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May 20, 2019




Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine Radio Show

at Noon on Tuesday, 21st May 2019

for a fab ‘Two Hour Special’,


which includes a full hour dedicated to

the band -Hollow State,

along with interviews and music.


Also featuring on the show will be

a selection of tracks from major Rock Bands,

currently celebrating 50 years of Rock.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘A Material World’

written by  Harriet Blackbury.



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May 19, 2019




In 70, ‘Cottonfields’, on Capitol,

for The Beach Boys, reached No.5.

And in 92,‘Walking On Broken Glass’, on RCA,

for Annie Lennox, at No.8, did arrive.


In 61, ‘Wooden Heart’, on RCA,

for Elvis Presley, was at No.1, for a six week run.

And in 67, ‘Traffic’, on Island label,

peaked at No.5 with ‘Paper Sun’.


In 72, ‘Little Piece Of Leather’, on London,

at No.27, for Donnie Elbert, made the grade.

And in 92, ‘Metal Mickey’, on Nude label,

at No.17 – the first Top 20, for Suede.


In 65, ‘Wooly Bully, on MGM,

for Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs, made No.11.

And in 73, Rubber Bullets, on UK label,

for 10CC, flew up to a No.1 heaven.


In 57, Water Water/Handful Of Songs, on Decca,

was at No.5, for Tommy Steele & The Steelmen.

And in 2000, ‘The Wicker Man’, on EMI,

for Iron Maiden, became their twelfth UK Top 10.


In 56, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, on HMV,

for Elvis Presley, at No.9 – his second UK hit, was to be.

And in 76, ‘Satin Sheets’, on Warner Brothers,

for The Bellamy Brothers, peaked at No.43.


In 97, ‘Plastic Dreams’, on R & S,

peaked at No.18, for Jaydee.

And in 99, Travis, on Independiente, found No.10,

with ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’.


In 85, ‘Material Girl’, on Sire,

for Madonna – a Top 3 gold seller.

And in 95, ‘Broken Stones’, on Go! Discs label –

a UK Top 20, for Paul Weller.


In 65, ‘Concrete & Clay’, on Decca,

saw Unit Four Plus Two, on the No.1 throne.

And in 89, ‘What The World Is Waiting For’/’Fools Gold’,

a No.8 for The Stone Roses, on Silvertone.




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And then Percoughalees was homeward bound.

Too brief his stay – the turn around.

No job the same, but who’s to say,

how rough the ocean from day to day.


A back-log of cases in his head.

Some still unsolved, not put to bed.

The rumour mill, the twisted thread.

The wasted time, the signs unread.


The handsome pay-out, the mislaid dime.

Blues shaken off, until next time.

Where angels tread, where devils lie;

A world of fear, the hue and cry.


The badge of honour, so proudly worn.

A loving heart, with edges torn.

And as the seconds ticked slowly by,

in frustration, Percoughalees heaved a sigh.


As a recurring vision of Mendotta’s face,

once more taking root, in his memory’s space.

Was she still on earth? Did she still exist?

Her departure sudden, like evening mist.


At times like this, no sense was found.

The hurt blocked out by the crashing sound,

as choppy waters, met gentle ocean spray,

and sleep closed his eyes, to dream of yesterday.




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May 17, 2019



In 2000, ‘Black Coffee’, on London,

for All Saints, their fifth No.1 fix.

And in 66, ‘Paint It Black’, on Decca –

a sixth No.1 for The Rolling Stones, starts this mix.


In 78, ‘Blue Bayou’, on Asylum,

for Linda Ronstadt, at No.35, came in to view.

And in 98, ‘Black Angel’, on Cooltempo,

for Mica Paris, peaked at No.72.


In 90, ‘Black Velvet’, for Alannah Myles –

a US No.1 and UK No.2, on East West.

And in 91, Chris Isaak, on Reprise,

with ‘Blue Hotel’, made a No.17 quest.


In 61, ‘Blue Moon’, on Pye International,

for The Marcels, a US & UK No.1, was to be.

And in 93, ‘Black Lodge’, on Electra,

for Anthrax reached No.53.


In 64, ‘Black And Blue’, on Columbia,

was at No.9 for Swedish trio – Miike Snow.

And in 85, ‘Blue’ on London label,

at No.41, for Fine Young Cannibals, on show.


In 99, ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee) – a Top 40 import, on Logic,

for Eiffel 65 – became a No.1 goldseller on Eternal, with ease.

And in 82, ‘Black Coffee In Bed’, on A & M,

reached No.51 for Squeeze.’ 


In 75, ‘Blue Guitar’, on Threshold, a No.8,

for Justin Hayward & John Lodge – winning hearts.

And in 77 & 90, ‘Black Betty’, on Epic,

took Ram Jam to No.7 & No.13 in the charts.


In 70, ‘Black Night’, on Harvest,

gave Deep Purple a Top 2 deal.

And in 03, ‘Blue Song’ on Illustrious/Epic,

by Mint Royale, made a No.35 appeal.


In 66, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, on Columbia,

reached No.15 with ‘Blue Turns To Grey’,

And in 83, Nick Heyward, on Arista,

peaked at No.14, with ‘Blue Hat For A Blue Day’.


In 92, ‘Blue Room’, on Big Life,

for The Orb, enjoyed a No.8 stay.

And in 85, China Crisis on Virgin,

peaked at No.14 with ‘Black Man Ray’.


In 70, Horace Faith, on Trojan,

made No.13, with his only UK hit, ‘Black Pearl’.

And in 05, ‘Blue Orchid’ on XL Recordings,

gave The White Stripes, a No.9 twirl.


In 83, ‘Blue Monday’, on Factory, for New Order,

twice a hit – at No.12 and No.9, sat.

And in 90, Janet Jackson, on A & M,

had a US No.1 & UK No.15, with ‘Black Cat’.


In 84, David Bowie, on EMI America,

peaked at No.6 with ‘Blue Jean’.

And in 94, ‘Black Hole Sun’, on A & M,

for Soundgarden, at No.12, was seen.


In 54, ‘Black Hills Of Dakota’, on Philips –

a No.7, for much loved, Doris Day.

And in 82, ‘Blue Eyes’, on Rocket,

saw Elton John, with a No.8 play.



written by  Harriet Blackbury

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May 15, 2019



In 52, ‘Sugarbush’, on Columbia,

reached No.8 for Doris Day & Frankie Laine.

Also in 52, ‘My Love And Devotion’, on Columbia,

gave Doris Day a Top 10 claim.


In 53, ‘Ma Says Pa Says’ peaked at No.12,

And ‘Full Time Job’, had a No.11 say.

Both these songs again on Columbia,

and she was joined by Johnny Ray.


Also in 53, ‘Let’s Walk Thata-way’, reached No.4.

This time on Philips, still with Johnny Ray.

And in 54, arrived ‘Secret Love’ – her second hit on Philips –

(a US No.1 and UK No.1, for a 9 week stay.)


Eight more hits followed on Philips – the next being –

‘Black Hills Of Dakota’, still in 54, making a No.7 score.

And finally in 54, ‘If I Give My Heart To You’,

with The Melloman, reached the Top 4.


Opening 55, ‘Ready Willing And Able’, peaked at No.7,

and ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’ had the Top 20 won.

Ending 55, ‘I’ll Never Stop Loving You’ made No.17,

And in 56, ‘Whatever Will Be Will Be’, for 6 weeks, was at No.1.


In 58, ‘A Very Precious Love’, climbed to No.16.

Also in 58, ‘Everybody Loves A Lover’, peaked at No.25.

In 64, ‘Move Over Darling’ on CBS, reached No.8, and in 87,

 ‘Move Over Darling’, on CBS, at No.45, once more did arrive.


Thank You For The Music

Doris Day (born Doris Kappelhoff)    1922 – 2019




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May 13, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 14th May 2019,

for another fast moving hour of music and chat,

including details of Tony’s

forthcoming events and happenings

planned for the summer months.


Tony will also be reading the poem:


For The Love Of Heights

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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May 11, 2019



In 75, ‘Sky High’, on Splash,

for Jigsaw, up to No.9, flew.

And in 81, ‘Up The Hill Backwards’, on RCA,

for David Bowie, peaked at No.32.


In 61, ‘Reach For The Stars’/’Climb Ev’ry Mountain’,

on Columbia, found Shirley Bassey with a No.1, sealed.

And in 71, ‘Move On Up’, on Buddah,

was a No.12 hit, for Curtis Mayfield.


In 70, ‘Up The Ladder To The Roof’, on Tamla Motown,

for The Supremes, at No.6 was seen.

And in 86, ‘Higher Love’, on Island label,

for Steve Winwood, peaked at No.13.


In 01, ‘There You’ll Be’, on Warner Brothers,

reached the Top 3 for Faith Hill.

And again, in 08, returned to the charts –

this time with a Top 10, fitting the bill.


In 70, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, a UK No.6,

on Tamla Motown for Diana Ross.

And in 80, ‘Ride Like The Wind’, on Warner Brothers,

peaked at No.69 for Christopher Cross.


In 66, for The Alan Price Set, on Decca,

reaching No.11 was, ‘Hi Lili Hi Lo’.

And in 08, ‘Mountains’, on 14th Floor,

was a Top 5 for Biffy Clyro. 


In 76, ‘How High The Moon’, on MGM,

for Gloria Gaynor, reached No.33.

And in 78, ‘Sometimes When We Touch’, on 20th Century,

for Dan Hill, a No.13 entry, was to be.


In 67, ‘Up, Up And Away’, on Liberty,

for The Johnny Mann Singers, peaked at No.6.

And in 73, ‘Higher Ground’, on Tamla Motown,

for Stevie Wonder – a US No.1 and UK No.29, ends this mix.



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May 4, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

fab Bank Holiday Drive -Time Special, 

entitled  – Let Me Entertain You.

between 5pm – 7pm on Sunday, 5th May 2019.


The Show includes Tony’s popular

 ‘This Day in Music History’ feature,

and a selection of great Drive-Time music,

with songs from Queen, Robbie Williams & Level 42.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of Level 42’

written by Harriet Blackbury

in tribute to Rowland ‘Boon’ Gould.




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May 3, 2019



Level 42 had twenty three UK hit singles,

between 1980 and 89, on Polydor,

before switching labels to RCA,

where six more hits came between 91 and 94.


In 80, ‘Love Meeting Love’, their first hit,

at No.61, crept into view.

And in 81, ‘Love Games’ was at No.38, with

‘Turn It On’, at No.57, and ‘Starchild’ at No.47, too.


Two more hits came in 82, when

‘Are You Hearing (What I Hear)’, at No.49, was to be.

Followed by ‘Weave Your Spell’,

which peaked at No.43.


In 83, ‘The Chinese Way’, reached No.24,

and ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind’, in at No.41, slid.

Next came ‘The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)’ – a Top 10,

and ending 83, making No.37, was ‘Micro Kid’


In 84, ‘Hot Water’ reached No.18,

and ‘The Chant Has Begun’, made No.41.

In 85, ‘Something About You’, a Top 10, at No.6,

and ending 85, ‘Leaving Me Now’, had a No.15 slot, won.


In 86, ‘Lessons In Love’, was in the Top 3,

and in 87, ‘Running In The Family’, made the Top 6.

Also, in 87, ‘To Be With You Again’, was a Top 10,

as was, ‘It’s Over’, with ‘Children Say’, a No.22 fix.


In 88, ‘Heaven In My Hands’, peaked at No.12,

and ‘Take A Look’, reached the No.32 line.

In 89, ‘Tracie’, was at No.25,

followed by, ‘Take Care Of Yourself’, at No.39.


In 91, now on RCA, ‘Guaranteed’, rose to No.17,

and ‘Overtime’, peaked at No.62.

And in 92, ‘My Father’s Shoes’, reached No.55,

and in 94, ‘Forever Now’, gained a Top 20 pew.


Also in 94, came ‘All Over You’,

still on RCA, climbing to No.26.

And ‘Love In A Peaceful World’, made No 31,

also in 94, nicely ending this mix.


RIP –  Rowland ‘Boon’ Gould   1955 -2019

( A founder member of Level 42, from 1980 until 87)

Thank You for the music.



written by Harriet Blackbury.



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April 28, 2019


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine Radio Show

at Noon on Tuesday, 7th May 2019

for another action packed hour 

of great music and all the latest happenings,


Tony’s ‘This week in music history – 50 years ago’  slot.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of Level 42’.  

 written by Harriet Blackbury

– in tribute to Rowland ‘Boon’ Gould.




Beth Hamer will be reading the poem-  


‘For The Love Of  Black And Pink’

written by Harriet Blackbury. 



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