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May 30, 2020



Touch me with your eyes,

leave an impression on my soul.

Touch me with temptation,

and once more make me whole.


Touch me with your kindness,

so simplistic in it’s way.

Touch me with your tender words,

dispersing clouds of grey.


Touch me with a letter,

bound with a silken bow.

Touch me with a phone call,

when I am feeling low.


Touch me with that glance,

that says our hearts align

Touch me with a future,

say you’re forever mine.


Touch me with a thank-you,

so typical of you.

Touch me with a message,

quite out of the blue.


Touch me with the yesterdays,

that memories once more view.

Touch me with new tomorrows,

please God, let there still be you.


Touch me without touching me,

make my body shake.

Touch me whilst you’re sleeping,

just for old time’s sake.


Touch me in the morning,

as a new day breaks.

Touch me with fascination,

that love, a difference, makes.


Touch me with your knowledge,

such a powerful gift.

Touch me with forgiveness,

after a silly rift.


Touch me, for this moment,

is all we have, I fear.

Touch me for eternity,

no other love comes near.


Touch me for I am yours,

in a wilderness of woe.

Touch me when the time is right,

and never let me go.


Touch me with your strength,

to overcome rough times.

Touch me towards new tomorrows,

as bells ring out their chimes.


Touch me with your thoughts,

transfer your mighty power,

Touch me for a lifetime,

until my final hour.


Touch me, for God’s sake touch me,

open up your heart.

Touch me, but at a distance,

keeping two metres apart.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury

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