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August 4, 2018


When something rankles

and the mind won’t settle,

even after losing oneself

in a burst of heavy metal


Just let it go.


When an injustice outstanding

with no sign of a result,

and a stone lands on the nose

from a loose catapult.


Just let it go.


When words said in good faith

linger long in mid air,

leaving hurt and ill-feeling

and a hot tempered flare 


Just let it go.


When there’s no getting over

the things people do,

put it down to experience

and The Lord will bless you.


Just let it go.

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July 29, 2018



Like a menacing cloud that lingers

and threatens to re-appear.

Never far away

is that next moment of fear.


Like an un-exploded bomb

from an abandoned ambush,

that rears it’s ugly head

causing blood to rush.


Like the constant banging

on a solid oak door

that slowly opens to reveal

a room with a bottomless floor.


Like nightmares from the past

that sit deep within the brain –

What point in going back

down that long forgotten lane?


Like the chance that wasn’t taken

when risk did overpower.

When the ‘deal of deals’ fell through

at the final hour.


Like the one who stayed a while

but ultimately fled !

Was it something that I did?

Was it something  that was said?


Like the never ending torment

that caused a lack of sleep.

Never was a tear shed,

but inside a constant weep.


Like the good days that came

when I thought all would be well,

but one step forward always took me

two steps backwards into hell.


Like a chink in the Armour

where vulnerability seeped through.

Life was never quite the same

after losing you.


Like the day that I discovered

someone suffering more than me.

Only then, with eyes wide open

did self indulgence flee.


Like the day of resurrection

from the old life that he knew.

Being re-born again the answer;

mistakes learnt – and paid in full, each due. 


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June 8, 2014



And in amongst

the changing shades,

first to arrive

in the wooded glades


are magical snowdrops,

so delicate and pure;

like oyster satin,

they have allure.


And each daisy sown

by God’s own hand,

is joined by buttercups

across the land.


And dandelions too,

from an anonymous seed

spring forth in abundance

exclaiming ‘I’m no weed’.


And all the bluebells

swaying in the woods;

a mass of joy

with compact hoods


sit well against

the lily pond;

a gift to behold

all summer long.


And clover forming

A tight knit mass;

four leaves a wish,

for some lucky lass.


And oh, the nettles,

how they sting!

but a nearby dock leaf,

relief, will bring.


All this for free

in God’s own garden,

that we mow down

and ask for pardon,


preferring flowers

more cultivated;

each one a hybrid,

loosely related.


The origin always,

a species, old,

now unrecognisable

with blooms so bold.


Like prickly roses

in all colours and shapes,

that compete for first prize

in the bragging stakes.


And yet, year after year

in his reliable way,

God’s blanket of kindness

returns, come what may.


So that natural beauty

we can embrace,

and proving, if proof be needed

that weeds do have a place.




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April 27, 2014



So still the pavements of the busy street,

where he no longer, treads his feet.

So quiet the reverence from passers by,

no longer able, to catch his eye.




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April 18, 2014




The last word was silence;

the most powerful of tools,

when vinegar administered

by those venomous fools.



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April 13, 2014



When one by one

friends leave the shore,

and head off to

the great azure,


and the unused prayer book

becomes our friend,

and to a Christmas carol,

an ear we lend.


We remember now

elders words of gold.

‘Enjoy it love,

for you’ll soon be old.’


How right their lines

with time, ring true.

as to another friend

we wave adieu.


It’s all over in a

whisker’s boast.

In no time at all,

we turn into toast.



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May 26, 2013



Angels are present everywhere

offering a helping hand, to those

in need who are willing to invite

them onto their waveband.



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March 29, 2013



Pray for peace to gently guide you

Bathe in oils that will embalm

Hold a touchstone when you’re desperate

to re-create some inner calm.


Trust in the Lord for he will protect you

when all in your life seems so unfair.

Follow his guiding light to recovery

Though never seen, he is always there.


Put behind you, all the anguish

That in recent times you have been through

Tomorrow is a new day

Where ahead are skies of blue. 



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He wore a crown of thorns around his head,

knowing the enemy from within.

But he held back any words of wrath,

in the hope of dignity to win.





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November 19, 2012




We’ve turned ourselves into human robots.

However will god understand?

Only he knows if the gates to heaven,

are controlled by an electronic hand.




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