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March 11, 2021



and sunlight came today,

I gave myself a break,

away from a self absorbed existence,

a breathe of fresh air to partake.


and vision came today,

depression to replace.

My mind flooding with ideas,

I re-joined the human race.


and hope came by today,

a future I could see.

Solitude, a draughty corridor

that nearly was the death of me.



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and for the umpteenth

time that day,

the mind unsettled –

in disarray.


and birds that came

for daily bread,

absent from the air –

the world seemed dead.


So still, too still,

pressure intense.

That day so different,

nothing made sense.


and for the umpteenth

time that day,

all sense of reason

went away.


any chance of hope

inside my head,

quickly replaced

by fear and dread.


What point – no point

to life, I thought,

when at rock bottom

some help I sought.



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February 4, 2021



Everyone of us

leaves a trail

as soon as ever

our ship sets sail.


Everyone of us

is duty bound

to help others who

have hit the ground.


Everyone of us

needs to talk

to strangers

on our daily walk.


Everyone of us

is quite unique

and yet so similar

when we hold hands and speak.


Everyone of us

needs to see

the wonder of nature

in every tree.


Everyone of us

needs a friend

to prevent us going

round the bend.


Everyone of us

will at some point dwell

on the repercussions

of raising hell.


Everyone of us

has the choice

to just stay silent

or to have a voice.


Everyone of us

can happiness find

with a positive attitude

of heart and mind.


Everyone of us

knows right from wrong

so lets rejoice in the truth

and stay on song.


Everyone of us

will look back and sigh

whilst wondering ‘What if?’

when a lost chance goes by.


Everyone of us

needs a fighting spirit

to survive rough times

and new life inherit.


Everyone of us

has to die.

when our number is up

that’s it  –  goodbye.


Everyone of us

is equal in heaven

with the Lord insisting

‘Lights out at seven’.



Written by Harriet Blackbury.



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December 25, 2020



Let’s all unite as a nation,

now that we’ve come this far.

Let’s put back the Great in Britain,

and show the world who we are.


Let’s find in ourselves some happiness,

that in recent times has disappeared.

Let’s love those who are less fortunate,

and embrace the freedom of being home-reared.


Let’s welcome to our land all visitors,

but on our terms, as now is the case.

Let’s enrich our lives with friendship,

though sadly not yet, with a physical embrace.


Let’s put our nation first, and go forward.

Each new step, such an important seed.

Let’s all take on a positivity,

that becomes infectious, so we can succeed.


Let’s show each other kindness,

and come together as one.

Let’s make 2021 special

Let’s bring back the sun that once shone.


Let’s find in our hearts the passion.

Let’s be selfless, and give something back.

Let’s make our country fantastic again,

and fly high our Union Jack.


by Harriet Blackbury


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April 20, 2020





We bend the rules, we cross the bar,

and go a little bit too far.


We turn the key, we enter in,

that private room – it is a sin.


We stretch the truth, we tell a lie,

to impress our peers, oh me, oh my.


We weep for others, we share their pain.

It helps us keep, our own head sane.


We smile, we laugh, and onward go,

and for the world, put on a show.


We dig a hole, we downward fall,

when lies exposed, shit hits the wall.


We dip and delve, we recall names,

and resurrect, the same old flames.


We visualise, we second guess,

what isn’t said, in times of stress.


We overthink, we take a gulp.

We beat ourselves, sometimes to pulp.


We agonise, we sit and wait,

until depression, lifts it’s gate.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury.








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April 10, 2020





Just love every moment

that time will allow,

until life nearly over

finds one facing the last bow.


And learn from mistakes

often made in haste,

when rushed off one’s feet

with no time to waste.


Reach for the impossible

if that be your choice.

But if it goes wrong

then heed your own voice.


Revive your spirits

with an inkling of an idea..

Remember great oaks,

from little acorns appear.


Place any burden of guilt

you still carry from an error,

into the hands of a higher power,

who can deal with your terror.


So you are able

to refresh your mind,

going forward with the knowledge

no open wounds left behind.


Help those less able

than you clearly are,

to fulfill their dreams,

and find their personal star.


Remember those loved ones

who sadly had to go,

with such a quick exit

no worse pain could one know.


But yet one survives

to this present day,

because the happiness they brought

will never fade away.


Open up your mind

explore every part,

so that each and every moment

remains in your heart.


Keep on making memories

as so many you’ll need,

when in repose

your own life book you read.


Discover extremes of life

from pure bliss to regrets,

as the monotonous day to day

the mind soon forgets.


(Regrets are so draining,

but after fingers burn,

the experience, character building,

and good lessons you’ll learn.


And when, as a reward,

pure bliss then comes along,

cherish every second –

it usually doesn’t stay long,


but sticks in the mind

overpowering regrets,

spurring you on to the next high

as your appetite it wets.)


So life is there to be lived,

how, is just up to you.

Stay true to yourself,

and you’ll always come through.


Nothing is impossible.

Everyone’s needs are unique.

The world is there to be discovered,

so go out and take a peek,


but not at the moment,

as that would be unwise.

For now, muse over your life story –

yourself, you’ll surprise.


As what lies undiscovered

or forgotten with age,

will soon come to the fore,

handing you the first page.


Always write from the heart,

as no-one knows better than you,

the ups and the downs

that you have lived through.


           Good Luck



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When all the positives are saying ‘yes’,

capture the moment – feel the bliss.

And ride that fast speed, train of survival,

whilst the opportunity exists.


But when all the negatives are saying ‘no’,

one simply has to go with the flow.

And do what can be done just now,

until problems resolve themselves somehow.



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April 1, 2020





No germ laden kisses allowed right now,

though one is permitted a curtsy or bow,


as long as the distance is two metres apart,

from those whom we love, with all of our heart.


And definitely not, any big hugs or squeezes –

only waves from a window, avoiding diseases.


And so it is that, by memories we are consoled,

until this mother of all viruses, can be controlled.


A time to take stock, with a different perspective,

until a cure can be found, that is effective.


This restriction of movement, from freedom we had,

perhaps not such a bad thing, as times had become mad.


When, like headless chickens, without a moment to spare,

we conducted our life, dashing around here and there,


on a roller coaster to nowhere, all stressed out of our head,

and too exhausted to sleep, when finally getting into bed.


Some people are even saying, it’s a population correction,

and who knows if their theories are true?


Though these times surely don’t compare, to previous world wars,

that our ancestors endured, and went through?


So let sense prevail, now faith, once more is shaken,

to help minimise the loss, of life, sadly taken.


As our hearts go to those, with dearest ones’ lost,

in these desperate days, as we count the cost.






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March 2, 2019



Some say Shakespeare placed commas

where he meant us to pause!

No right way or wrong way,

he made his own laws.


Rap music also

makes it’s own rules,

though a dash never followed

a full stop in high schools.


The problems with apostrophes

puts the mind in overload,

as confusing as dots and dashes

used in Morse code.


A semi-colon, not a buddy

of an exclamation mark.

High treason committed

when brackets used for a lark.


And when capitals miss-used,

it sends some on a rant.

And are italics just there 

to give meaning a slant?


So release all ideas

that into the mind, flood.

Don’t see as a barrier

grammar misunderstood.


For words better written

than left in the head.

Punctuation can follow

when manuscripts put to bed.


No point in an asterisk,

if the other’s gone west.

Thank God this is finished

and now off my chest.




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April 28, 2017



Forever burdened with the truth,

that lies buried deep within.

The layers of yesteryears events;

a decadent life of sin.


Forever troubled by a past,

where does one begin,

in putting right what went so wrong?

Sensitivity, paper thin.


Forever imprisoned, perhaps for the best;

take each blow on the chin.

The tide has turned and washed away,

sad tears and old chagrin.



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