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March 23, 2019



Tune in to  Tony’s Time Machine

between  5 pm – 7 pm

on SUNDAY, 24th March 2019,

to hear Tony’s great selection of

electonic & Drive-Time music.


The show includes Part 1 of  

Tony’s Travel Tales.

(with Part 2 & Part 3 to be aired at a later date.)


Tony will also be reading (and playing tracks from) the poem :


‘For The Love Of The Universe’

written by Harriet Blackbury.




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March 22, 2019



In 05, ‘Star To Fall’, on Data,

a No.4, for Australian Duo – Cabin Crew.

And in 2000, ‘Sky’, on Universal,

for Sonique, reached No.2.


In 78, ‘Jupiter’ peaked at No.41,

and in 78, ‘Star’- a Top 20, at No.16.

Both these hits on CBS for Earth, Wind & Fire.

And in 95 ‘Heaven For Everyone’ – No.2 on Parlophone for Queen.


In 83, ‘The Sun And The Rain’, on Stiff label,

gave Madness a Top 5 stay.

And in 85, ‘Clouds Across The Moon’, reached No.6,

for The Rah Band, on RCA.


In 97, ‘Dark Clouds’ on Gut label,

was a No.14 hit for Space.

And in 06, ‘Starlight’, on Helium 3/Warner Brothers –

gave Muse a No.13 place.


In 65, ‘Here Comes The Night’, on Decca –

a Top 2, for UK male vocal group – Them.

And in 99, ‘Cloud Number 9’ reached No.6,

for Canadian singer- Bryan Adams, on A & M.


In 75, ‘Sky High’, on Splash,

gave Jigsaw a No.9 hit.

And in 84, ‘Atmosphere’ on Spirit Fire label,

for Russ Abbot, at No.7, did sit.


In 69, ‘Cloud Nine’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Temptations their fifth Top 20 – at No.15.

And in 03, ‘Universally Speaking’, on Warner Brothers,

by Red Hot Chili Peppers, at No.27, was seen.


In 81, ‘Planet Earth’ on EMI,

for Duran Duran, a No.12 – fans thought heaven.

And in 03, ‘Sunrise’ on Simplyred.com,

took Simply Red up to No.7.


In 91, ‘The Whole Of The Moon’, on Ensign,

found The Waterboys at No.3 – (and in 85 at No.26).

And in 84, ‘Sunset Now’ on Virgin, at No.24,

for Heaven 17 – last in this mix.




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March 17, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.


This Show is hot on the heels of Tony’s

successful Drive-Time Show last week,


and includes Tony’s interview with Andy Bell,

along with songs and promotion connected with Andy’s new album –

‘Torsten in Queereteria’ due  for release on 12th April 2019


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of Erasure’

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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March 15, 2019



I can confirm I am not a Robot.

I have a heart and soul that is real.

I melt when I feel anguish,

and when I feel joyous, I do squeal.


I can confirm that I am vulnerable.

I have a mind that works overtime.

Over thinking is my enemy –

worrying about the next mountain to climb.


I can confirm that I am a reclusive.

Privacy, the order of the day.

Preferring to remain uncontactable.

My hopes and fears, not to give away.


I can confirm I am not a robot.

Whatever a robot may be?

Technical terms not my forte.

Pen and parchment favoured by me.


I can confirm my sense of loyalty.

As a friend, you have my trust.

I exist on a gluten-free diet,

though could kill for a proper buttered crust.


I can confirm that I am eccentric.

Normality never was for me.

My rationale somewhat daunting,

to those not blessed with a will to be free.


I can confirm I am not a robot.

If you pinch me, I’ll pinch you back.

Too soft have I been for most of my life,

but with age comes the counter attack.


I can confirm my thinking not logical,

to those with a different I Q.

But inside everyone lies alacrity,

that shoots from the hip and says BOO !


I can confirm I am blessed with madness.

Too long in the tooth to be tamed.

So this is me – take me or leave me.

Life is too short to sit feeling ashamed. 



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March 13, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine


5pm – 7pm  on THURSDAY  14th March 2019

for Tony’s Special  Drive – Time Show.


The Show will include  ‘On This Day in Rock History’

and all the latest happenings in the music world.


And the first broadcast  (by special permission)


SILENCE IS GOLDEN by Andy Bell of 

Erasure fame.


Tony will also be giving further details of his 

eagerly awaited September Rock Concert at Bury Met.


and Tony will be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of Homecoming’

written by Harriet Blackbury’




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In 87, ‘Roadblock’, on Breakout,

gave Stock, Aitken & Waterman a No.13 view.

And in 98, ‘Travelling Man’ on Multiply,

made the Top 40 for Studio 2.


In 96, ‘The Day We Caught The Train’, on RCA,

made No.4 for Ocean Colour Scene.

And in 97 their ‘Travellers Tune’,

also on RCA – at No. 5 was seen.


In 73, ‘Drive-In Saturday’ on RCA,

gave David Bowie a Top 3.

And in 82, ‘Driving In My Car’, on the Stiff label,

for Madness, at No.4, was to be.


In 91, ‘Driven By You’ on Parlophone,

was at No.6 for Brian May.

And in 2001, ‘Eternity’/’The Road To Mandalay’, on Crysalis,

gave Robbie Williams his fourth solo No.1 stay.


In 87, ‘The Traveller’ on  10 Ten  label,

gave Spear Of Destiny a No.44 hit.

And in 95, ‘Driving With The Brakes On’,

for Delamitri, on A & M, at No.18, did sit.


In 61, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)’,

on RCA,  for The Tokens, reached No.11. 

And in 89, ‘Road To Your Soul’ on Mercury,

for All About Eve, peaked at No.37.


In 67, ‘I’m Coming Home’, on Decca,

for Sir Tom Jones, secured a No.2 fix.

And in 69, ‘Crosstown Traffic’, on Track, a Top 40,

for Jimi Hendrix Experience, ends this Homecoming mix.




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March 10, 2019


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 12th  March 2019,

to welcome the return of Tony at his best.


This weeks show will include 

Breakfast in America from Supertramp,

and of course music by Yes.


Tony will also be reading the poems


‘For The Love Of Prodigy’

written by Harriet Blackbury


‘For The Love Of P J Proby’

written by Harriet Blackbury




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March 9, 2019



Twenty five chart entries on XL Recordings

(between 91 – 2005) made sure Prodigy always on view.

Their first hit being ‘Charly’, making the Top 3,

and in 92, ‘Everybody In The Place (EP)’ reaching No.2


Also in 92, Fire /Jericho’ peaked at No.11, and

‘Out Of Space/Ruff In The Jungle Bizness’ made No.5.

In 93, ‘Wind It Up (Rewound)’, another No.11,

and ‘One Love’, at No.8, did arrive.


In 94, ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’, peaked at No.4,

with ‘Voodoo People’ making No.13.

In 95, ‘Poison’ followed, reaching No.15,

and in 96, gold seller ‘Firestarter’, at No.1, was seen.


Also in 96, ‘Charly’ re-appeared at No.66,

and ‘Fire/Jericho’ at No.63, a hit too.

And ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’, re-appearing at No.57,

and also, ‘Out Of Space/Ruff In The Jungle Bizness, at No.52.


Still in 96, ‘Poison’ again in the charts, at No.62,

as was ‘Voodoo People’, this time at No.75.

With ‘Wind It Up (Rewound)’ peaking at No.71,

and ‘Everybody In The Place (EP), at No.69, did arrive.


Next came ‘Breathe’ – a platinum seller and UK No.1,

and finishing 96 ‘Firestarter’ peaked at No.53.

And in 97, ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ reached No.8,

and in 02 ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’, a Top 5, we did see.


In 04, ‘Girls’ peaked at No.19.

Also in 04, ‘Charly’ re-appeared at No.73.

In 05, ‘Voodoo People/Out Of Space’, a Top 20,

and their last hit on XL Recordings, was to be.


In 09, now on  -Take me to the hospital – 

arrived ‘Omen’ with a No.4 prance.

And ‘Invaders Must Die’ followed at No.49,

and still in 09, at No.13 was ‘Warrior’s Dance’


Also in 09, ‘Take Me To The Hospital’ at No.38,

on the – Take me to the hospital – label.

And ‘Invader’s Must Die’, re-appeared at No.74,

and ends this tribute to the Prodigy stable.



Thank You for the music

RIP    Keith Flint     1969 – 2019




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March 8, 2019



In 82, ‘Market Square Heroes’, on EMI

gave Marillion a No.60 slot.

And in 83, ‘He Knows You Know’,

also on EMI, gained a No.35 spot.


In 83, ‘Market Square Heroes’ –

still on EMI, returned at No.53.

And also in 83, ‘Garden Party’,

on EMI, made a No.16 plea.


In 84, ‘Punch And Judy’,

on EMI, entered the Top 30 door.

And ‘Assassing’ at No.22 –

still on EMI, their last hit of 84.


In 85, ‘Kayleigh’, on EMI,

was a No.2 hit, so fine.

Followed by ‘Lavender’ at No.5,

and ‘Heart Of Lothian’ at No.29.


In 87, ‘Incommunicado’ reached No.6, with

‘Sugar Mice’ & ‘Warm Wet Circles’ – both at No.22.

And in 88, ‘Freaks (Live)’, at No.24, on EMI’,

and in 89, ‘Hooks In You’, on Capitol, took a Top 30 pew.


In 89, ‘Uninvited Guest’, on EMI, was at No.53,

and in 90, ‘Easter’, at No.34, was to be.

In 91, ‘Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)’ on EMI, at No.34.

and also in 91, ‘No One Can’, climbed to No.33.


Closing 91, ‘Dry Land’, on EMI, saw another No.34,

and in 92, ‘Sympathy’ on EMI, was at No.17.

Their last hit of 92, saw ‘No One Can’ return at No.26,

and in 94 – still on EMI, ‘The Hollow Man’, at No. 30, was seen.


Also in 94, ‘Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury’, made No.53,

and in 95, ‘Beautiful’ peaked at No.29 – their last hit on EMI.

In 04 – now on Intact, ‘You’re Gone’  rose to No.7,

and ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, on Intact, made a No.16 high.


In 07, ‘See It Like A Baby’,

on Intact, reached No.45.

And also in 07, ‘ThankYou Whoever You Are’,

also on Intact, at No.15, did arrive.






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March 4, 2019




‘Times they are a-changin’ & ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ –

the first two of sixteen UK chart hits on CBS,

(both at No.9) for Robert Zimmerman – known as Bob Dylan,

in 65, came hot off the press.


Still in 65, ‘Maggie’s Farm’ followed, peaking at No.22,

with ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ & ‘Positively Fourth Street’

reaching No.4 and No.8 consecutively, ending 65,

as 66, continued the heat.


‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’, made No.17,

and ‘One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)’, was at No.33.

‘Rainy Day Women Nos.12 & 35 – a Top 10 at No.7.

And closing 66 – ‘I Want You’,  a No.16, was to be.


In 69, ‘I Threw It All Away’ – a Top 30,

and ‘Lay Lady Lay’ – a Top 5.

In 71, ‘Watching The River Flow’ peaked at No.24,

and in 73, ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, at No.14, did arrive.


In 76, ‘Hurricane’ reached No.43.

And in 78, ‘Baby Stop Crying’ peaked at No.13.

Also in 78, ‘Is Your Love In Vain’, made No.56 –

being his last hit on CBS, seen.




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