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July 16, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

TODAY – Tuesday, at Noon, 16th July 2019.

for a great hour of feel-good factor.


Tony’s ‘Summer of Rock’ season continues with Part 4

featuring ….The Levellers/Shalamar/Hank Marvin/

Bananarama/ Europe & The Clash.


Tony will also be reading the Poem


‘For The Love Of Shalamar’

written by  Harriet Blackbury.



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July 15, 2019




In 79, ‘Dreaming’ on Chrysalis,

took Blondie to a Top 2 height.

And in 92, Tasmin Archer, on EMI,

had a No.1 with ‘Sleeping Satellite’.


In 75, ‘Dreamer’, on A & M,

gave Supertramp, a No.13 fix.

And in 06, ‘Sleep’, on Mercury,

for Texas, peaked at No.6.


In 68, ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, on RCA,

for Mama Cass, peaked at No.11.

And in 85, ‘Sleeping Bag’, on Warner Brothers,

for ZZ Top, reached No.27.


In 91, All About Eve, reached No.41,

with, ‘The Dreamer’, on Vertigo.

And in 94, ‘Sleeping In My Car’, on EMI,

found Roxette, with a No.14 show.


In 80, ‘Sleepwalk’, on Chrysalis,

for Ultravox, peaked at No.29.

And in 88, ‘Like Dreamers Do’, on Fourth & Broadway,

made No.26, for Mica Paris featuring Courtney Pine.


In 81, Depeche Mode, on Mute,

reached No 57 with ‘Dreaming Of Me’.

And in 03, ‘Sleeping With The Light On’,

on Universal – gave Busted a Top 3.


In 62, ‘Once Upon A Dream’, on Decca,

gave Billy Fury a No.7 entry.

And in 06, ‘Sleepwalking’, on Phonogenic,

took Maria Lawson into the Top 20.


In 95, ‘Daydreamer’, reached No.14,

and ‘Sleeping In’, peaked at No.24.

Both these hits on Laurel, for Menswear,

and also ‘Stardust’, with a No.16 score.


In 77, ‘Dreams’, on Warner Brothers,

for Fleetwood Mac – a US No.1 & UK No.24.

And in 91, ‘Sleep Alone’, peaked at No.43,

for Wonder Stuff, on Polydor.


In 95, Heavy Stereo, reached No.46,

on Creation, with ‘Sleep Freak’.

And in 07, ‘Dream Catch Me’, on Ugly Truth,

for Newton Faulkner, at No.7, did peak.


In 93, Aztec Camera, reached No.67,

with ‘Dream Sweet Dreams’, on WEA.

And in 98, ‘Sleep On The Left Side ‘, on Wiiija,

gave The Cornershop, a No.23.


In 62, ‘Dream Baby’, reached No.2,

and in 63, ‘In Dreams’, peaked at No.6.

Both these songs on the London label,

by Roy Orbison, ending this mix.




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July 13, 2019




In 71, ‘Tomorrow Night, on B & C,

for Atomic Rooster, peaked at No.11.

And in 2010, ‘Today Was A Fairytale’,

on Mercury, took Taylor Swift, to No.57.


In 01, Feeder, on Echo,

reached No.12 with ‘Just A Day’.

And in 02, ‘Gorillaz, on Parlophone,

peaked at No.33, with ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’.


In 68, ‘A Day Without Love’, reached No.6,

for Love Affair, on CBS.

And in 02, ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’,

on Polydor, gave Ronan Keating, a No.1 success.


In 94, ‘The Day I Tried To Live’, on A & M,

took Soundgarden, to No.42.

And in 97, ‘Tomorrow’, on Fontana,

for James, at No.12, came through.


In 65, ‘Day Tripper’/ ‘We Can Work It Out’,

on Parlophone, gave The Beatles, a US  & UK No.1 view.

And in 88, ‘Tomorrow People’, on Virgin,

took Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, to No.22.


In 86, ‘When Tomorrow Comes’, peaked at No.30,

for The Eurythmics, on RCA.

And in 96, ‘The Day We Caught The Train’ – a Top 4,

for Ocean Colour Scene, on MCA.


In 68, ‘Today’, on Pye,

for Sandie Shaw, peaked at No.27.

And in 09, ‘The Day I Died’, on Mercury,

took Just Jack, up to No.11.


In 03, ‘Dreams’, on Defected,

saw Kings Of Tomorrow, at No.69.

And in 08, ‘The Day That Never Came’, on Mercury,

for Metallica, reached the No.19 line.


In 90, ‘Today Forever’, on Creation,

gave Ride, a No.14 ping.

And in 95, Stevie Wonder, on Motown,

was at No.71, with ‘Tomorrow Robins will sing’.


In 65, ‘Come Tomorrow’, on HMV,

gave Manfred Mann, a Top 4.

And in 83, ‘Just A Day Away’, reached No.68,

for Barclay James Harvest, on Polydor.


In 82, Abba, on Epic, reached No.32, 

with ‘The Day Before You Came’.

And in 97, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, on A & M,

gave Sheryl Crow, a No.12 claim.




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In 77, ‘Uptown Festival’, on Soul Train,

gave Shalamar a Top 30 stay.

And in 78, ‘Take That To The Bank’,

made the Top 20, on RCA.


In 79, ‘The Second Time Around’, reached No.45,

(being the first of eleven consecutive hits on Solar).

In 80, ‘Right In The Socket’, peaked at No.44,

and ‘I Owe You One’ – a No.13 stroller.


In 81, ‘Make That Move’, became another Top 30,

and in 82, ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’, peaked at No.7.

Also in 82, ‘A Night To Remember’ became a Top 5,

and ‘There It Is’ – a Top 5, with ‘Friends’, in No.12 heaven.


In 83, ‘Dead Giveaway’, reached No.8,

followed by ‘Disappearing Act’, at No.18.

Finally, in 83, ‘Over And Over’, reached No.23,

and in 84, ‘Dancing In The Sheets’, at No.41, on CBS, was seen.


Still in 84, ‘Deadline USA’, on MCA, made No.52.

and ‘Amnesia’, on Solar/MCA –  a No.61 fix.

In 85, ‘My Girl Loves Me’, peaked at No.45,

and in 86, at No.52, also on MCA -‘A Night To Remember (Remix)’.




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Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine 

Sunday Special   3pm – 5pm

on Sunday 14th July 2019

for Tony’s  Summer of Rock Show,

with all the latest happenings in the music world,


including Tony’s regular feature –

‘On This Day in Rock History’.


The show will also include a competition

with a chance to win the brand new cd album 

by Shalamar.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


For The Love Of More and More.

written by  Harriet Blackbury.



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July 11, 2019




In 64, ‘How Sweet It Is’, on Stateside,

for Marvin Gaye, reached No.49.

And in 86, ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’,

on Warner Brothers, took Van Halen, to the No.8 line.


In 02, ‘How You Remind Me (import)’, on Roadrunner,

reached No.65, for Canadian group – Nickelback.

And in 02, (one month later), ‘How You Remind Me’,

became a gold-selling UK No.4 & US No.1 track.


In 72,’How Can I Be Sure’, on Bell,

saw David Cassidy, on the No.1 line.

And in 06, ‘Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love’,

on Deltasonic, gave The Zutons, their first No.9.


In 53, ‘Why Don’t You Believe In Me’, on MGM,

for Joni James – a US No.1 & UK No.11.

And in 98, ‘How Do I Live’, on Curb – a first hit,

and Platinum-seller, for LeAnn Rimes – peaked at No.7.


In 76, ‘Howzat’, on Epic, reached No.4,

for Australian group, Sherbet – their only UK hit.

And in 99, ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’,

on Independiente, gave Travis, a Top 10 fit.


In 77, Leo Sayer, on Chrysalis,

reached No.10 with, ‘How Much Love’.

And in 94, ‘Why Don’t You Take Me’, on Boy’s Own,

peaked at No.30, for One Dove.


In 81, ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’, on Capitol,

gave Diana Ross, a Top 4.

And in 96, ‘How Bizarre’, was a Top 5,

for Canadian duo – OMC, on Polydor.


In 74, ‘How Long’, on Anchor –

a Top 20, and only UK hit for Ace.

And in 05, ‘Why’, on Data,

found DJ Sammy, with a No.7 place.


In 90, ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You’,

on CBS, for Michael Bolton – a US No.1 & UK No.3.

And in 2000, on Epic, reaching No.38,

was Macy Gray, with ‘Why Didn’t You Call Me’.


In 60, Adam Faith, reached No.4,

on Parlophone, with ‘How About That’.

And in 93, ‘Why Can’t I Wake Up With You’,

for Take That, on RCA, at No.2, sat.


In 97, ‘How High’, on Beggars Banquet,

gave The Charlatans, a No.6 view.

And in 99, ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job’,

on Columbia, saw Offspring, with a Top 2.


In 66, ‘How Sweet It Is’, on Tamla Motown,

took Junior Walker & The All Stars, to No.22.

And in 91, Texas, on Mercury,

reached No.66, with ‘Why Believe In You’.


In 85, ‘How Soon Is Now’, for The Smiths,

climbed to No.16, on Rough Trade.

And in 99, ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’,

on Mute, found Moby, also at No.16, in the hit parade.


In 64, The Mojos, on Decca,

peaked at No.25, with ‘Why Not Tonight’,

And in 86, ‘How Will I Know’, on Arista,

found Whitney Houston, with a US No.1 & UK Top 3 flight.


In 77, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, on RSO,

for The Bee Gees – a Gold-seller, and US No.1 & UK No.3.

And in 05, on Warner Brothers – Garbage,

peaked at No.7, with ‘Why Do You Love Me’.


In 73, ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, on Mojo,

gave Timmy Thomas, a No.12 success.

And in 81, ‘How ‘Bout Us’, peaked at No.5,

for Champaign, on CBS.



Written by Harriet Blackbury



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In 76, ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ – a gold-selling No.1,

for Showaddywaddy, on Bell.

And in 80, ‘Over You’, on Polydor,

gave Roxy Music, a Top 5 sell.


In 66, ‘Over Under Sideways Down’, on Columbia,

found The Yardbirds, enjoying the Top 10 scene.

And in 92, ‘Under The Bridge’, on Warner Brothers,

for Red Hot Chili Peppers, peaked at No.13.


In 76, ‘Under One Roof’, on State,

gave The Rubettes, a Top 40 fix.

And in 2000, ‘Overload’, on London,

became the first hit for The Sugarbabes, at No.6.


In 99, ‘Over You’, on Virgin,

for Justin, reached No.11.

And in 05, ‘Under The Tree’, on Angel’,

for The Water Babies, peaked at No.27.


In 86, ‘Over The Hill And Far Away’, on 10Ten,

for Gary Moore, was a Top 20.

And in 03, ‘Under The Thumb’, on Polydor,

gave Amy Studt, a Top 10 entry.


In 81, ‘Under Pressure’, on EMI,

saw Queen & David Bowie, with a No.1 place.

And in 95, ‘Not Over Yet’, on Perfecto,

reached No.6, for Grace.


In 83, ‘Down Under’, on Epic,

gave Men At Work, a gold-selling US & UK No.1.

And also in 83, ‘Overkill’, on Epic,

for Men At Work, peaked at No.21.


In 81, ‘Under Your Thumb’, on Polydor,

was a Top 3, for Godley & Creme.

And in 86, ‘Overjoyed’, on Motown,

for Stevie Wonder, reached No.17.


In 05, ‘Over’, on Universal,

for Lindsay Lohan, made the No.27 line.

Also in 05, ‘Under The Weather’, on Relentless,

for KT Tunstall, peaked at No.39.


In 64, ‘Under The Boardwalk’, on Atlantic,

found The Drifters, on the No.45 ledge.

And in 93, Almighty, reached No.38,

on Polydor, with ‘Over The Edge’.



Written by Harriet Blackbury.



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July 9, 2019




In 79, ‘Gangsters’, on 2 Tone – a Silver-seller,

for The Specials, reached No.6.

Also in 79, ‘A Message To You Rudy’/’Nite Club’, also a Silver-seller,

featuring Rico – a Top 10, next in this mix.


In 80, ‘The Special A.K.A.Live! EP’, another silver-seller,

on 2 Tone, spent two weeks at No.1.

And next came ‘Rat Race’/’Rude Buoys Outa Jail’,

on 2 Tone – with a Top 5 run.


Their third hit of 80 – reaching No.6,

was ‘Stereotype’/’International Jet Set’, on 2 Tone.

And finally, in 80, ‘Do Nothing’/’Maggie’s Farm’,

became a Silver-seller, and the No.4 spot – did own.


In 81, ‘Ghost Town’ – a Gold-seller, for three weeks at No.1,

and in 82, ‘The Boiler’ – peaked at No.35.

In 83, ‘Racist Friends’/’Bright Lights’ – a Top 6.

And in 84, ‘Nelson Mandela’, at No.9, did arrive.


Also in 84, ‘What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend’,

on 2 Tone – at No.51, the penultimate hit in this mix.

And in 96, ‘Hypocrite’, on Kuff,

for The Specials, reached No.66 




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July 8, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine,

at Noon on  Tues, 8th July 2019,

for another fab hour of great music

on Tony’s ‘Summer of Rock – Part 3’.


The Show includes all the latest happenings and

Events in the music world, and details of forthcoming Guests, 

and of course,

Tony’s look at ‘This Week in Rock History’ slot.

and a special mention to Ringo Starr

on his 79th Birthday week.


Tony will be reading the poem –


For The Love Of New Order,

written by  Harriet Blackbury.


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In 76, ‘More More More’, on Buddah,

for Andrea True Connection, reached No.5.

And in 01, ‘More Than That’, peaked at No.12,

for The Backstreet Boys, on Jive.


In 66, ‘The More I See You’, on Pye International,

gave Chris Montez, a Top 3 say.

And in 77, ‘More Than A Lover’, peaked at No.27,

for Bonnie Tyler, on RCA.


In 77, ‘More Than A Feeling’, on Epic,

for Boston, peaked at No.22.

And in 94,’The More I Get The More I Want’, on X-clusive,

gave KWS featuring Teddy Pendergrass, a No.35 view.


In 78, ‘More Than A Woman’, on Capitol,

saw Tavares enjoy a Top 7 scene.

And in 90, ‘More’, on Merciful Release,

for Sisters Of Mercy, reached No.14.


In 86, ‘More Than Physical’, on London,

took Bananarama, to No.41.

And in 94, ‘More To Love’, on Deconstruction,

saw Volcano, with a No.32, won.


In 78, ‘More Like The Movies’, on Capitol,

gave Dr Hook, a No.14 reply.

And in 91, ‘More To Life’, made No.23,

for Cliff Richard, on EMI.


In 90, ‘More Than You Know’, on CBS,

for Martika – a No.15, safe bet.

And in 94, ‘Morrissey, on Parlophone, was at No.8,

with ‘The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get’.


In 70, ‘More Good Old Rock ‘N Roll’, on Columbia,

made No.34, for The Dave Clark Five’.

And In 84, ‘The More You Live, The More You Love’, was at No.26,

for A Flock Of Seagulls, on Jive.


In 98, ‘Travis, peaked at No.16,

on Independiente with ‘More Than Us EP’.

And in 99, ‘More Love’, on Universal,

took Next Of Kin, to No.33.


In 82, ‘More Than This’, on EG Roxy,

for Roxy Music, reached No.6.

And in 91, ‘More Than Words’, on A & M,

at No.2, for Extreme – last in this mix.



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