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February 3, 2020



and flowers in the meadow too,

took on new life, as skies turned blue.


The day we set eyes on each other,

would be a day, unlike another.


A lawn of bluebells, lots and lots,

swayed happily with forget-me-knots,


the day we met and talked awhile,

you liked my dress, I liked your smile.


And lilies of the valley knew,

love in the air, for me and you,


the day we will not, ever forget,

when our eyes, upon each other set.


And daffodils lined, the countryside,

and tulips too, came for the ride.


the day we put our trust in fate,

and said ‘come on, let’s celebrate’.


And roses of the summer flowered,

as gladioli saintly towered,


the day we started life together,

for better or worse, and through all weather.


How nice, years on, to still recall,

the very start, of it all,


when love was young,

and bluebirds sung.


when we, as one, would onward tread,

hand in hand, by freedom lead.


The world our future, to discover,

because we set, eyes on each other.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury   February 2020.


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