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April 5, 2020





In 79, M, had a silver-selling, US No.1 & UK Top 2,

with ‘Pop Muzik’, on MCA.

And in 91, ‘Good Vibrations’, on Interscope, a US No.1 & UK No.14,

for Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch featuring Loleatta Holloway.


In 61, ‘Mr Guitar’, on Top Rank,

gave Bert Weedon, a No.47.

And in 85, ‘Spend The Night’, on Abstract,

took Cool Notes, to No.11.


In 92, Donell Rush, made No.66,

with ‘Symphony’, on ID.

And in 93, ‘The Drumstruck (EP)’, on Deconstruction,

gave N-JOI, a No.33.


In 04, ‘Freedom’, on Virgin,

for Music, climbed to No.15.

And in 09, ‘Drumming Song’, on Island,

reached No.54, for Florence & The Machine.


In 93, Drum Club, peaked at No.62,

with ‘Sound System’, on Butterfly.

And in 96, Lost Boyz, were at No.42,

on Universal, with ‘Music Makes Me High’.


In 56, ‘Juke Box Baby’, on HMV,

for Perry Como, rose to No.22.

And in 99, Yomanda, made No.8,

with ‘Synth & Strings’, on 1st Avenue.


In 74, ‘Listen To The Music’, on Warner Brothers,

for The Doobie Brothers, peaked at No.29.

And in 75, ‘Sing Baby Sing’, on Avco,

took The Stylistics, to the Top 3 line.


In 06, Towers Of London  made No.32,

with ‘Air Guitar’, on TVT.

And in 07, ‘The Beat Is Rockin’, on Gusto,

rocked up to No.25, for Erick E.


In 67, Sonny & Cher, reached No.29,

on Atlantic, with ‘The Beat Goes On’.

And in 82, ‘Pass The Dutchie’, on MCA,

for Musical Youth, a gold-selling, three week, No.1.


In 2000, ‘Music Is My Radar’, on Food,

gave Blue, a Top 10 entry.

And in 06, ‘Music Is Power’, on Parlophone,

for Richard Ashcroft, made the Top 20.


In 68, ‘On The Road Again’, on Liberty,

made No.8, for Canned Heat.

And in 80, Elvis Costello, had a Top 30,

with ‘High Fidelity’, on F. Beat.


In 78, ‘It’s The Same Old Song’, on TK,

gave KC & The Sunshine Band, a No.47.

And in 01, ‘Plug It In Baby’, on Mushroom,

for Muse, peaked at No.11.


In 76, The Who, reached the Top 10,

on Polydor, with ‘Squeeze Box’.

And in 07, ‘Music Matters’, on Cheeky,

made No.38, for Faithless featuring Cass Fox.


In 92, ‘Way In My Brain (Remix)’/’Drumbeats’,

on XL Recordings, gave SL2, a No.26.

And in 93, ‘All About Soul’, on Columbia,

gave Billy Joel, a No.32, ending this mix.




Written by

Harriet Blackbury.




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April 3, 2020





In 72, ‘Lean On Me’, on A&M,

was a US No.1 & UK No.18 success.

And in 78, ‘Lovely Day’, made No.7,

being the first of three hits, on CBS.


In 85, ‘Oh Yeah’, followed,

making a No.6 score.

And in 88, ‘Lovely Day (remix)’,

( the last on CBS), made the Top 4.


In 09, on Columbia,

peaking at No.40, came, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’.

Fittingly ending this tribute, into the work,

enjoyed from this singer, so fine.


Bill Withers   1938 – 2020.

Thank you for the music.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury





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In 93, ‘Do The Right Thing’, on M & G,

gave Ian Wright, a No.43.

And in 03, Ateed, reached No.56,

on Better The Devil, with ‘Come To Me’.


In 78, ‘Let’s All Chant’, peaked at No.8,

for The Michael Zager Band, on Private Stock.

And in 85, Maria Vidal, on EMI,

reached No.11, with Body Rock.


In 83, ‘Never Never’, on Mute,

gave Assembly, a Top 4.

And in 85, ‘Shaft’, made No.57,

for Van Twist, on Polydor.


In 92, ‘Escaping’, on Atomic,

was a Top 50, for Asia Blue.

And in 09, Yohanna, peaked at No.49,

on EMI, with ‘Is It True’.


In 75, ‘Swing Your Daddy’, on Chelsea,

gave Jim Gilstrap, a No.4.

And in 96, ‘Fixer’, reached No.71,

for Vent 414, on Polydor.


In 76, ‘Dawn’, on Pinnacle,

reached the Top 30, for Flintlock.

And in 2010, Young Money featuring Lloyd,

on Cash Money, made No.9, with ‘Bedrock’.


In 56, ‘That’s Right’, reached No.29,

for The Deep River Boys, on HMV.

And in 79, ‘Paradise Skies’, on Capitol,

gave Max Webster, a No.43.


In 79, ‘Love And Desire (Part 1)’,

made No.63, for Arpeggio, on Polydor.

And in 86, ‘Camouflage’, on IRS,

gave Stan Ridgway, a Top 4.


In 66, ‘Once’, peaked at No.43,

for Geneveve, on CBS.

And in 2000, ‘(Welcome) To The Dance’, on Code Blue,

for Des Mitchell, a Top 5 success.


In 63, Miss X, made No.37,

on Ember, with ‘Christine’.

And in 99, ‘Feeling It Too’, on Multiply,

gave The 3 Jays, a No.17.




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In 96, Cast, reached No.8,

with ‘Sandstorm’, on Polydor.

And in 2000, ‘Deeper Shade Of Blue’,

on Ebul/Jive, gave Steps, a Top 4.


In 60, Bobby Darin, sailed to No.8,

on London, with ‘La Mer (Beyond The Sea)’.

And in 76, ‘Ships In The Night’, on Harvest,

for Be Bop Deluxe, peaked at No.23.


In 82, Captain Sensible, had a No.1 for two weeks,

on A & M, with ‘Happy Talk’.

And in 97, Blue Boy, was at No.25,

with ‘Sandman’, on Sidewalk.


In 83, ‘Waves’, on London,

gave Blancmange, a No.19.

And in 97, ‘Blinded By The Sun’, on Geffen,

found Seahorses, enjoying a No.7 scene.


In 98, ‘Wild Surf’, on Infectious,

for Ash, rose to No.31.

And in 03, Coral, had a Top 5,

on Deltasonic, with ‘Pass It On’.


In 63, ‘Surf City’, on London,

was a US No.1 & UK No.26, for Jan & Dean.

And in 83, ‘Waterfront’, on Virgin,

for Simple Minds, reached No.13.


In 76, ‘Seagull’, on Penny Farthing,

for Rainbow Cottage, peaked at No.33.

And in 02, Aquanuts, made No.75,

on Data, with ‘Deep Sea’.


In 59, Marty Wilde, on Philips,

with ‘Sea Of Love’, had a Top 3 play.

And in 61, Don Gibson reached No.14,

with ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’, on RCA.


In 79, ‘Fifty Four’, on Capricorn,

gave Sea Level, a No.63.

And in 04, Tim Booth, made No.68,

on Sanctuary, with ‘Down By The Sea’.


In 88, ‘Voyage Voyage (Remix)’, a Top 5,

for Desireless, on CBS.

And in 88, ‘Ship Of Fools’, on Mute,

gave Erasure, a Top 6 success.


In 75, ‘Sailing’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Rod Stewart, a four week, No.1 gold-seller.

And in 08, ‘Sea Spray’/’22 Dreams’, on Island,

reached No 59, for Paul Weller.


In 01, ‘Sea Of Blue’, on Slinky Music,

gave Technation, a No.56.

And in 04, ‘Sand In My Shoes’, on Cheeky,

for Dido, peaked at No.29, ending this mix.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury


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April 1, 2020





In April, Level 42, reached the Top 3,

with ‘Lessons In Love’, on Polydor.

And in November, ‘Almaz’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Randy Crawford, a Top 4.


In May, Jaki Graham, reached No.7,

with ‘Set Me Free’, on EMI.

And also in May, The Cure, peaked at No.22,

on Fiction, with ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.


In March, ‘No One Is To Blame’, made No.16,

for Howard Jones, on Wea.

And in April, ‘Rough Boy’, on Warner Brothers,

gave ZZ Top, a No.23.


In March, Ruby Turner, made No.61,

with ‘I’m In Love’, on Jive.

And in August, ‘Fourth Rendez-vous’, on Polydor,

gave Jean-Michel Jarre, a No.65.


In January, ‘Walk Of Life’, on Vertigo,

took Dire Straits, into the Top 2.

And in October, Madonna, reached No.1,

on Sire, with True Blue.


In February, Debbie Harry, peaked at No.8,

on Chrysalis, with ‘French Kissin’ In The USA’.

And in August, Modern Talking, made the Top 4,

with ‘Brother Louie’, on RCA.


In July, ‘Love Of A Lifetime’, on Warner Brothers,

for Chaka Khan, rose to No.52.

And in November, Doctor And The Medics featuring Roy Wood,

reached No.45, on IRS, with ‘Waterloo’.


In November, ‘Each Time You Break My Heart’,

gave Nick Kamen, a Top 5, on Wea.

And in December, ‘Down To Earth’, on Mercury,

for Curiosity Killed The Cat, made the Top 3.


In February, ‘She’s Always A Woman’/’Just The Way You Are’,

for Billy Joel, reached No.53, on CBS.

And in July, ‘Some Candy Talking’, on Blanco Y Negro,

gave Jesus and Mary Chain, a No.13 success.


In March, ‘Marlene On The Wall’, on A & M,

for Suzanne Vega, a No.21, was to be.

And in September, ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’, for The Bangles,

on CBS, a silver-selling, US.No.1 & UK Top 3.


In April, ‘Have You Ever Had It Blue’, made No 14,

for The Style Council, on Polydor.

And in October, ‘Wonderland’, on CBS,

for Paul Young, peaked at No.24.


In January, ‘Chain Reaction’, on Capitol,

was a gold-selling, three week UK No.1, for Diana Ross.

And in July, ‘Give Me The Reason’, on Epic,

reached No.60, for Luther Vandross.





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No germ laden kisses allowed right now,

though one is permitted a curtsy or bow,


as long as the distance is two metres apart,

from those whom we love, with all of our heart.


And definitely not, any big hugs or squeezes –

only waves from a window, avoiding diseases.


And so it is that, by memories we are consoled,

until this mother of all viruses, can be controlled.


A time to take stock, with a different perspective,

until a cure can be found, that is effective.


This restriction of movement, from freedom we had,

perhaps not such a bad thing, as times had become mad.


When, like headless chickens, without a moment to spare,

we conducted our life, dashing around here and there,


on a roller coaster to nowhere, all stressed out of our head,

and too exhausted to sleep, when finally getting into bed.


Some people are even saying, it’s a population correction,

and who knows if their theories are true?


Though these times surely don’t compare, to previous world wars,

that our ancestors endured, and went through?


So let sense prevail, now faith, once more is shaken,

to help minimise the loss, of life, sadly taken.


As our hearts go to those, with dearest ones’ lost,

in these desperate days, as we count the cost.






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March 28, 2020





In 54, ‘The Little Shoemaker’, climbed to No.7,

for Petula Clark, on Polygon.

And in 64, ‘Little Red Rooster’, on Decca,

gave The Rolling Stones, their second UK No.1


In 67, The Monkees, made the Top 3,

on RCA, with ‘A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You’.

And in 97, ‘Little Pink Stars’, on Mercury,

gave Radish, a No.32.


In 82, ‘A Little Peace’, reached No.1,

for german singer, Nicole, on CBS.

And in 90, ‘A Little Time’, on Go! Discs,

also saw Beautiful South, with a No.1 success.


In 72, ‘A Little Piece Of Leather’, on London,

gave Donnie Elbert, a No.27.

And in 82, ‘Little Town’, on EMI,

for Cliff Richard, peaked at No.11.


In 76, Dr Hook reached No.2,

on Capitol, with a ‘Little Bit More’.

And in 09, ‘Little Lion Man’, on Island,

gave Mumford & Sons, a No.24.


In 98, ‘Little Bit Of Lovin’, peaked at No.8,

for Kele Le Roc, on 1st Avenue.

And in 02, ‘Little Rhymes’, reached No.51,

for Mercury Rev, on V2.


In 88, ‘A Little Respect’, on Mute,

took Erasure, into the Top 4.

And in 91, ‘Little Lost Sometimes’, made No.42,

for Almighty, on Polydor.


In 65, ‘Little Things’, on Decca,

for Dave Berry, made the Top 5 scene.

And in 66, ‘Little By Little’, on Philips,

for Dusty Springfield, peaked at No.17.


In 93, Luther Vandross, climbed to No.28,

on Epic, with ‘Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)’.

And in 02, ‘A Little Less Conversation’, gave Elvis VS JXL,

a platinum-selling, four week No.1, on RCA.


In 63, ‘Little Town Flirt’, on London,

gave Del Shannon, a Top 4.

And in 66, ‘Little Man’, on Atlantic,

for Sonny & Cher, also made the Top 4.


In 80, ‘Little Jeannie’, on Rocket,

was a No.33, for Elton John.

And in 90, ‘Little Brother’, on Big Life,

gave Blue Pearl, a No.31.


In 75, ‘A Little Love And Understanding’,

on Decca, gave Gilbert Becaud, a Top 10 stay.

And in 97, David Bowie, peaked at No.14,

with ‘Little Wonder’, on RCA.


In 87, ‘Little Lies’, on Warner Brothers,

saw Fleetwood in the Top 5 again.

And in 93, ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’, on Big Life,

for Orb, reached the Top 10.


In 78, ‘A Little More Love’, on EMI,

was a Top 4, for Olivia Newton-John.

And in 06, ‘Littlest Things’, on Regal,

took Lily Allen, to No.21.


In 59, ‘Little White Bull’, on Decca,

gave Tommy Steele, a No.6 play.

And in 72, ‘Little Willy’, made No.4,

for Sweet, on RCA.


In 58, The Elegants, reached No.25,

with ‘Little Star’, on HMV.

And in 93, ‘Little Bird’- a double A side,

on RCA, gave Annie Lennox, a Top 3.


In 64, ‘A Little Loving’, on Parlophone,

gave The Fourmost, a Top 6.

And in 98, ‘A Little Soul’, on Island,

made No.22, for Pulp, ending this mix.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.




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March 25, 2020





In 70, ‘New World In The Morning’, on Columbia,

gave Roger Whittaker, a No17.

And in 73, ‘That Lady’, on Epic,

for The Isley Brothers, at No.14 seen.


In 72, ‘A Thing Called Love’, on CBS,

for Johnny Cash With The Evangel Temple Choir, made No.4.

And in 75, ‘Sugar Candy Kisses’, was a Top 3,

for Mac & Katie Kissoon, on Polydor.


In 78, Barry Manilow, reached No. 43,

on Arista, with ‘Can’t Smile Without You’.

Also in 78, ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’,

on Asylum, gave Andrew Gold, a No.42.


In 72, ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Gladys Knight & The Pips, a No.11.

And in 76, ‘Jolene’, on RCA,

for Dolly Parton, reached No.7.


In 70, ‘Cottonfields’ , on Capitol,

gave The Beach Boys, a Top 5 score.

And in 75, ‘Rhinestone Cowboy, also on Capitol,

for Glen Campbell, a US No.1 & UK No.4.


In 70, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, peaked at No.32,

for Jim Reeves, on  RCA.

And in 78, ‘More Than A Woman’, on Capitol,

gave Tavares, a No.7 play.


In 75, Barry White, reached No.9,

on 20th Century, with ‘Let The Music Play’.

And in 77, Boz Scaggs made the Top 10,

on CBS, with ‘What Can I Say’.


In 71, ‘(Where Do I Begin) Love Story’, made No.4,

for Andy Williams, on CBS.

And in 72, ‘American Pie’, on United Artists,

gave Don McLean, a US No.1 & UK No.2 success.


In 73, ‘Joybringer’, on Vertigo,

gave Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, a No.9.

And in 75, ‘Stand By Your Man’, a gold-seller, on Epic,

saw Tammy Wynette, for three weeks, on the No.1 line.


In 75, ‘This Will Be’, on Capitol,

reached No.32, for Natalie Cole.

And in 76, ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’, on Private Stock,

a platinum US & UK No.1, for David Soul.


In 74, ‘(Win Place Or Show) She’s A Winner’, for The Intruders,

on Philadelphia International, a No.14, was to be.

And in 76, ‘I’ll Go Where The Music Takes Me’, on Pye,

gave Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, a No.23.


In 71, ‘My Sweet Lord’, gave George Harrison, on Apple

– a US No.1, & UK No.1, five week success.

And in 73, Mott The Hoople, reached the Top Ten,

with ‘All The Way To Memphis, on CBS.


In 70, ‘Spanish Eyes’, on Capitol,

at No.49, for Al Martino, did thrive,

when in 73, this record, returned to the charts,

this time, giving Al Martino, a Top 5.




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March 24, 2020





In 90, Barbara Windsor & Mike Reid, on Telstar,

peaked at No.46, with ‘The More I See You’.

And in 2000, ‘Everything You Want’, on RCA,

gave Vertical Horizon, a US No.1 & UK No.42.


In 94, Neil Arthur, reached the Top 50,

with ‘I Love I Hate’, on Chrysalis.

And in 03, ‘The Boys Of Summer’,

on Columbia, a No.49, for Ataris.


In 62, ‘Peppermint Twist’, on Columbia,

gave Joey Dee & The Starliters, a US No.1 & UK No.33.

And in 04, ‘A Higher Place’, peaked at No.68,

for Peyton, on Hed Kandi.


In 95, ‘Warm Summer Daze’, a Top 60,

for Vybe, on Fourth & Broadway.

And in 96, ‘Automatic’, on Perfecto,

a Top 50, for Floorplay.


In 78, Dexter Wansell, on Philadelphia International,

reached No.59, with ‘All Night Long’.

And in 84, ‘Susanna’, on Epic,

gave The Art Company, a No12 song.


In 98, UBM, on Logic,

peaked at No.46, with ‘Lovin You’.

And in 2000, ‘Dear Jessie’, on Neo,

gave Rollergirl, a No.22.


In 75, ‘Eighteen With A Bullet’, on Island,

climbed to No.7, for Pete Wingfield.

And in 82, ‘Danger Games’, on Creole,

gave ‘Pinkees, a No 8, that appealed.


In 71, Rock Candy, reached No.32,

with ‘Remember’, on MCA.

And in 79, Anita Ward, had a US & UK No.1 gold-seller,

with ‘Ring My Bell’, on TK.


In 72, ‘Wade In The Water’, a No.31,

for Ramsey Lewis, on Chess.

And in 86, ‘Tender Love’, on Tommy Gun,

gave Force MDs, a No.23 success.


In 87, ”Diamond Lights’ on Record Shack Records,

for Glenn & Chris, a No.12 play.

And in 69, ‘In The Year 2525 (Exordium And Terminus)’,

gave Zager & Evans, a US & UK No.1, on RCA.




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In January, ‘Come See About Me’, on Stateside,

gave The Supremes, a US No.1 & UK No.27.

And in August, ‘What’s New Pussycat’, on Decca,

for Tom Jones, reached No.11.


In May, The Hollies, on Parlophone,

were at No.1 for three weeks, with ‘I’m Alive’.

And in September, ‘Try To Understand’, on Decca,

gave Lulu, a No.25.


In July, ‘Too Many Rivers’, on Brunswick,

made No.22, for Brenda Lee.

And in October, ‘Yesterday Man’, on Decca,

took Chris Andrews, to No.3.


In January,’You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, on Parlophone,

for Cilla Black, peaked at No.2.

And in December, Tony Bennett, reached No.21,

on CBS, with ‘The Very Thought Of You’.


In March, ‘My Girl’, on Stateside,

gave The Temptations, a US No.1 & UK No.43.

And in December, Fontella Bass, on Chess,

made No.11, with ‘Rescue Me’.


In June, Adam Faith, on Parlophone,

took ‘Someone’s Taken Maria Away’, to No.34.

And in December, Bert Kaempfert, made No.24,

with ‘Bye Bye Blues’, on Polydor.


In March, ‘In The Meantime’, on Columbia,

gave Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, a No.22.

And in September, Joan Baez, on Fontana,

also made No.22, with ‘It’s All Over Now Baby Blue’.


In November, The Four Seasons With The Sound Of Frankie Valli,

on Philips, peaked at No.4, with ‘Let’s Hang On’.

And in December, ‘Day Tripper’/’We Can Work It Out’,

on Parlophone, saw The Beatles, for five weeks, at No.1.


In March, ‘The Minute You’re Gone’,

on Columbia, gave Cliff Richard, a No.1 play.

And in August, The Honeycombs, made No.12,

on Pye, with ‘That’s The Way’.


In February, Marianne Faithfull, on Decca,

reached No.4, with ‘Come And Stay With Me’.

And in June, ‘Tossing & Turning’, on Piccadilly,

took The Ivy League, to No.3.


In March, ‘Little Things’, on Decca,

gave Dave Berry, a Top 5 high.

And also, in March, ‘Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy’,

for The Kinks, a No.17, on Pye.


In May, ‘The Price Of Love’, on Warner Brothers,

gave The Everly Brothers, a Top 2 success.

And in November, ‘Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Reason)’,

a US No.1 & UK No.26, for The Byrds, on CBS.




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