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March 15, 2015



The elections are coming;

for the first time I can vote.

I’ll have a say in my future.

I can row my own boat.


I must choose the right leader,

who best fits my needs,

and follow my instincts

and hope he succeeds.


I must ask if the man,

leading the country, right now,

is doing a good job,

or is ready to take a bow?


And if it would be silly to vote

for a fresh pair of eyes,

if indeed, the next leader,

turned out a bad compromise?


Five years is a long time,

and a big difference it can make.

So not bothering to vote,

would be a mistake.


I could follow family traditions,

and vote the same as Mum and Dad,

but my needs are quite different,

from the opportunities they had?


In this ever changing world,

we ‘first time’ voters hold the key,

to just where our country,

in the future, could be.



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  1. Making a difference !! Brilliant poem written especially for new voters and people with learning disabities and mental health issues . Excellent .

    Comment by Tony — March 25, 2015 @ 1:22 pm

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