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February 16, 2020


You don’t need words,

to know how I love you,

and gifts to you,

come from my heart.


I am loyal to you,

in thought and deed,

and will be

until the day I depart.


You don’t need roses,

to sense how I love you,

and after a while

they only decay.


I am here for you,

if you have a crisis,

and can’t imagine life,

any other way.


You don’t need texts,

from some distant land,

because I’m here, close by,

to hold your hand,


and comfort you,

when you feel sad,

and calm you down,

when you feel mad.


You don’t need a tissue,

to dry your eyes,

because I’ll never

make you cry.


You know I’ll be here,

to pick up the pieces,

until all the breath,

in my body ceases.


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