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May 7, 2024



In 72, ELO peaked at No.9 with 10538 Overture –

it being the first of three hits on Harvest.

In 73, Roll Over Beethoven made No.6,

and Showdown followed, rising to a No.12 best.


In 74, Ma-Ma-Ma- Belle, on Warner Brothers made No.22.

Then came 23 consecutive hits on Jet from 76 – 83.

The first being Evil Woman, making the Top 10,

and next, Strange Magic, a No.38 was to be.


Ending 76, Livin’ Thing, rose to the Top 4.

And opening 77, Rockaria! made the No.9 zone.

Also in 77, Telephone Line, peaked at No.8.

And ending 77, at No.18, was Turn To Stone.


In 78, Mr Blue Sky & Wild West Hero, both made No.6,

as did Sweet Talkin’ Woman, and ELO EP made No.34.

In 79, Shine A Little Love, became another No.6,

and Diary Of Horace Wimp made a No.8  score.


Still in 79, Don’t Bring Me Down, made the Top 3.

And Confusion/Last Train To London, a No.8 won.

In 80, I’m Alive, reached the Top 20,

And Xanadu was a 2 week No.1, with Olivia Newton-John


Also in 80, All Over The World, rose to No.11.

And ending 80, rising to No.21, was Don’t Walk Away!

In 81, Hold On Tight, made the Top 4,

and Twilight enjoyed a Top 30 stay.


In 82, Ticket To The Moon/Here Is The News – a No.24.

And in 83, at No.13, was Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King.

Also in 83, at No.48, came Sweet Messages.

And Calling America, on Epic, made a No.28 ring.


In 91, on Telstar, at No.60, came Honest Men,

for this multi-talented UK 70’s/80’s band.

Long may your work be remembered

and forever, played throughout the land.


Thank you for the music


Richard Tandy  1948 – 2024


  written by

Harriet Blackbury




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May 2, 2024



With 14 consecutive hits on London label,

in 58, Rebel Rouser, at No.19, came into view.

And in 59, five more hits followed,

the first being Cannonball, settling at No.22.


‘Peter Gunn Theme’ came next, reaching No.6,

and ‘Yep’ reached No.17.

‘Forty Miles Of Bad Road’ peaked at No.11,

And ending 59, ‘Some Kinda Earthquake’, at No.12 seen.


In 60, came four more chart entries,

the first, also at No.12, was ‘Bonnie Came Back’,

followed by ‘Shazam!’, making the Top 4,

with ‘Because They’re Young’, a No.2 track.


Ending 60, at No.13, came Kommotion.

And in 61, the first of five hits was, ‘Pepe, at No.2.

Followed by ‘Theme From ‘Dixie’, making No.7,

and next , at No.17, ‘Ring Of Fire’, came into view.


Drivin’ Home, followed, and reached the Top 30.

And ‘Caravan’, rose to No.42, on Parlophone.

In 62, ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’, made No.19, on RCA.

And Ballad Of Paladin, also on RCA, hit the Top 10 zone.


Ending 62, Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes

took ‘Dance With The Guitar Man, on a Top 4 jive.

And in 63, on RCA, they made No.27 with, Boss Guitar.

Also in 63, ‘Lonely Boy Lonely Guitar, rose to No.35.


Their last hit of 63, ‘Your Baby’s Gone Surfin’,

also  on RCA, sailed up to the No.49 line.

And in 75, Play Me Like You Play My Guitar’,

on GTO, peaked at No.49.


In 86, Art Of Noise, featuring Duane Eddy,

on China, made ‘Peter Gunn’ a Top No.8 song.

Duane Eddy, you were an inspiration to so many,

and an original Rock Legend, loved all your life long.


Thank You for the life changing music.



Duane Eddy     1938 – 2024


by Harriet Blackbury





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April 27, 2024



In 64, ‘Go Now’ (their first of four hits on Decca) 

soared up to No.1 in the charts.

This song quickly becoming a classic,

with The Moody Blues winning hearts.


In 65, peaking at No.33, followed,

‘I Don’t Want To Go With You’.

And ‘From The Bottom Of My Heart’

came next, reaching No.22. 


Ending 65, ‘Everyday’ climbed to No.44,

and in 67, ‘Nights In White Satin’, on Deram, made No.19.

In 68, two more hits came on Deram –

the first being ‘Voices In The Sky’, at No.27 seen.


And ending 68, ‘Ride My See-Saw’

settled at No.42.

And in 70 ‘Question’, this time on Threshold

reached the Top 2.


In 72, two more hits came, when ‘Isn’t Life Strange’,

also on Threshold, reached the No.13 line.

And ‘Nights In White Satin, on Deram,

returned, climbing to No.9.


in 73, ‘I’m Just A Singer In A Rock ‘N’ Roll Band’,

on Threshold, rose to No.36.

And in 79, ‘Nights In White Satin’, on Deram,

re-entered the charts for a third time, with a No.14 fix.


In 83, Blue World’, on Threshold,

gained a No.35 score.

And in 88, ‘I know You’re Out There Somewhere’,

settled at No.52, on Polydor.


Thank You for the fantastic music.


Mike Pinder         1941 – 2024

Graham Edge       1941 – 2021

Ray Thomas         1941 – 2018

Clint Warwick      1940 – 2004


written by

Harriet Blackbury





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March 18, 2024





In May 74,  Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 

had a Top 5, on EMI with ‘Judy Teen’.

Also on EMI, ‘Mr Soft’,

at No.8,  enjoyed the Top 10 scene.


In 75, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

also on EMI, gave them a two week, No.1 hit.

And Mr Raffles (Man It Was Mean)

also in 75, reached No.13.


In 76, on EMI, peaking at No.10,

was ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

And also in 76, ‘Love’s A Prima Donna’

climbed to No.41.


In 79, ‘Freedom’s Prisoner’

on EMI, made a No.58 show.

And in 83, Ballerina (Prima Donna)

rose to No.51 on Stiletto.


In 86, The Phantom Of The Opera

with Sarah Brightman, made No.7 on Polydor.

And in 92, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, made a No.46 score.


In 95, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, at No.33, was again to arrive.

And in 05, It re-entered the charts

on Gott Discs, peaking at No.55.



Every writer only needs one song

to set them apart from the rest.

and Make Me Smile (Come up and see me)

put you up there with the best of the best.


Thank you for the music


R I P   1951 – 2024



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January 12, 2023



After leaving The Yardbirds in 65,

in 67  Jeff Beck had his first two

solo hits on Columbia, when –


‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ reached No.14,

and ‘Tallyman’, a Top 30 was to be.

And in 68, also on Columbia

‘Love Is Blue’, climbed to No.23.


In 69, Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group, on Pye,

made No.12, with ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)’.

And in 72,on Rak, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’,

this time, made the No.17 slot.


In 73, with Rod Stewart, also on Rak,

came ‘I’ve Been Drinking’, at No.27, took a pew.

And in 82, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’, still on Rak,

re-appeared in the charts, at No.62.


In 92, ‘People Get Ready’, on Epic,

again with Rod Stewart, rose to No.49.

Thank you for the music Jeff Beck.

Your work will live on, you were simply divine.


R I P  1944 – 2023



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January 16, 2021


What better gift to leave behind,

than a thought that brings a smile to mind.

Each one different, and personal too,

meant for every individual, we once knew.


What better gift, when all is said,

than a thought that brings a shake of the head.

Followed by a chuckle, as friends recall,

times well spent, when we had a ball.


What better fortune could we bestow,

than the part of us, we let folks know.

A world of wealth, each friendship worth.

Such satisfaction when we leave this earth.


by Harriet Blackbury


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November 30, 2017


The much loved Beatle, George Harrison,

had more than 10 singles on his own accord,

among them ‘Got My Mind Set On You’

and making No.1 was ‘My Sweet Lord’.


Freddie Mercury’s 1st solo album – ‘Mr Bad Guy’,

was certainly one not to miss.

The 8th track especially winning hearts 

was ‘There Must Be More To Life Than This’.


From ‘Space Oddity’ to ‘Ashes to Ashes’

From ‘Life on Mars’ to ‘Fame’,

David Bowie will always be remembered

for staying ahead of the game.


‘Praying For Time’ to get over his loss  –

for George Michael, we still shed a tear.

His hit  ‘December Song ( I Dreamed Of Christmas)

so relevant at this time of year.


‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ & ‘You’re My World’,

in 64 were No.1’s,  back to back.

Loved both at home and ‘Across The Universe’

was Liverpool’s  own Cilla Black.


‘One Moment In Time’

gave Whitney Houston her 3rd UK  No.1,

and her 4th No.1 – ‘I Will Always Love You’,

from The Bodyguard, every heart won.


In Nov of 80, ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’ –

a gold selling No.1 in the US and the UK,

and ‘Imagine’, and ‘Woman’, two back to back No.1’s –

John Lennon we miss you in every way.


‘Walk On The Wild Side’, a Top 10 in 73

came from US genius –  Lou Reed.

Other UK hits include ‘ Soulman ‘ and ‘Satellite Of Love’,

but ‘Perfect Day’, we loved too  – yes indeed.


‘Blue Christmas’ and ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me’ –

hits of 64 and 57 for Elvis, –  fans thought just heaven.

In 77, ‘White Christmas’ from Bing Crosby

also back in the charts in 85, 98 and 07.


Losing Michael Jackson in 2009

was another huge music industry loss.

‘Rock With You’,  just one of his 50 songs

back in the UK Top 200 – showing he was still the boss.


Chris Squire, a respected member of ‘Yes’,

also too soon, from this earth, did depart.

Two Top Ten singles that come to mind are –

‘Circus Of Heaven’ and ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’.


With age comes acceptance

that the end may be nigh,

and that all earthly happenings

will soon pass us by.


Though life has a habit

of throwing in a curved ball,

and taking,  far too early,

those who haven’t lived at all.


And this shock to the system

sometimes questions belief.

Taking longer to cope with

the heavy burden of grief.


But if waiting for our arrival

are these past heroes and mates,

the party can continue

far beyond heaven’s gate.


written by

Harriet Blackbury.


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May 23, 2017



In 62, the first Bond theme came from –

The John Barry Orchestra for ‘Doctor No’.

Followed by ‘From Russia With Love’,

in 63, sung by Matt Munro.


Then in 64, with the third Bond title song,

came Shirley Bassey with her hit, Goldfinger.

and in 65, ‘Thunderball’ from Tom Jones,

also another fine welsh singer.


The fifth Bond film theme – ‘You Only Live Twice’,

was sung, in 67 by Nancy Sinatra.

Then ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ in 69, saw the

re-appearance of The John Barry Orchestra.


‘We Have All The Time In The World’,

( also in this film), an unforgettable song,

performed as only he could,

by wonderful Mr Louis Armstrong.


Early 72 saw Shirley Bassey once more,

at her sparkling best with ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

and in 73, Paul McCartney and Wings gave us

‘Live And Let Die’, which we all sang together.


Composed by John Barry – words by Don Black in 74,

‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, nicely for Lulu did sit.

And in 77, Carly Simon with ‘Nobody Does It Better’,

from the film, The Spy Who Loved Me’, a hit.


Shirley Bassey performed the theme from ‘Moonraker’

( her third Bond song coming in 79).

And next Sheena Easton with the title song

‘For Your Eyes Only’, in 81, also divine.


In 83, the film ‘Octopussy’

found Rita Coolidge with ‘All Time High’,

and in 85 (with a U.S. No.1), Duran Duran sang,

‘A View To A Kill’, making young hearts sigh.


‘The Living Daylights’ came from Norway’s A-ha,

in 87, with the next film title song.

And Gladys Knight with ‘Licence To Kill’,

in 89, proved she could still do no wrong.


Also at her best in 95 Tina Turner,

had a hit with ‘Golden Eye’ to let us know.

And in 97 with ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’

yet another American – fab Sheryl Crow.


‘The World Is Not Enough’ from Garbage,

in 99, with the next film title seen.

And ‘Die Another Day’ in 2002 from Madonna,

a hit by this world renown song queen.


The song for Casino Royale in 2006 –

‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell, did please.

‘Another Way To Die’ for Quantum Of Solace,

in 2008 coming from Jack White and Alicia Keys


More recently, in 2012 Adele gave us ‘Skyfall’,

always sure to mesmerise.

And Spectre, just perfect for Sam Smith

in 2015, coming as no surprise.


Whatever James Bond Film your favourite,

whichever actor your preference to play the man,

you are guaranteed a time of excitement

no matter which decade they span.


James Bond films are films like no other;

fantasy entertainment of the highest score.

And in 2017 with heartfelt sadness

fans said ‘Goodnight, God Bless’ to Sir Roger Moore.


And now, just three years later,

the original James Bond, (some considered the best) –

Sir Sean Connery, has sadly departed.

Thank you,  in peace, may you rest.


R I P  Sir Sean Connery  1930 – 2020

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February 27, 2017



The dynamics change

almost overnight

without a hint

of a clue.

A new day dawns

and a wilderness

is the only sight

in view.


A life that let us

go forward

now just a path

of dust.

Another one

now missing

from our tight

circle of trust.


The dynamics change

almost overnight

without so much

as a blink.

A new day dawns

and yesterday’s plans

we immediately have

to re-think.


A life that let us

go forward

now finds us in

‘stand still’ mode.

Another one

now missing

as we embark

on an unknown road.



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And grief came knocking at the door

for those now lost who’ve gone before.


The emptiness, the hollow sound,

of those no longer now around.


The house of cards where Jack now King –

a new regime of hopes eternal spring.


And worth and value now assessed

at the worst time, under duress.




And grief now knocking at the door,

let sense prevail, without uproar.


The madness that was yesterday

weighed heavy on each bird of prey.


The house of cards now tumbling down,

slim pickings gathered from the ground.


But no good will they ever do

without a world that’s shared with you.



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