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February 22, 2019



In 67, ‘I’m A Believer’ on RCA,

a US. No.1 and for four weeks – a No.1 in the UK.

And still in January 67 – ‘The Last Train To Clarksville’,

(also on RCA), a US. No.1, that to a UK No.23, made it’s way.


In 67, ‘A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You’,

on RCA – a UK No.3, to arrive.

With ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, on RCA, – a UK No.11,

and also in 67, ‘Daydream Believer’ – a US. No.1 and a UK No.5.


In 68, ‘Valleri’, still on RCA,

peaked at No.12 in the UK.

and also in 68, D.W. Washburn’, on RCA,

up to a UK No.17, made it’s way.


In 69, ‘Teardrop City’, again on RCA,

made a UK No.44 play,

and their last hit of 69, ‘Someday Man’,

on RCA, up to a UK No.47 – had it’s say.


In 80, ‘The Monkees EP’, on Arista,

rose to a UK No.33 view.

And in 86, ‘That Was Then This Is Now’, a UK No.68,

and in 89, ‘The Monkees EP’, again on Arista, a UK No.62.


Thank you for the ‘feel-good’ music.

RIP   Peter Tork     1942 – 2019.





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February 18, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 19th February 2019

for another sparkling hour of escapism.


This week Tony’s Guest is

the much respected – George Borowski.


As usual, Tony will have exciting news about

all the latest happenings in the music world.


Also… another first for Allfm and Tony’s Time Machine..

the first broadcast of Andy Bell’s (Erasure) track

‘We Hadn’t Slept For 20 Years’  from his new SOLO album….



Tony will also be reading the poem –

‘For The Love Of Dire Straits’

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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February 17, 2019



In 79, on Vertigo, reaching No.8,

Dire Straits hit the charts with ‘Sultans Of Swing’.

Also in 79, ‘Lady Writer’ made No.51,

and in 81, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – a second No.8 did bring.


‘Skateaway’ followed, still on Vertigo, at No.37,

and ‘Tunnel Of Love’ came next, peaking at No.54.

In 82, ‘Private Investigations’  rose to No.2,

and in 83, ‘Twisting By The Pool’ gained a No.14 score.


In 84, ‘Love Over Gold (Live)/Solid Rock (Live)’ hit No.50.

and in 85, ‘So Far Away’ – a Top 20 seen.

Also in 85, ‘Money For Nothing’, a UK Top 4 and US No.1,

and ‘Brothers In Arms’, still on Vertigo, was at No.16.


In 86, ‘Walk Of Life’ reached the Top 2,

and ‘Your Latest Trick’ reached No.26.

In 88, ‘Sultans Of Swing’ charted again at No.62,

and in 91, ‘Calling Elvis’ at No.21 next in this mix.


Ending 91, ‘Heavy Fuel’, in the charts at No.55,

and in 92, ‘On Every Street’ at No.42.

Also in 92, ‘The Bug’, still on Vertigo, at No.62,

and in 93, ‘Encores EP’ at No.31, with much acclaim due.




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February 16, 2019



In 85, UK Duo, Erasure, on the Mute label

saw ‘Who Needs Love Like That’, debut at No.55.

In 86, also on Mute, ‘Sometimes’ followed,

and at No.2 did arrive.


In 87, ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be’ reached No.12, followed by

”Victim Of Love’ at No.7, and ‘The Circus’ at No.6.

Also at No.6 in 88, ‘Ship Of Fools’, still on Mute,

before ‘Chains Of Love’, at No. 11, next in this mix.


Still in 88, ‘A Little Respect’ peaked at No.4,

and ‘Crackers International EP’ rose to No.2.

In 89. ‘Drama’, still on Mute, climbed to No.4,

and ending the year, ‘You Surround Me’, at No.15, on view. 


In 90, ‘Blue Savannah’ their next Top 3,

and at No.11, ‘Star’ was to be.

In 91, ‘Chorus’, a Top 3, and ‘Love To Hate You, at No.4,

and at No.15, ending 91, came ‘Am I Right (EP)’.


In 92, ‘Am I Right (EP) (Remix)’,

still on Mute, at No.22, followed on,

before ‘Breath Of Life’ reached No.8,

and ‘Abba-Esque EP’, became their first No.1.


Ending 92, ‘Who Needs Love Like That’

saw another Top Ten place won.

And in 94, ‘Always’ at No.4,

and at No.6, was ‘Run To The Sun’.


”I Love Saturday’, their last hit of 94,

was a Top 20, still on Mute.

And in 95, ‘Stay With Me’ at No.15, with

‘Fingers And Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)’ at 20, in pursuit.


97, saw ‘In My Arms’ at No.13, and

‘Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me’ at No.23.

‘Freedom’ came in 2000, reaching No.27,

and in 03, ‘Solsbury Hill’, a Top 10, was to be.


Also in 03, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’ at No.14,

and ‘Oh L’Amour’, made a No.13 score.

Then in 05 came ‘Breathe’,  still on Mute,

peaking in the Top 10, at No.4.


In 05, ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’, made No.15,

and ‘Here I Go Impossible Again’ sat at No.25.

In 07, ‘I Could Fall In Love With You’ reached No.21,

and ‘Sunday Girl’ at No.33, last in this mix to arrive.


Written by Harriet Blackbury




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February 12, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday 12th February 2019

for another fast moving hour of music, chat and reviews.


This week’s show features music of The Beatles

and Steve Hackett.


Beth Hamer will be reading

‘For The Love Of Togetherness’ (for St Valentine’s Day) 

written by

Harriet Blackbury



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February 9, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at 1pm to 3pm  LIVE  on 10th February 2019

for another original Tony’s Time Machine SUNDAY SPECIAL


Featuring  Yes songs and Steve Hackett’s new album :-

On The Edge Of Light.  – (which is rising fast in the UK album chart).


Also on the show


a selection of music from the many bands performing on

The Cruise To The Edge with Yes in the Caribbean.

( a great concert and a ‘first’ for Allfm and Tony’s Time Machine)


Beth Hamer will also be reading the poem

‘For The Love Of The Caribbean’

written by

Harriet Blackbury.


Tony’s Time Machine is also live every Tuesday at Noon






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February 7, 2019



In 75, ‘Loving You’ on Epic,

gave Minnie Ripperton a US No.1 and UK No.2 call.

And in 98, Mariah Carey on Columbia,

had a US No.1 and UK No.4 with ‘My All’


In 96, ‘Baby I Love You’ on Avex UK,

took TSD up to No.64.

And in 03, ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’ on Dramatico,

gave Katie Melua a UK Top Ten score.


In 87, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ on London,

for The Communards, gained a Top 4 place.

And in 02, for UK trio -Supergrass,

on Parlophone, at No.13 was ‘Grace’.


In 74 ‘Rock Me Gently’ on Capitol,

gave Andy Kim a US No.1 and UK No.2.

And in 86, ‘(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight’ on Siren,

a US No.1 and UK No.4 for Cutting Crew.


In 66 ‘The More I See You’ on Pye International,

gave Chris Montez a UK Top 3.

And In 82, ‘Happy Talk’ on A & M,

for Captain Sensible, a UK No.1 for all to see.


In 99, ‘If You Had My Love’ on Columbia,

gave Jennifer Lopez a US No.1 and UK Top 4.

And in 02, ‘We’ve Got Tonight’, also a UK Top 4,

for Ronan Keating featuring Lulu, on Polydor.


In 65, ‘Back In My Arms Again’ on Tamla Motown,

for The Supremes, a US No.1 and UK Top 40 hit.

And in 70, ‘Let’s Work Together’, on Liberty,

for Canned Heat, at No.2, nicely did fit.


In 67, ‘Happy Together’, on London,

gave The Turtles a US. No.1 and UK No.12 slot.

And in 06, ‘Everytime We Touch’ on All around the world,

for german group – Cascada, a UK No.2, loved a lot.


In 67, ‘You’re My Everything’ on Tamla Motown,

for The Temptations, in the UK, climbed to No.26.

And in 96, ‘You’re The One’ on RCA, at No.13,

for US trio – SWV – last in this mix.




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January 31, 2019



In 60, ‘Caribbean Honeymoon’, on Oriole,

for Frank Weir, peaked at No.42.

And in 91, Enya, on the Wea label,

sailed up to No.13 with ‘Caribbean Blue’.


In 75, UK duo – Typically Tropical, on Gull label,

with ‘Barbados’, had a UK No.1 seller.

And in 07, Rihanna featuring Jay-Z, on Def Jam label,

had her second US No.1 and a 10 week UK No 1, with ‘Umbrella’.


In 82, ‘The Sun Of Jamaica’, on Epic,

reached No.5 for Goombay Dance Band.

And in 93, ‘Jamaican In New York’, on Elektra,

for Shinehead, in the Top 30, did land.


In 89, ‘Walking On Sunshine’, on Blue Wave,

for Eddy Grant reached a UK No.63.

And in 2001, now on Ice label,

this song, for Eddy Grant, at 57 was to be.


In 81 ‘Caribbean Disco Show’ on Polydor,

climbed to No.8 for Lobo.

And in 07, ‘Footprints in the Sand’ was at No.25,

for Leona Lewis, on Syco.


In 77, ‘Jamming’/’Punky Reggae Party’, on Island,

by Bob Marley & The Wailers, at No.9 we did see.

And in 78, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’, on Mercury,

became a gold selling UK No.1 for 10C.C.


In 57, ‘Island In The Sun’ on RCA,

for Harry Belafonte, peaked at No.3 in the charts.

Also in 57, ‘When Rock ‘n’ Roll came to Trinidad’, on Capitol,

for Nat King Cole, a Top 30, winning lots of hearts.


In 84, ‘Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)’,

on Jive, gave Billy Ocean a US No.1 and UK No.6.

And in 88, ‘On The Beach (Summer 88)’, on Wea label,

at No.12 for Chris Rea – last in this mix.











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January 29, 2019


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 29th January 2019,

for another fast moving hour of all the latest

happenings in the music world.


Today’s Show includes music from

Steve Hackett,

and also

The Who.

and  a glimpse into 

‘This Day in History’


Tony will be reading the poem –

‘For The Love Of The Who’

written by Harriet Blackbury

and also

two short tribute poems –

‘For The Love Of Michel Legrand’  wriiten by Harriet Blackbury

and ‘For The Love Of Captain And Tennille’ written by Harriet Blackbury.


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January 27, 2019


In 69, Noel Harrison, on Reprise,

had a UK No.8 with ‘Windmills Of You Mind’.

This single staying in the UK charts for 14 weeks,

is still so easy, in the memory, to find.


Written for The Thomas Crown Affair,

and known throughout the land,

winning a first Oscar in 69

for french composer Michel Legrand. 


His second Oscar followed for the film score –

Summer of 42, released in 71 .

And Yentl, starring Barbra Streisand,

released in 83, saw a third Oscar won.


With involvement in over 100 albums,

and over 200 film and TV production scores to his name –

Thank you for sharing your brilliance, Michel Legrand –

A composer at the very top of his game.



Noel Harrison         1934 – 2013

Michel Legrand      1932 – 2019



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