘Two People’, at No.43.

And in 87, reaching the Top 30,

next came  ‘What You Get Is What You See’.


Also in 87, at No.43, was

‘Break Every Rule’, next in this mix.

And on Duck, with Eric Clapton,

‘Tearing Us Apart’, made No.56.


In 88, back on Capitol, rising to No.71,

came ‘Addicted To Love (Live)’.

And in September 89,

‘The Best’ reached the Top 5.


Ending 89, ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose You’, made No.8,

And in 90, ‘Steamy Windows’, rose to No.13.

And ‘Look Me In The Heart’, was at No.31,

with ‘Be Tender With Me Baby’, at No.28 seen.


Ending 90, with Rod Stewart, on Warner Brothers.

‘It Takes Two’, a Top 5, was to be.

And in 91, back On Capitol,

‘Nutbush City Limits’ climbed to No.23.


Also in 91, ‘Way Of The World’, made No.13.

And in 92, ‘Love Thing’ rose to No.29.

Also in 92, ‘I Want You Near Me’, was at No.22.

And in 93,on Parlophone ‘I Wanna Fight’ hit the No.7 line.


Eleven more hits followed on Parlophone,

and still in 93, reaching No.12 was ‘Disco Inferno’.

And also ‘Why Must We Wait Until Tonight’ rose to No.16.

And then in 95, came ‘Golden Eye’, with a Top 10 show.


In 96, ‘Whatever You Want’, rose to No.23.

And ‘On Silent Wings’, made No.13 heaven.

Also , ‘Missing You’, climbed to No.12,

and ‘Something Beautiful Remains’, made No.27.


Ending 96, ‘In Your Wildest Dreams’

reached No.32, featuring Barry White.

And in 99, ‘When The Heartache Is Over’

soared to the Top 10 height.


In 2000, ‘Whatever You Need’ climbed to No.27,

And in 2004, ‘Open Arms’, rose to No.25.

Anna Mae Bullock you were simply the best.

Forever will your work thrive.


Tina Turner

RIP  1939 – 2023

Thank you for the music


by Harriet Blackbury

usual copyright rules apply.

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February 12, 2023



In 64, ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, on Parlophone,

was a 3 week No.1 for Cilla Black.

And in 65, ‘Trains And Boats And Planes’, on London,

became a Top 4 for Burt Bacharach.


In 63, ‘Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa’, on United Artists,

gave Gene Pitney a UK top 5.

And in 86, ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’,

on Boiling Point, for Gwen Guthrie, reached No.25.


In 58, Perry Como had a 8 week UK No.1,

with ‘Magic Moments’, on RCA.

And also in 58, Ronnie Hilton, on HMV,

saw ‘Magic Moments’, land a UK No.22 stay.


In 64, ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’,

on Philips, gave Dusty Springfield, a UK Top 3.

And also in 64, Sandie Shaw had a 3 week No.1, on Pye,

with ‘There’s Always Something There To Remind Me’.


In 85, ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, on Arista –

a US No.1 & UK No.16, for Dionne Warwick & Friends

ft Elton John, Stevie Wonder & Gladys Knight.

And in 70, ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’,

on Warner Brothers, saw Sasha Distel, in the Top 10 flight.


In 65, ‘What’s New Pussycat’, on Decca,

gave Tom Jones a No.11 entry.

And in 69, ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’, on Capitol,

was a UK No.1 for Bobby Gentry.


In 64, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International,

reached No.9 with ‘Walk On By’.

And in 66, ‘Alfie’, on Parlophone,

gave Cilla Black, a No.9 high.


In 70, The Carpenters had a US No.1 & UK No.6,

on A & M with ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’.

And in 99, ‘Toledo’, on Mercury,

took Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach, to a UK No.72.


In 64,Dionne Warwick,on Pye International, made No.20,

with ‘You’ll never get to heaven (If You Break My Heart)’.

And in 65, ‘Trains And Boats And Planes’, on Parlophone,

saw Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas, at No.12 in the chart.


In 68, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, on A & M, had a

US No.1 & UK Top 3, with ‘This Guy’s In Love With You’.

And in 67, ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’,

on Decca, gave Tom Jones a UK Top 2.


In 65, ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’, on Philips,

for The Walker Brothers, a UK No.1 was to be.

And in 66, The Swinging Blue Jeans, peaked at No.31,

with ‘Don’t Make Me Over’, on HMV.


In 68, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International, saw

‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose’, gain a No.8 score.

And also in 68, ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’,

on Atlantic, for Aretha Franklin, reached the Top 4.


In 58, ‘The Story Of My Life’, on Columbia,

was a UK No.1 for Michael Holliday.

And in 61, ‘Tower Of Strength’, on Philips,

gave Frankie Vaughan a 3 week No.1 stay.


In 64, The Merseybeats, on Fontana, rose to No.13,

when ‘Wishin’ and ‘Hopin’, was heard.

And also in 64, Adam Faith,on Parlophone, made No.12,

with ‘Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)’.


In 82,Christopher Cross,on Warner Brothers,had a US No.1

& UK No.7, with ‘Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)’.

And in 64, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International,

took ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, to No.42.


In 66, The Cryin’ Shames, on Decca,

peaked at No.26 with ‘Please Stay’.

And in 86, Patti LaBelle and Malcolm McDonald,

had a US No.1 & UK Top 2, with ‘On My Own’, on MCA.



Burt Bacharach     1928 – 2023

Thank you for the words and music   WOW !



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August 13, 2022



In 66, The Supremes had a US No.1 & UK No.8

on Tamla Motown with ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’.

Also in 66, on Tamla Motown, for The Four Tops,

‘Reach Out (I’ll Be There),’ was a US & UK No.1.


In 67 & 70, ‘Jimmy Mack’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Martha Reeves & The Vandellas a No.21.

And in 70, Freda Payne, on Invictus,

with ‘Band Of Gold’, had a six week No.1.


In 64, ‘How Sweet It Is’, on Stateside,

took Marvin Gaye up to No.49.

And in 66,’How Sweet It Is’, on Tamla Motown,

saw Junior Walker & The All-Stars, on the No.26 line.


In 65, & 69, ‘Nowhere To Run’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, a UK No.26 & No.42.

And in 67, ‘Bernadette’, on Tamla Motown,

for The Four Tops, a No.8, on view.


In 64, ‘Where Did Our Love Go’, on Stateside,

for The Supremes, was a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And in 66, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, on Tamla Motown,

also gave The Supremes  a US No.1 & UK Top 3.


In 65, ‘I Hear A Symphony’, on Tamla Motown,

for The Supremes, a US No.1 & UK No.39, was to be.

And also in 65, ‘I Can’t Help  Myself’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Four Tops, a US No.1 & UK No.23.


In 88, ‘Two Hearts’, on Virgin,

gave Phil Collins a US No.1 & UK Top 6.

And in 65, ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’, on Tamla Motown,

for The Supremes, a US No.1 & UK No,7, ending this mix.


R I P  Lamont Herbert Dozier

1941 – 2022

Thank You for your amazing music.



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August 9, 2022



With her first five singles on Pye International,

in 71 Olivia Newton-John joined the UK chart mix.

When ‘If Not For You’ reached No.7.

and ‘Banks Of The Ohio climbed to No.6.


In 72, ‘What Is Life’ rose to No.16,

and in 73, ‘Take Me Home Country Rose’, made No.15.

In 74, ‘Long Live Love’ peaked at No.11, and

‘I Honestly Love You’, on EMI, a US No.1 & UK No.22.


In 77 came ‘Sam’, on EMI, reaching No.6.

And in 78, on RSO, (for nine weeks, a UK No.1

and platinum seller), was ‘You’re The One That I Want’

for John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John.


Still in 78, ‘Summer Nights’, on RSO,

for seven weeks was a UK No.1,

and second consecutive multiple seller,

for John Travolta & Olivia Newton John.


Ending 78, ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’, on RSO,

was s gold seller, reaching No.2.

With, ‘A Little More Love’, a silver seller on EMI, at No.4.

And in 79, ‘Deeper Than The Night’, at No.64 on view.


In 80, on Jet, with The Electric Light Orchestra,

for two weeks at No.1, came another silver seller – ‘Xanadu’.

Still in 80, on Jet, next came a US.No.1,

when ‘Magic’, appeared in the UK charts at No.32.


Also in 80, ‘Suddenly’ became her last hit on Jet,

with Cliff Richard, rising to No.15.

And in 81, ‘Physical’, now on EMI, a silver seller,

making the US.No.1 & UK No.7 scene.


In 82, ‘Landslide’ peaked at No.18, on EMI.

And also on EMI, ‘Make A Move On Me’, made No.43.

Ending 82, ‘Heart Attack’, reached No.46.

And in 83, ‘I Honestly Love You’, a No.52 was to be.


Also In 83, ‘Twist Of Fate’, on EMI, rose to No.57.

In 90, ‘Grease Megamix’, on Polydor , made Top 3 heaven.

And in 91, ‘Grease – The Dream Mix’ on PWL/Polydor, for

Frankie Valli, John Travolta & Olivia Newton John, a No.47.


In 92, ‘I Need Love’, on Mercury made No.75.

And in 95, ‘Had To Be’, on EMI, at No. 22 did arrive,

for Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton-John.

In 98, ‘You’re The One That I Want’, on Polydor,

for John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, a Top 4,

& much loved forever more.


R I P    1948 – 2022

Thank you for the life changing music.

( the best years of our lives)


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August 7, 2022



In 80, The Jam reached No.1

with ‘Start’, on Polydor.

And in 87, ‘Right On Track’, on MCA,

for The Breakfast Club, made No.54.


In 66, ‘Daydream’, on Pye International,

gave The Lovin’ Spoonful, a Top 2.

And in 04, Lemon Jelly peaked at No.31,

on XL Recordings, with ‘Stay With You’.


In 64, ‘Bread & Butter’, on Hickory,

gave The New Beats a No.15 success.

And in 68, Marmalade had a Top 6,

with ‘Lovin Things’, on CBS.


In 78, Streetband reached No.18,

with ‘Toast’, on Logo.

And in 2000, Detroit Grand Pu Bahs

made No.29, with ‘Sandwiches’, on Jive Electro.


In 67, ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’, on Atlantic,

gave Vanilla Fudge, a No.18 stay.

And in 97, Vanilla Ice, had a platinum US & UK No.1,

with ‘Ice Ice Baby’, on SBK.


In 58, ‘Tea For Two’, on Brunswick, gave The

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra strg Warren Covington, a Top 3.

And in 98, ‘Strawberry’, on Atlantic,

peaked at No.55 for Nicole Renee.


In 70, Bread had a US No.1 & UK Top 5,

on Electra, with ‘Make It With You’.

And in 71, ‘Brown Sugar’, on Rolling Stones label,

for The Rolling Stones, became a Top 2.


In 67, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, on Parlophone,

gave The Beatles a US No.1 & UK Top 2.

And in 68, ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, on Polydor,

for Cream, up to No.25 flew.


In 73, ‘Shine On Silver Sun’, on A & M,

gave The Strawbs a No.34.

And in 79, Peaches & Herb, had a US No.1 & UK Top 4,

with ‘Reunited’, on Polydor.



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August 6, 2022


With all nine UK hits on Columbia, in 65,

The Seekers had their first of two No.1’s on view.

When staying in the charts for 23 weeks,

arrived ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’.


Two more hits followed in 65.

Their next ‘A World Of Our Own’, a Top 3.

And ‘The Carnival Is Over’, making No.1,

for a three week stay, was to be.


In 66, ‘Someday One Day’, rose to No.11,

and ‘Walk With Me’, gained Top 10 pride.

Ending 66, and reaching No.2,

next followed ‘Morningtown Ride’.


Their last three UK chart hits, came in 67,

with ‘Georgy Girl’, rising to Top 3 heaven.

And ‘When Will The Good Apples Fall’,

their next hit to enter the charts, at No.11.


In December 67, ‘Emerald City’, peaked at No.50.

And in 68, Judith Durham ended her ‘Seekers’ story.

Now concentrating on studio album work,

her legacy, surrounded in glory.


R I P  Judith Durham 

1943 – 2022

Thank you for the wonderful, ‘feel good’ music.



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July 19, 2022



In 91, ‘Temperature Rising’ gave PKA

a No.68 on Stress.

And in 81, Kool & The Gang on De-lite,

reached No.17 with ‘Summer Madness.


In 60, ‘Summertime’ on Top Rank,

made No.49, for Al Martino.

And in 77, ‘Too Hot To Handle’, rose to No.15,

for Heatwave on GTO.


In 88, ‘Don’t Go’, on London,

gave Hothouse Flowers a No.11.

And in 05, ‘Middle Of Nowhere’, on Sire,

took Hot Hot Heat, up to No.47.


In 82, ‘Hot In The City’ peaked at No.13,

for Billy Idol on Chrysalis.

And in 84, ‘Heaven’s On Fire’, on Vertigo,

reached No.43 for Kiss.


In 91, ‘Hot Summer Salsa’, on Music Factory Dance,

gave Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers a No 43.

And in 97, ‘Hot Like Fire’, on Atlantic,

for Aaliyah, a Top 30, was to be.


In 84, ‘Hot Water’, gave Level 42,

a No.18, on Polydor.

And in 02, ‘Hot In Herre’, on Universal,

for Nelly, a US No.1 & UK Top 4.


In 71, ‘Hot Love’ on Fly,

gave T Rex a UK No.1.

And in 85, Glenn Frey rose to No.12,

on MCA, with ‘The Heat Is On’.


In 87, Bryan Adams had a Top 50,

on A & M, with ‘Heat Of The Night’.

And in 93, ‘Suntan’, on Hug,

saw Stan in the Top 40 flight.


In 84, ‘Hot Hot Hot’, on Cooltempo,

gave Arrow a No.59.

And in 04, The Corrs had a Top 6,

on Atlantic, with Summer Sunshine.


In 79, ‘Hot Stuff’, for Donna Summer,

was a US No.1 & UK No.11, on Casablanca.

And in 97, Chicane had a No.21,

with Sunstroke Xtravaganza.



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May 27, 2022



With all of their hits on the Mute label,

Depeche Mode first entered the charts in 81,

with ‘Dreaming Of Me’, at No.57, and ‘New Life’, at No.11,

and also, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, at No.8, followed on.


In 82, ‘See You’, peaked at No.6,

and ‘The Meaning Of Love’, was a No.12 hit.

Lastly, in 82, ‘Leave In Silence’, reached No.18,

and opening 83, ‘Get The Balance Right’, was a No.13 fit.


Also in 83, ‘Everything Counts’, was their second No.6,

with ‘Love In Itself.2’,  reaching the No.21 line.

In 84, ‘People Are People’, was a Top 4,

and ‘Master And Servant’, peaked at No.9.


Ending 84, ‘Somebody’/’Blasphemous Rumours’, a No.16,

and in 85, ‘Shake The Disease’, reached No.18.

Also in 85, ‘It’s Called A Heart’, rose to No.18,

and in 86, ‘Stripped’, peaked at No.15.


Still in 86, ‘A Question Of Lust’, made No.28,

and ‘A Question Of Time’, to No.17, flew.

In 87, ‘Strangelove’, was at No.16,

followed by, ‘Never Let Me Down Again’, at No.22.


In 88, ‘Behind The Wheel’, reached No.21,

And ‘Little 15 (import)’, at No.60 was seen.

In 89, ‘Everything Counts’, peaked at No.22,

And, ‘Personal Jesus’, rose to No.13.


In 90, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, was a Top 6,

And ‘Policy Of Truth’, was a No.16 hit.

Lastly, in 90, ‘World In My Eyes’, rose to No.17,

And in 93, ‘I Feel You’, at No.8, did sit.


Still in 93, ‘Walking In My Shoes’, made No.14,

And lastly, in 93, ‘Condemnation’, reached No.9.

In 94, ‘In The Room’, rose to No.8,

And in 97, ‘Barrel Of A Gun’, made the Top 4 line.


Also in 97, ‘It’s No Good’, was a Top 5,

followed by ‘Home’, making No.23.

And finally in 97, ‘Useless’, reached No.28,

And in 98, ‘Only When I Lose Myself’, a No.17, was to be.


In 01, ‘Dream On’, rose to No.6,

And ‘I Feel Loved’, made a No.12 heaven.

Ending 01, ‘Freelove’, peaked at No.19,

and in 04, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, was at No.7


Ending 04, ‘Something To Do’, made No.75,

And in 05, ‘Precious’, was a Top 4.

Also in 05, ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’, rose to No.15,

And in 06, ‘Suffer Well’, reached a No.12 score.


Also in 06, ‘John The Revelator’/’Lilian’, was at No.18,

And also, ‘Martyr’, a No.13 fix.

In 09, ‘Wrong’, rose to No.24,

And ‘Peace’, at No.57, ends this mix.



Andy Fletcher     1961 – 2022


Thank you for the music.



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May 22, 2022




In 97, Sheryl Crow peaked at No.12,

with ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, on A & M.

And in 98, ‘Daysleeper’, on Warner Brothers,

reached No. 6, for R.E.M.


In 56, Patience & Prudence made No.28,

on London, with ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’.

And in 61, ‘Tomorrow’s Clown’, on Philips,

for Marty Wilde, rose to No.33.


In 73, ‘Tomorrow Rising’, on EMI,

gave Cliff Richard a No.29.

And in 83, Randy Crawford reached No.51,

on Warner Brothers, with ‘Night Line’.


In 65, ‘Here Comes The Night’, on Decca,

was a Top 2 for Them.

And in 79, The UK Subs peaked at No.28,

with ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’, on Gem.


In 02, Ronan Keating reached No.1,

with ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, on Polydor.

And in 09, ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’, on Roadrunner,

took Nickel Back, to No.64.


In 96, ‘The Day We Caught The Train’, on MCA,

was a Top 4, for Ocean Colour Scene.

And in 08, ‘The Day That Never Came’, on Mercury,

gave Metallica a No.19.


In 71, ‘Tomorrow Night’, on B & C,

for Atomic Rooster, was at No.11.

And in 97, ‘Today’s The Day’, on Parlophone,

for Sean Maguire, rose to No.27.


In 74, Paper Lace, had a US No.1 & UK Top 3,

on Bus Stop, with ‘The Night Chicago Died’.

And in 90, ‘Today Forever’, on Creation,

was at No.14, for Ride.


In 65, ‘Come Tomorrow’, on HMV,

was a Top 4 for Manfred Mann.

And in 92, ‘Always Tomorrow’, on Epic,

peaked at No.24, for Gloria Estefan.


In 75, ‘What A Difference A Day Makes’, on Kudu,

for Esther Phillips rose to No.6.

And in 95, ‘Tomorrow Robins Will Sing’, on Motown,

was at No.71, for Stevie Wonder, ending this mix.



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May 9, 2022



In 82, ‘Best Years Of Our Lives’, on WEA,

gave Modern Romance a silver selling Top 4.

And in 07, The Kaiser Chiefs had a No 1,

with ‘Ruby’ on B Unique/Polydor.


In 75, ‘Right Back Where We Started From’,

on United Artists, for Maxine Nightingale, a No.8 entry.

And in 99, ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’, on Arista,

saw Charlotte Nilsson with a Top 20.


In 68, Mama Cass rose to No.11,

with ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, on RCA.

And in 88, Mica Paris reached No.7,

with ‘My One Temptation’, on Fourth & Broadway.


In 70, Clint Eastwood, peaked at No.18,

on Paramount with ‘I Talk To The Trees’,

And in 74, The Isley Brothers, on Epic,

rose to No 16, with ‘Summer Breeze’.


In 72, Holly Sherwood reached No 29,

on Bell with ‘Day By Day’.

And in 06, Kelly Clarkson made No.22,

with ‘Breakaway’, on RCA.


In 82, The Maisonettes rose to No.7,

on Ready Steady Go, with ‘Heartache Avenue’.

And in 09, ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)’,

on Vertigo, gave The Noisettes a Top 2.


In 98, ‘Searchin’ My Soul’, on Epic,

saw Vonda Shepard, with a Top 10 success.

And in 03, Paul Young had a UK gold selling No.1,

with ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)’, on CBS.


In 88, Tanita Tikaram rose to N0.22,

with ‘Twist In My Sobriety’, on WEA.

And in 04, ‘If I Thought You’d Change Your Mind’,

gave Agnetha Faltskog a No.11, also on Wea.


In 01, ‘Here With Me’, on Cheeky,

for Dido, was a Top 4.

And in 06, James Morrison, had a Top 5,

with ‘You Give Me Something’, on Polydor.


In 82, Christopher Cross, on Warner Brothers, had a

UK & US No.1, with ‘Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)’.

And in 83, The Lotus Eaters reached No.15,

on Sylvan, with ‘First Picture of You’.


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