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October 15, 2020




T is for tension

when being face to face.

Month after month

without any space.


T is for tantrums

and letting off steam.

And tearing ones hair out

when needing to scream.


T is for terraferma

and going back to grass roots.

And ditching the car

in favour of bob hat and boots.


T is for targets

so essential indeed.

A mountain of enthusiasm

worth feet that bleed.


T is for theories –

no two the same.

Until proven facts

put theories to shame.


T is for then

when recalling the past.

How life goes so quickly

yet good moments last.


T is for theatre

and movement and dance.

With scenes full of tragedy

and comedy and romance.


T is for tinkling

those mesmeric keys.

What magical moments

to put us at ease.


T is for turbulence

experienced at sea.

Though conquering high waves

is addictive and free.


T is for thinking

too long and too hard.

About a mere nothing

one really should discard.


T is for touching

on subjects unwise.

A clumsy indiscretion

has one rolling eyes.


T is for toying

with a feeling of unrest.

Stay calm and do nothing

would perhaps be for the best.


T is for things –

no matter how small.

The tiniest of gifts

sometimes say it all.


T is for treachery

and jealousy and spite.

Which karma in the end

will always put right.


T is for touchstones

bringing good luck.

And there to be squeezed

when one comes unstuck.


T is for teeth

that chatter in the cold.

But if looked after properly

serve us til we are old.


T is for tasteful.

So simple yet smart.

With no hidden extras

here comes my sweetheart.


T is for timing

as we all know.

That precious moment lost

finds us knee deep in snow.


T is for trust

without it why live?

Tomorrow is a new day

with so much to give.


T is for tables

like two times ten.

Taught by repetition

over and over again.


T is for television

What did Logie Baird do?

When he invented the box

that we all fight to view.


T is for tokens

saved with good intent.

In exchange for loyalty

and money well spent.


T is for tomatoes –

upon them we depend.

Packed full of goodness

and always on trend.


T is for temptation –

the folly of the unwise.

Too often burnt fingers

cause welled up eyes.


T is for Tiresome –

another battle lost.

That second bottle opened

came at great cost.


T is for tiny

acorns that grow

into wise oaks

wiser than we all know.


T is for thunder

as the heavens let rip.

After lightening had warned us

to just get a grip.


T is for typical –

an umbrella forgotten.

When out of nowhere

the weather turns rotten.


T is for troubled

as many souls are.

After lingering too long

on that old battle scar.


T is for torture –

the last turn of the screw.

The final infidelity

by someone loved true.


T is for tenacity

en route to a goal.

Hold tight and be patient

and dreams will unroll.


T is for tenderness

and times worth waiting for.

Like the unexpected glimpse

of the one we adore.


T is for truth –

so hard to digest.

When facing an onslaught

someone got off their chest.


T is for teamwork

and original ideas.

Staying focused the key

to success and cheers.


T is for tickled

in all shades of pink.

Recalling wonderful memories

as we sit and think.


T is for trappings

and material worth.

Though peace of mind really

the best thing on earth.


T is for tears

that we all grieve.

For the love of our life

when, from this world, they leave.


T is for timidity –

being anxious and shy.

As another lost opportunity

goes sailing by.


T is for trying

something that’s new.

You’ll know in an instant

if indeed it’s for you.


T is for testicles –

check them each day.

Any sign of a lump

then get help straight away.


T is for thankful

for small mercies gained.

When instructions so difficult

at last are explained.


T is for tangerines –

what a start to each day!

Packed with vitamin C

to keep colds at bay.


T is for treasure

gathered by default.

Too varied and vast

to sit in any bank vault.


T is for triumph –

we live for the day,

when stands full of fans

all watching teams play.


T is for tablets

of deep cleansing soap.

To rid us of Covid

and give us all hope.


T is for turning

as autumn leaves do.

My favourite of seasons

when out walking with you.


T is for tomorrow

and never never land.

That vast ocean of hope

across desert sand.


T is for total.

No more or no less.

Enough is enough.

Goodnight, God Bless.


written by Harriet Blackbury


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February 16, 2020





When love, by force, is torn apart,

leaving behind a broken heart,

that even time, can never mend –

an onward journey, without end.


When separation, can’t be helped,

and writing, on the wall is spelt,

in letters fading, in the rain,

something must give – too great the strain.


When loneliness, darkens the mood,

and life lived out, in solitude.

No future can, be seen ahead,

when misery, controls the head.


When injustice, strikes again,

destroying lives, of fellow men.

We stand bewildered, lost in fear,

at the shock of losing, those most dear.


When history, itself repeats,

and nothing learned, from past defeats.

A changing world, and yet the same,

again we bow, our heads in shame.


When love, by force, is torn apart,

leaving behind, a broken heart,

that even time, can never mend.

This onward journey, must not end.





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January 28, 2020




How soon is too soon,

when so soon is near?

How fast is too fast,

well, too fast I fear?


How high is too high,

when the heart knows such thrills?

How cool is too cool,

when the temperature chills?


How sad is too sad,

when feeling bereft?

How low is too low,

when no tears are left?


How much is too much,

when too much a sin?

How wrong is too wrong,

when so wrong has to win?


How kind is too kind,

when kindness is proffered?

How trite is too trite,

when an apology offered?


How lost is too lost,

when a mirage appears?

How daring is too daring,

when faced with ones fears?


How rich is too rich,

when pockets are torn?

How lonely is too lonely,

when feeling forlorn?


How cute is too cute,

when cuteness not enough?

How chewy is too chewy,

when steak really tough?


How funny is too funny,

when tears, fun create?

How sweet is too sweet,

when teeth start to ache?


How up is too up,

when hopes riding high?

How stretched is too stretched,

when arms reach the sky?


How gone is too gone,

when all gone to seed?

How clean is too clean,

when the last germs still breed?


How far is too far,

when so far apart?

How long is too long,

when fast beats the heart?





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January 7, 2020





Q is for questions

I asked as a child.

When eager and inquisitive

and driving folks wild.


But each question answered

seldom made sense,

as the frown on my forehead,

became more intense.


Q is for questions

that children now ask of me.

So direct and disturbing,

taking my mind out to sea.


As each question answered

needs time to express,

with such awkward subjects,

I tend not to address.


Q is for questions

I have about my i phone.

But with no-one to listen,

I leave the damned thing alone.


And with my eyes on the blink,

as each year passes by.

‘Imogee’s’ a no-no,

so I no longer try.


Q is for questions

that don’t matter anymore.

A can touch my toes and do the splits,

and that’s good for 94.




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July 11, 2019




In 64, ‘How Sweet It Is’, on Stateside,

for Marvin Gaye, reached No.49.

And in 86, ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’,

on Warner Brothers, took Van Halen, to the No.8 line.


In 02, ‘How You Remind Me (import)’, on Roadrunner,

reached No.65, for Canadian group – Nickelback.

And in 02, (one month later), ‘How You Remind Me’,

became a gold-selling UK No.4 & US No.1 track.


In 72,’How Can I Be Sure’, on Bell,

saw David Cassidy, on the No.1 line.

And in 06, ‘Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love’,

on Deltasonic, gave The Zutons, their first No.9.


In 53, ‘Why Don’t You Believe In Me’, on MGM,

for Joni James – a US No.1 & UK No.11.

And in 98, ‘How Do I Live’, on Curb – a first hit,

and Platinum-seller, for LeAnn Rimes – peaked at No.7.


In 76, ‘Howzat’, on Epic, reached No.4,

for Australian group, Sherbet – their only UK hit.

And in 99, ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’,

on Independiente, gave Travis, a Top 10 fit.


In 77, Leo Sayer, on Chrysalis,

reached No.10 with, ‘How Much Love’.

And in 94, ‘Why Don’t You Take Me’, on Boy’s Own,

peaked at No.30, for One Dove.


In 81, ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’, on Capitol,

gave Diana Ross, a Top 4.

And in 96, ‘How Bizarre’, was a Top 5,

for Canadian duo – OMC, on Polydor.


In 74, ‘How Long’, on Anchor –

a Top 20, and only UK hit for Ace.

And in 05, ‘Why’, on Data,

found DJ Sammy, with a No.7 place.


In 90, ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You’,

on CBS, for Michael Bolton – a US No.1 & UK No.3.

And in 2000, on Epic, reaching No.38,

was Macy Gray, with ‘Why Didn’t You Call Me’.


In 60, Adam Faith, reached No.4,

on Parlophone, with ‘How About That’.

And in 93, ‘Why Can’t I Wake Up With You’,

for Take That, on RCA, at No.2, sat.


In 97, ‘How High’, on Beggars Banquet,

gave The Charlatans, a No.6 view.

And in 99, ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job’,

on Columbia, saw Offspring, with a Top 2.


In 66, ‘How Sweet It Is’, on Tamla Motown,

took Junior Walker & The All Stars, to No.22.

And in 91, Texas, on Mercury,

reached No.66, with ‘Why Believe In You’.


In 85, ‘How Soon Is Now’, for The Smiths,

climbed to No.16, on Rough Trade.

And in 99, ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’,

on Mute, found Moby, also at No.16, in the hit parade.


In 64, The Mojos, on Decca,

peaked at No.25, with ‘Why Not Tonight’,

And in 86, ‘How Will I Know’, on Arista,

found Whitney Houston, with a US No.1 & UK Top 3 flight.


In 77, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, on RSO,

for The Bee Gees – a Gold-seller, and US No.1 & UK No.3.

And in 05, on Warner Brothers – Garbage,

peaked at No.7, with ‘Why Do You Love Me’.


In 73, ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, on Mojo,

gave Timmy Thomas, a No.12 success.

And in 81, ‘How ‘Bout Us’, peaked at No.5,

for Champaign, on CBS.



Written by Harriet Blackbury



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In 76, ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ – a gold-selling No.1,

for Showaddywaddy, on Bell.

And in 80, ‘Over You’, on Polydor,

gave Roxy Music, a Top 5 sell.


In 66, ‘Over Under Sideways Down’, on Columbia,

found The Yardbirds, enjoying the Top 10 scene.

And in 92, ‘Under The Bridge’, on Warner Brothers,

for Red Hot Chili Peppers, peaked at No.13.


In 76, ‘Under One Roof’, on State,

gave The Rubettes, a Top 40 fix.

And in 2000, ‘Overload’, on London,

became the first hit for The Sugarbabes, at No.6.


In 99, ‘Over You’, on Virgin,

for Justin, reached No.11.

And in 05, ‘Under The Tree’, on Angel’,

for The Water Babies, peaked at No.27.


In 86, ‘Over The Hill And Far Away’, on 10Ten,

for Gary Moore, was a Top 20.

And in 03, ‘Under The Thumb’, on Polydor,

gave Amy Studt, a Top 10 entry.


In 81, ‘Under Pressure’, on EMI,

saw Queen & David Bowie, with a No.1 place.

And in 95, ‘Not Over Yet’, on Perfecto,

reached No.6, for Grace.


In 83, ‘Down Under’, on Epic,

gave Men At Work, a gold-selling US & UK No.1.

And also in 83, ‘Overkill’, on Epic,

for Men At Work, peaked at No.21.


In 81, ‘Under Your Thumb’, on Polydor,

was a Top 3, for Godley & Creme.

And in 86, ‘Overjoyed’, on Motown,

for Stevie Wonder, reached No.17.


In 05, ‘Over’, on Universal,

for Lindsay Lohan, made the No.27 line.

Also in 05, ‘Under The Weather’, on Relentless,

for KT Tunstall, peaked at No.39.


In 64, ‘Under The Boardwalk’, on Atlantic,

found The Drifters, on the No.45 ledge.

And in 93, Almighty, reached No.38,

on Polydor, with ‘Over The Edge’.



Written by Harriet Blackbury.



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July 8, 2019




In 76, ‘More More More’, on Buddah,

for Andrea True Connection, reached No.5.

And in 01, ‘More Than That’, peaked at No.12,

for The Backstreet Boys, on Jive.


In 66, ‘The More I See You’, on Pye International,

gave Chris Montez, a Top 3 say.

And in 77, ‘More Than A Lover’, peaked at No.27,

for Bonnie Tyler, on RCA.


In 77, ‘More Than A Feeling’, on Epic,

for Boston, peaked at No.22.

And in 94,’The More I Get The More I Want’, on X-clusive,

gave KWS featuring Teddy Pendergrass, a No.35 view.


In 78, ‘More Than A Woman’, on Capitol,

saw Tavares enjoy a Top 7 scene.

And in 90, ‘More’, on Merciful Release,

for Sisters Of Mercy, reached No.14.


In 86, ‘More Than Physical’, on London,

took Bananarama, to No.41.

And in 94, ‘More To Love’, on Deconstruction,

saw Volcano, with a No.32, won.


In 78, ‘More Like The Movies’, on Capitol,

gave Dr Hook, a No.14 reply.

And in 91, ‘More To Life’, made No.23,

for Cliff Richard, on EMI.


In 90, ‘More Than You Know’, on CBS,

for Martika – a No.15, safe bet.

And in 94, ‘Morrissey, on Parlophone, was at No.8,

with ‘The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’.


In 70, ‘More Good Old Rock ‘N Roll’, on Columbia,

made No.34, for The Dave Clark Five’.

And In 84, ‘The More You Live, The More You Love’, was at No.26,

for A Flock Of Seagulls, on Jive.


In 98, ‘Travis, peaked at No.16,

on Independiente with ‘More Than Us EP’.

And in 99, ‘More Love’, on Universal,

took Next Of Kin, to No.33.


In 82, ‘More Than This’, on EG Roxy,

for Roxy Music, reached No.6.

And in 91, ‘More Than Words’, on A & M,

at No.2, for Extreme – last in this mix.



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July 5, 2019




In 81, ‘Ceremony’, on Factory,

for New Order, reached No.34.

And still in 81, ‘Procession’/’Everything’s Gone Green’ –

at No.38 – their second hit, through the factory door.


In 82, ‘Temptation’, peaked at No.29,

and in 83, ‘Blue Monday’ – twice a hit, at No.12 & No.9.

And finally in 83, came ‘Confusion’, at No.12 –

all these hits still carrying the Factory sign.


In 84, ‘Thieves Like Us’, reached No.18,

And in 85, peaking at No.46, was ‘The Perfect Kiss’.

Ending 85 – still on Factory’  -‘Sub-Culture’, made No.63,

and opening 86 – ‘Shellshock’, at No.28 – next on this list.


Three more chart entries followed in 86,

with ‘State Of The Nation’, in the Top 30 mix.

And at No.54, ‘The Peel Sessions (1st June 82)’, on Strange Fruit,

and back on Factory – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, made No.56.


In 87, ‘True Faith’, reached No.4,

and at No.20, was, ‘Touched By The Hand Of God’.

In 88, Blue Monday (Remix)’, made the Top 3,

And ‘Fine Time’, got the No.11 nod.


In 89, ‘Round And Round’, made No.21,

and ‘Run 2’, also on Factory – a No.49 slot, won.

And in 90, ‘World In Motion’, on Factory/MCA,

for EnglandNewOrder – a gold-selling No.1.


In 93, ‘Regret’, a No.4, on Centredate,

and ‘Ruined In A Day’, peaked at No.22.

And still on Centredate, ‘World (The Price Of Love) – made No.13,

and ‘Spooky’, also enjoyed a No.22 view.


In 94,’True Faith (Remix), reached No.9.

And in 95, ‘Nineteen 63’ – now on London – rose to No.21.

Also in 95, ‘Blue Monday (2nd Remix), returned at No.17.

And in 01, still on London, ‘Crystal’, at No.8, shone.


Ending 01, ’60 Miles An Hour’, reached No.29,

and in 02, ‘Here To Stay’, peaked at No.15.

And still in 02, on London, ‘World In Motion’,

for EnglandNewOrder – at No.43, was seen.


Ending 02, ‘Confusion’, on the Whacked label,

for Arthur Baker VS New Order, made No.64.

And in 05, ‘Krafty’, on London, reached No.8,

and ‘Jetstream’, featuring Ana Mantronic, made a Top 20 score.


Finally, in 05, ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’,

on London, reached No.21.

And in 06, ‘Blue Monday’, on New State,

peaked at No.73 – with an army of fans, rightly won.



Written by Harriet Blackbury





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July 4, 2019




In 66, ‘Girl’, on Decca,

for St Louis Union, peaked at No.11.

And in 93, ‘Girl Of My Best Friend’, on Virgin,

for Bryan Ferry, reached No.57.


In 64, ‘Girl Don’t Come’, on Pye,

gave Sandie Shaw, a Top 3.

And in 02, ‘Girl Talk’, on Arista,

became a Top 30 for TLC.


In 99, ‘Summer Girls’, on Logic,

for Lyte Funkie Ones – a No.16, was to be.

And in 2000, still on logic,

reaching No.6, was their ‘Girl On TV’.


In 81, ‘Girls On Film’, on EMI,

for Duran Duran – a Top 5 entry.

And in 98, ‘Girls Night Out’, on Wildstar,

for Alda, reached the Top 20.


In 61, ‘A Girl Like You’, on Columbia,

saw Cliff Richard & The Shadows, at No.3.

And in 2000, ‘Girls Like US’, on Ministry Of Sound,

was at No.7, for B-15 Project Featuring Chrissy D & Lady Gee.


In 82, ‘Girl Crazy’, on Rak,

took Hot Chocolate to No.7.

And in 95, ‘Girl From Mars’, on Infectious,

for Ash, reached No.11.


In 77, ‘Mull Of Kintyre’/’Girls’ from School’, on Parlophone,

spent 9 weeks at No.1, for Paul McCartney & Wings.

And in 82, ‘The Girl Is Mine’, on Epic – a No.8,

from Michael Jackson with Paul McCartney – joy brings.


In 84, ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, on Verve,

gave Astrud Gilberto, a No. 55 place.

And in 03, ‘Girl In The Moon’, on Mercury,

found Darius, at No.21, in the chart race.


In 77, ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’, on Magnet,

reached to No.6 for Darts.

And in 84, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, on Portrait,

at No.2, found Cyndi Lauper, winning hearts.


In 96, ‘Girl Power’, on Food,

reached No.25 for Shampoo.

And in 07, ‘Girlfriend’, on Arista,

for Avril Lavigne – a US No.1 & UK No.2.


In 75, ‘Girls’, on All Platinum,

gave Moments & Whatnauts, a Top 3 heaven.

And in 05, ‘Girl Tonite’, on Atlantic,

took Twista Featuring Trey Songz, to No.47.


In 85, ‘Girlie Girlie, on Winner,

gave Sophia George, a No.7 chase.

And in 05, ‘Girl’, on Columbia,

saw Destiny’s Child with a No.6 ace.


In 90, ‘Girl To Girl’, on Fourth Broadway,

for The 49ers, hit the No.31 mark.

And in 07, ‘Girls Who Play Guitars’, on Warp,

reached No.31, for Maximo Park.


In 87, ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’, peaked at No.12,

for The Smiths, on Rough Trade.

And in 07, ‘The Girls’, on Sony,

saw Calvin Harris join the Top 3 cavalcade.


In 88, Milli Vanilli, on Cooltempo,

reached the Top 3, with ‘Girl You Know It’s True’,

And in 89, their ‘Girl I’m Gonna Miss You’,

(still on Cooltempo), reached No.2.


In 79, ‘Girls Talk’, reached No.4,

for Dave Edmunds, on Swansong.

And in 91, ‘The Girl I Used To Know’, on Parlophone,

peaked at No.48, for Brother Beyond.



Written by Harriet Blackbury


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July 3, 2019



In 81, ‘Water On Glass’/’Boys’, on Rak,

for Kim Wilde, peaked at No.11.

And in 02, ‘Boys’, on Jive, gave Britney Spears

featuring Pharrell Williams, a No.7.


In 96, ‘The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes, on EMI,

reached No.32, for Babylon Zoo.

And in 98, ‘The Boy Is Mine’, on Atlantic,

gave Brandy & Monica, a Top 2.


In 69, ‘A Boy Named Sue’, gave Johnny Cash,

a Top 4, on CBS.

And in 87, ‘The Boy From Nowhere’, on Epic,

saw Tom Jones, with a Top 2 success.


In 85, ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’,

was at No.23, for The Smiths, on Rough Trade.

And in 99, ‘Boy You Knock Me Out’, on Mjj,

for Tatyana Ali featuring Will Smith – the Top 3, made.


In 64, ‘Boys Cry’, on Fontana,

reached No.8 for Eden Kane.

And in 78, ‘Boys From New York City, on Magnet,

for ‘Darts’ – a Top 2 refrain.


In 95, Morrissey, on RCA Victor,

made No.36 with ‘The Boy Racer’.

And in 03, ‘The Boys Of Summer’, on Data,

saw DJ Sammy, with a No.2 chaser.


In 95, ‘Boy I Gotta Have You’, on Dome,

for Rio & Mars, reached No.43.

And in 96, ‘Boy I Gotta Have You’, now on Feverpitch-

for Rio & Mars, a No 46, proved to be.


In 79, ‘Boy Oh Boy’, on Rak,

for Racey, peaked at No.22.

And in 03, Mariah Carey featuring Cam’ron,

on Def Jam, reached No,7, with ‘Boy ( I Need You )’.


In 76, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’,

gave Thin Lizzy, a No.8, on Vertigo.

And in 08, ‘The Boy Does Nothing’, on Asylum,

gave Alesha Dixon, a Top 5 show.


In 68, ‘Boy’, on Columbia,

for Lulu, peaked at No.15.

And in 79, ‘Boys Keep Swingin’, on RCA,

saw David Bowie, hit the No.7 scene.


In 76, ‘London Boys’, gave T Rex,

a Top 40, on EMI.

And in 86, The Cure, reached No.22,

on Fiction, with ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.


In 96, ‘Boy Wonder’, on Boiler House,

for Speedy, at No.56, was to be.

And in 05, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, on B Unique WEA,

gave Ordinary Boys, a Top 3.


In 97, ‘The Boy Done Good’, on Cooking Vinyl,

gave Billy Bragg, a No.55 grip.

And in 06, ‘Boy From School’, on EMI,

became a Top 4, for Hot Chip.


In 2000, Jamelia, on Parlophone Rhythm,

reached No.42, with ‘Boy Next Door’.

And in 01, ‘Boy Is Crying’, on Mantra,

for Saint Etienne, peaked at No.34.


In 77, ‘Oh Boy ( The Mood I’m In )’, made No.8,

for Brotherhood Of Man, on Pye.

And in 86, ‘The Boy In The Bubble’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Paul Simon, a No.2, high. 


In 06, ‘The Boy Who Ran Away’, reached No.23,

for The Mystery Jets, on 679 679.

And in 84, ‘The Boy Who Came Back’, on Some Bizarre,

saw Marc Almond reach the No.52 line.



written by Harriet Blackbury



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