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September 9, 2019




Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine,

on Tuesday, 10th September 2019,

for a double dose of decaffeinated delight,

starting at Noon, when Tony opens with

a great hour of music & chat, including

all the latest happenings and updates.


Tony will also be reading the poem…


‘For The Love Of Putting’

written by Harriet Blackbury


ALSO  on Tuesday, Tony’s Time Machine

returns with a special Drive-Time slot,

between 5pm & 7pm.

This show features guitar music,

mini interviews and promotions.


Tony will be reading the poem…


‘For The Love Of Bury Football Club’

written by Harriet Blackbury.




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September 2, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 3rd  September 2019

for another fast moving hour of great music,

and details of all the latest happenings & forthcoming events

in the music world..


Tony will also be reading the poem …


For The Love Of Bury Football Club

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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August 29, 2019






The Club we’ve supported

since a child at the knee,

of fathers and grand-dads,

who were so thrilled to be


taking us to our first game,

complete with scarf and bob hat.

‘Up The Shakers’, they chanted,

and we were hooked after that.


A Club to be proud of,

with a pitch like no other –

once likened to the old Wembley,

and Family Stand loved by, each sister & brother.


And the best pies in Lancashire,

sold at Half -Time.

Please God, help save the Club –

to lose it, would be a crime.


The unfairness, the injustice,

that has brought the Club down,

just after promotion – our big chance,

to win more support in the town.


The irony, the sadness,

felt by players, staff and fans,

as a new horizon appeared,

but was snatched from our hands.


Not for the first time,

were our highs met by lows,

and resilience tested,

by the cruelest of blows.


A heart-breaking situation –

please don’t let our Club die?

and become another statistic,

leaving us high and dry.


Another uphill battle,

to now seize control,

doesn’t help our heroes,

who now face the dole.


Our support for Bury Football Club,

can’t be in vain .

After the best season in ages,

Dear Lord – please save Gigg Lane.



written by

Harriet Blackbury.


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In 89, The Traveling Wilburys, made No.52,

on the Wilbury label, with ‘The End Of The Line’.

And in 09, ‘End Credits’, on Vertigo,

gave Chase & Status featuring Plan B, a No.9.


In 63, ‘The End Of The World’, peaked at No.18,

for Skeeter Davis, on RCA.

And in 92, ‘The End Of The Road’, on Motown,

for Boys ll Men – a gold selling No.1 – in the US. & UK.


In 82, ‘The End … Or The Beginning’, on Liberty,

for Classix Nouveaux, a No.60 made.

And in 04, ‘The End Has No End’, rose to No.27,

for The Strokes, on Rough Trade.


In 99, ‘Ends’, on Tommy Boy,

saw Everlast, at No.47 in the chart.

And in 07, The Editors reached No.27,

on Kitchenware, with ‘The End Is The Start’.






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In 97, ‘Put Your Faith In Me’, made No.42,

for Alison Limerick, on MBA.

And in 06, ‘Put Your Records On’, on Good Groove/EMI,

reached No.2, for Corinne Bailey Rae.


In 77, Hot Chocolate, on Rak,

had a Top 10, with ‘Put Your Love In Me’.

And in 79, ‘Put Him Out Of Your Mind’, on United Artists,

for Dr. Feelgood, peaked at No.73.


In 90, ‘Put Your Hands Together’, on ffrr,

was a No.7, for D Mob featuring Nuff Juice.

And in 06, ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’, on Data,

saw Fedde Le Grand, a No.1, produce.


In 57, ‘Gamblin Man’/’Putting On The Style’, on Pye/Nixa,

found Lonnie Donegan featuring Therese, enjoying the No.1 scene.

And in 88, ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’, on A & M,

peaked at No.28, for Annie Lennox & Al Geen.


In 90, ‘Put It There’, made No.32,

for Paul McCartney, on Parlophone.

And in 97, ‘Put Your Arms Around Me’, on Mercury,

took Texas to the Top 10 zone.


In 59, ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’, on Columbia,

gave Paul Anka, a Top 7 score.

And in 02, ‘Put Him Out’, reached No.19,

for MS Dynamite, on Polydor.


In 71, ‘Put Yourself In My Place’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Elgins, a No.28 hit.

And in 02, Dannii Minogue, peaked at No.7,

on London, with ‘Put The Needle On It’.


In August 04, ‘Put Em High’, on Hed Kandi,

for Stonebridge, climbed to No.6.

And in 06, ‘Put You In Your Place’, on City Rockers,

a No.39, for Sunshine Underground’, ends this mix.



Written by Harriet Blackbury



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In 04, ‘Never Enough’, on Loog,

gave Open, a No.53.

And in 06, ‘Enough Crying’, on Geffen,

for Mary J Blige featuring Brook-Lynn – a No.46, was to be.


In 93, ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’, on Arista,

found Taylor Dayne on the No.14 line.

And in 99, ‘Enough Is Enough’, on Northwest,

took Y-Tribe featuring Elisabeth Troy, to No.49.


In 74, ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe’, for Barry White,

on Pye International – a UK No.8 & No.1 in the U.S.

And in 05, ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’, on All Around The World,

for Herd & Fitz featuring Abigail Bailey, a No.11 success.


In 81, ‘Can’t Get Enough Of You’,

reached No.13, for Eddy Grant, on Ensign.

And in 90, ‘Never Enough’, on Fiction,

for The Cure, also made the No.13 line.


In 96, ‘Not Enough Love In The World’,

gave Cher, a No.31, on Wea.

And in 99, ‘Can’t Get Enough’, on Nude,

found Suede at No.23.


In 94, ‘Not Enough’, on Columbia,

for Melanie Williams, peaked at No.65.

And in 99, ‘The World Is Not Enough’, on Radioactive,

gave Garbage, a No.11, and is the last on this list to arrive.





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August 27, 2019





In 87, ‘Catch’, on Fiction,

gave The Cure a No.27.

And in 04, ‘Hit That’, on Columbia,

took Offspring to No.11.


In 65, ‘Catch Us If You Can’, on Columbia,

gave The Dave Clark Five, a Top 5.

And in 91, ‘Catch The Breeze’/’Shine’,

a No.52, on Creation, for Slowdrive.


In 90, ‘Step By Step’, on CBS,

for New Kids On The Block – a US No.1 & UK No.2.

And in 07, ‘Sophie Ellis-Bextor,

made No.8, on Fascination with ‘Catch You’.


In 98, Absolute, on AM:PM,

had a No.69, with ‘Catch Me’.

And in 03, ‘Catch Up To My Step’, on Roadrunner,

gave Junkie featuring Soloman Burke, a No.63.


In 91, ‘Running Out Of Time’, on Dead Dead Good,

for Digital Orgasm, peaked at No.16.

And in 01, ‘Catch’, on Moksha/Arista,

was a No.15, for Kosheen.


In 83, ‘A Step In The Right Direction’,

on Formation, for Truth, was a No.32.

And in 01, ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops), on Arista,

gave Blu Cantrell, a No.12 view.


In 80, Abba, on Epic, reached No.1,

with ‘The Winner Takes It All’,

And in 88, Billy Idol, on Chrysalis,

peaked at No.63, with ‘Catch My Fall’.


In 65, ‘Catch The Wind’, was a Top 4,

for Donovan, on Pye.

And in 81, ‘Hit It’, on Go Feet,

gave The Beat, a No.70 reply.


In 83, ‘Steppin Out’, on A & M,

found Joe Jackson, with a Top 6.

And in 97, You Can Leave Your Hat On’,

from The Full Monty, for Tom Jones, ends this mix.






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August 26, 2019




Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon, Tuesday  27th  August 2019.

for another fantastic Summer Of Rock show.


This week Tony will be in conversation with

Ben – The owner of ‘Wax and Beans’ –

( Bury’s latest town centre attraction )


Tony’s show will also feature  –

50 years of  ‘Yes’ music, and

bits of GlasstonBury, and Hollow State.


Ben will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of A Winning Run’,

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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August 23, 2019





In 75, ‘In For A Penny’, on Polydor,

gave Slade a No.11.

And in 04, ‘Out Of Touch’, on Gusto,

took Uniting Nations, to No.7.


In 2000, ‘Out Of The Silent Planet’, on EMI,

gave Iron Maiden, a Top 20.

And in 03, ‘In Da Club’, on Interscope,

for 50 Cent, a US No.1 & UK Top 3 entry.


In 66, ‘Out Of Time’, on Immediate,

was No.1 for Chris Farlowe.

And in 93, ‘In These Arms’, peaked at No.9,

for Bon Jovi, on Jambco.


In 04, System F, on Essential Recordings,

reached No.9, with ‘Out Of The Blue’.

And in 09, ‘In For The Kill’, on Platinum Kitsune,

gave La Roux, a Top 2.


In 87, ‘Out With Her’, peaked at No.30,

for The Blow Monkeys, on RCA.

And in 02, ‘In My Place’, on Parlophone,

was a No.2, for Coldplay.


In 87, The Mighty Lemon Drops made No.66,

on Blue Guitar, with ‘Out Of Hand’.

And in 2000, Texas, peaked at No.6,

on Mercury, with ‘In Demand’.


In 72, ‘In Broken Dreams’, on Young Blood,

took Python Lee Jackson, to No.3.

And in 81, ‘In And Out Of Love’, rose to No.16,

for Imagination, on R & B.


In 75, Dobie Gray, on Black Music,

made No.42, with ‘Out On The Floor’.

And in 01, ‘Out Of Reach’, on Go! Beat,

gave Gabrielle, a Top 4.


In 96, ‘Out Of The Storm’, on Talkin Loud,

climbed to No.57, for Incognito.

And in 2010, ‘In My Head’, on Warner Brothers,

was a No.1 for Jason Derulo.


In 92, ‘Out Of Space’/’Ruff In The Jungle Bizness’,

on XL Recordings, gave Prodigy, a Top 5.

And in 02, ‘In And Out’, on Q Zone/Parlophone,

a No.15, for 3rd Edge – the last hit in this mix, to arrive.





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With their first of six chart entries on Dindisc,

in 80, O.M.D. made No.67, with ‘Red Frame White Light’

Also in 80, ‘Messages’, reached No.13,

with ‘Enola Gay’, at No.8, taking flight.


In 81, ‘Souvenir’, climbed to the Top 3,

and ‘Joan Of Arc’, made a Top 5 score.

In 82, ‘Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc)’,

ended their Dindisc run of hits, at No.4.


In 83, ‘Genetic Engineering’, was a Top 20,

and ‘Telegraph’, reached No.42.

In 84, ‘Locomotion’, travelled up to the Top 5,

being their third hit on Virgin, to come through.


Twenty two more hits followed, on Virgin –

the next three in 84 were, ‘Talking Loud & Clear’, at No.11,

 and ‘Tesla Girls’, at No.21, and ‘Never Turn Away’, at No.70.

And in 85 – ‘So In Love’, reaching No.27.


Still in 85, ‘Secret’, made No.34,

and ‘La Femme Accident’, made a No.42 high.

In 86, ‘If You Leave’, peaked at No.48,

and at No.11, was ‘(Forever) Live And Die’.


Ending 86, at No.54, was ‘We Love You’,

and in 87, ‘Shame’ – a No.52, was to be.

In 88, ‘Dreaming’ – twice a hit, at No.’s 50 & 60.

And in 91, ‘Sailing On The Seven Seas’, made the Top 3.


Still in 91, ‘Pandora’s Box’, found the Top 7,

and at No.50, was ‘Then You Turn Away’.

Ending 91, came ‘Call My Name’,

also making a Top 50 play.


In 93, ‘Stand Above Me’, climbed to No.21,

and ‘Dream Of Me (Based On Love’s Theme)’, was at No.24.

Lastly in 93, ‘Everyday’ reached to No.59,

and in 96 ‘Walking On The Milky Way,’ up to No.17, did soar.


Also in 96, ‘Universal’  climbed to No.55,

and in 98, ‘The OMD Remixes’, made No.35.

ending this glimpse into the work of O.M.D.,

who’s talents, to this day, survive.




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