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January 17, 2020





Moments like no other,

that live with us for a lifetime.

Without a sense of purpose,

or knowing no reason or rhyme.


Moments that suddenly catch us,

on our back foot, as we gaily trip,

through the routine of mundane duties,

that at times, make our minds flip.


Moments like no other,

where we dabbled, where we should have not.

Never thinking of the repercussions,

and not making sense, a lot.


Moments of pure enjoyment,

and never to be repeated pleasures,

that flash into our minds again and again,

tumbling out of our box of treasures.


Moments like no other.

Pivitol happenings, that caused a life change.

When going with the flow, was everything,

no diary needed, for dates to re-arrange.


Moments of pure simplicity.

Who said ‘Youth is wasted on the young?

It must have been someone, who had never lived,

or the song of  ‘wanton desire’, never sung.


Moments like no other,

will forever be there to recall,

but going forward is so essential,

otherwise, no point to life at all.


Moments of  joyous exctasy,

will always come to the fore.

But today is a new tomorrow,

and what’s gone, won’t come back, for sure.


Written by  Harriet Blackbury

January 2020




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She called to me and I responded.

In a world of madness, she made sense.

Although I couldn’t see her,

I felt her presence was intense.


I knew the hell she had lived through.

I admired her capacity to always bounce back.

She taught me to be a survivor,

on days when my mind would backtrack.


She knew me like no other,

and accepted me for who I was.

She passed onto me her teaching,

for no other reason than for ‘because’.


She called to me and I responded,

when my confidence was at a low.

She seemed to know how I was feeling,

when I had lost my get up and go.


I heard the bell that she was ringing,

it had a familiar tone.

It came with a clang of fortitude,

when I was reaching the danger zone.


She knew me like no other,

better than I knew myself, indeed.

Just a push in the right direction,

is something, at times, we all need.


She called to me and I responded.

Her timing, always spot on.

Two minds that simply connected,

to ensure that another day won.


Written by Harriet Blackbury

January 2020





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January 16, 2020





In 80, ‘Dog Eat Dog’, reached No.4,

for Adam And The Ants, on CBS.

And in 96, ‘No Fronts-The Remixes’, on Roadrunner,

gave Dog Eat Dog, a No.9 success.


In 95, ‘Make Way For The Indian’, on Island label ,

took Apache Indian & Tim Dog to No.29.

And in 2010,’Dog Days Are Over’, also on Island,

found Florence And The Machine, on the No.23 line.


In 68, ‘Dogs’, on Track,

reached No.25, for The Who.

And in 94, ‘Doggy Dogg World, on Death Row,

for Snoop Doggy Dogg, peaked at No.32.


In 81, ‘Dogs Of War’, on Secret,

for Exploited, made No.63.

And in 93, ‘Dogs Of Luist’, on Epic,

for The The, a No.25, was to be.


In 89, ‘How Come It Never Rains’, on China,

for Dogs D’amour, climbed to No.44.

And in 04, ‘Godhopping’, on V2VVR,

gave Dogs Die In Hot Cars, a No.24 score.


In 66, ‘Walking My Cat Named Dog’, on Stateside,

saw Norma Tanega, at No.22.

And in 70, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’, on Stateside.

gave Three Dog Night, a US No.1 & UK Top 3 view.


In 97, ‘Dog Train’, on China label,

saw The Levellers at No.24 arrive.

And in 68, ‘I’m The Urban Spaceman’, on Liberty.

for Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, was a Top 5



Neil Innes     1944 – 2019





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January 7, 2020





Q is for questions

I asked as a child.

When eager and inquisitive

and driving folks wild.


But each question answered

seldom made sense,

as the frown on my forehead,

became more intense.


Q is for questions

that children now ask of me.

So direct and disturbing,

taking my mind out to sea.


As each question answered

needs time to express,

with such awkward subjects,

I tend not to address.


Q is for questions

I have about my i phone.

But with no-one to listen,

I leave the damned thing alone.


And with my eyes on the blink,

as each year passes by.

‘Imogee’s’ a no-no,

so I no longer try.


Q is for questions

that don’t matter anymore.

A can touch my toes and do the splits,

and that’s good for 94.




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He came to me at dead of night

and asked me if I was alright.

‘Alright?’ I said. ‘Well, you know me,

a lone survivor of rough sea’.


Then decades passed without a word.

Not even a whimper could be heard.

All aggravation now would cease.

My active mind, was left in peace.


Until, once more, an unplanned visit.

‘It’s me again!’  I said ‘Oh, is it’.

‘What are your needs, oh restless soul,

my heart and thoughts to still control?’


With that the vision quickly went.

I always question good intent.

A panic button at the alert.

prevents the heart from being hurt.


And only just the other day,

I let my guard down and did stray,

into the world he left behind,

where life was mad and sense was blind.


He quickly noticed I was there,

and burst right in without a care.

My private moment, was invaded.

Into my mind, old thoughts cascaded.


Each hour we had, I still recall.

It’s as if he hasn’t gone at all.

Though so much time was spent apart,

each word remembered, from the start.


In after life, no need for re-birth,

as he stayed right by me, here on earth.

And so no point in moving on,

when he was and is, the only one.





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January 6, 2020




Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 7th January 2020,

for the first show of what promises to be

his most exciting year yet.


This weeks show includes ….. 

Part 2 of Concert From The Gates Of Heaven

a selection of Northern Soul/Mecca/ 70’s tracks.

and This week in Rock History’


Tony will also be reading the poem…


‘For The Love Of Kenny Lynch’

written by

Harriet Blackbury




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January 2, 2020





With her first of 14 consecutive UK hits on RAK,

in 73, Suzi Quatro took ‘Can The Can’ to No.1.

Also in 73, ’48 Crash’, was a Top 3,

and ‘Daytona Demon’, at No.14, followed on.


In 74, came gold-selling No.1 – ‘Devil Gate Drive’,

and ‘Too Big’ reached No.14.

And ending 74, ‘The Wild One’,

enjoyed a No.7 scene.


In 75, ‘Your Mama Won’t Like Me’, made No.31,

and in 77, peaking at No.27 was, ‘Tear Me Apart’.

In 78, ‘If You Can’t Give Me Love’, reached No.4,

and ‘The Race Is On’, made No.43 in the chart.


Ending 78, ‘Stumblin’ In’, with Chris Norman, was at No.41,

and in 79, at No.11, came ‘She’s In Love With You’.

In 80, ‘Mama’s Boy’, settled at No.34,

and ‘I’ve Never Been In Love’, at No.56, came into view.


Still in 80, ‘Rock Hard’, on Dreamland,

made a No.68 score.

And in 82, ‘Heart Of Stone’, was a Top 60,

this time on Polydor.


Keep on Rockin’   Suzi Quatro – You’re the tops


written by

Harriet Blackbury





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December 19, 2019




With his first seven hits

coming on HMV –

in 60, ‘Mountain Of Love’, & in 62, Puff (Up In Smoke)’,

both reached No.33.


Also in 62, ‘Up On The Roof’, and in 63 –

‘You Can Never Stop Me Loving You’,

became his best selling singles –

both enjoying a Top 10 view.


In 64, ‘Stand By Me’, peaked at No.39,

and ‘What Am I To You’, made No.37, in 64.

In 65, ‘I’ll Stay By You’, reached No.29, and

‘Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earnt A Penny’,

in 83, on Satril, made a Top 50 score.



Thank You for the music.

R I P   Kenny Lynch  1938 – 2019

– one of entertainment’s loveliest guys.





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December 17, 2019





Tune in to Tony’s Time machine

today  TUESDAY  17th December 2019,

Noon – 1pm

for a relaxing run up to Christmas.


Tony’s  studio guest today is Tim, a regular at Wax and Beans in Bury.

and Tim has chosen a selection of his favourite singles.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘A Touch Of Wildness’

written by Harriet Blackbury




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December 16, 2019




…. when all but three

were off their head

and others looked

as if half dead


all poisoned by

the arsenic tree

where bamboo swayed

and said ‘not me’


and Ursula from

the other world

with tortured charm

and cultured pearls


chose not to mix

with other girls

dancing through the night

with thrills and twirls


settling for a life

of tales untold

as fading memory

took a hold


where honey lights

shone out so true

in amber tones

from Ursula’s view


as angels came

and took her hand

to a far off, calmer

safer land


and jasmine

in entanglement

survived the seasons

old lament


where three had now

become just two

as Ursula disappeared

from view


no longer being

a driving force

as nature once more

took it’s course


seeking out the weak,

exposed and lame

unshielded from

life’s bitter game


as hawthorn

prickly as could be

watched bamboo sway

and say ‘not me’


though gum trees

taller than bamboo

took on, an all round

over view


as autumn leaves

lay dead and rotten-

a life well lived

would be forgotten


and holly branches

with berries bright

on festive wreaths

came into sight


and mistletoe

on borrowed trees

moved gently in

a winter freeze.


where all but two

were off their head

and others lingered

full of dread


all poisoned by

the arsenic tree

where bamboo smiled

and said ‘not me’.


written by

Harriet Blackbury






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