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April 15, 2024



Whilst in a charity shop

I noticed a wicker chair all alone.

So I quickly took a photo for my friend,

and sent it off to her by phone.


She immediately said ‘Get it,

before you leave there,

and I’ll collect it from you,

as soon as possible, I swear’.


So the said chair was bought

and bundled onto sir,

in the passenger seat of the car,

as no other space to spare.


I then put it in the lounge,

Oh, how it added flair,

with two suitable cushions,

thrown on it, for a dare.


As the evening grew longer

the chair kept catching my eye.

I was falling for it – big time.

What a silly fool am I!


In the days that followed

plans to deliver it were set.

And then they were brought forward,

very much to my regret.


The chair that wasn’t mine,

would soon be leaving here.

A pull on the heartstrings,

that almost brought a tear.


On the day of departure

we loaded the chair into my friends car.

‘I’ll come and sit on you real soon’,

I whispered to the chair – Oh, how bizarre!


That in the short time I had known the chair,

such feelings had grown strong.

‘Tara, farewell, my dearest one,

I hope to see you before long’.


Well, a strange thing then happened,

as the chair en-route to it’s new abode,

saw my friend suddenly do a detour

along by the charity shop road.


And just as she arrived on their car park,

she spotted two new white wicker chairs

being unloaded from a van

and decided then, that they were hers!


So she dashed into the shop,

and did the deal in a trice,

before anyone else could buy them,

saying quickly ‘name your price’.


But what happened next was unbelievable,

for two more chairs in her car, there wasn’t room!

So the original one, that had won my heart,

was returned to the charity shop in gloom.


My friend then tried to ring me,

to fill me in on what she’d done.

But her call went straight to message

which I missed. Oh what a carry on!


When eventually I picked up the message,

an hour later, my heart flooded with joy.

And I dashed back to the charity shop,

with hubby in tow – Oh’, ship ahoy.


I ran into the shop and 

discovered my chair back on display,

next to a line of others,

and scooped it up saying, hurray.


Sometimes in life weird things happen,

if they are meant to be.

No better thrill for me and my friend,

thanks to serendipity.


by Harriet Blackbury

July 2023









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March 18, 2024





In May 74,  Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 

had a Top 5, on EMI with ‘Judy Teen’.

Also on EMI, ‘Mr Soft’,

at No.8,  enjoyed the Top 10 scene.


In 75, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

also on EMI, gave them a two week, No.1 hit.

And Mr Raffles (Man It Was Mean)

also in 75, reached No.13.


In 76, on EMI, peaking at No.10,

was ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

And also in 76, ‘Love’s A Prima Donna’

climbed to No.41.


In 79, ‘Freedom’s Prisoner’

on EMI, made a No.58 show.

And in 83, Ballerina (Prima Donna)

rose to No.51 on Stiletto.


In 86, The Phantom Of The Opera

with Sarah Brightman, made No.7 on Polydor.

And in 92, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, made a No.46 score.


In 95, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, at No.33, was again to arrive.

And in 05, It re-entered the charts

on Gott Discs, peaking at No.55.



Every writer only needs one song

to set them apart from the rest.

and Make Me Smile (Come up and see me)

put you up there with the best of the best.


Thank you for the music


R I P   1951 – 2024



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May 26, 2023



Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

and Liquorice  Sticks.

Five Boys Chocolate

and Jelly Babies Mix.


Mivvi’s and Jubbly’s

and Hollands Penny Arrow Bars.

Sherbet Lemons and Pear Drops,

bottled in screw top jars.


Washing up liquid –

the best was Fairy.

A bus ride to Heywood

to visit Auntie Mary.


Tinned fruit by Del-Monte

with Carnation milk – Wow!

Cadbury’s Eggs at Easter

and still a favourite now.


Omo and Rinso

and Sunlight soap.

Persil and Acdo,

and soap on a rope.


Weston’s Wagon Wheels

and Jammy Dodgers.

Halls Mentho-Lyptus mints

and policemen for lodgers!


Chivers Marmalade

and Hartley’s Jam.

Though Robertsons the best,

used to say my Mam.


Knights Castille soap,

that removed dirt with ease.

Along with Lux and Camay,

and Palmolive and Breeze.


Cadbury’s Bourneville

and Chocolate fingers.

anf Fishermans Friend’s,

with a taste that lingers.


Scourers like Brillo,

Ajax and Vim.

Driving to Whitley Bay

to visit Uncle Jim.


Polo Mints and Love Hearts,

and assorted Dolly Mixtures.

Wrigleys Chewing Gum and Midget Gems,

also more firm fixtures.


Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bars,

and Cadbury’s Selection Boxes.

And soothing Glacier Mints,

made by Fox’s.


Ambrosia Rice Pudding

and alphabet Spaghetti.

Going to Southport

to visit Auntie Hettie.


Colemans Mustard,

and Cross & Blackwell Soup.

Original Smith’s Crisps,

long before Hula Hoops.


And Heinz Baked Beans –

still the outright winner.

When a tasty snack needed,

for a light dinner.



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May 25, 2023



With 22 of her solo UK hits on Capitol,

in 83, ‘Let’s Stay Together’, made No.6 in the charts.

And in 84, four more hits followed,

the first being ‘Help’, a Top 40, winning hearts.


Next came ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’,

a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And then, reaching No.45,

arrived ‘Better Be Good To Me’.


Ending 84, ‘Private Dancer’, rose to No.26,

with four more hits next in 85.

When ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ made No.57, and

‘We Don’t Need Another Hero(Thunderdome)’at No.3 arrived


‘One Of The Living’ followed

rising to the No.55 line.

And on A&M with Bryan Adams

‘It’s Only Love’ made No.29.


Back on Capitol, in 86, came two more hits,

with ‘Typical Male’, at No.33, and ‘Two People’, at No.43.

And in 87, reaching the Top 30,

next came  ‘What You Get Is What You See’.


Also in 87, at No.43, was

‘Break Every Rule’, next in this mix.

And on Duck, with Eric Clapton,

‘Tearing Us Apart’, made No.56.


In 88, back on Capitol, rising to No.71,

came ‘Addicted To Love (Live)’.

And in September 89,

‘The Best’ reached the Top 5.


Ending 89, ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose You’, made No.8,

And in 90, ‘Steamy Windows’, rose to No.13.

And ‘Look Me In The Heart’, was at No.31,

with ‘Be Tender With Me Baby’, at No.28 seen.


Ending 90, with Rod Stewart, on Warner Brothers.

‘It Takes Two’, a Top 5, was to be.

And in 91, back On Capitol,

‘Nutbush City Limits’ climbed to No.23.


Also in 91, ‘Way Of The World’, made No.13.

And in 92, ‘Love Thing’ rose to No.29.

Also in 92, ‘I Want You Near Me’, was at No.22.

And in 93,on Parlophone ‘I Wanna Fight’ hit the No.7 line.


Eleven more hits followed on Parlophone,

and still in 93, reaching No.12 was ‘Disco Inferno’.

And also ‘Why Must We Wait Until Tonight’ rose to No.16.

And then in 95, came ‘Golden Eye’, with a Top 10 show.


In 96, ‘Whatever You Want’, rose to No.23.

And ‘On Silent Wings’, made No.13 heaven.

Also , ‘Missing You’, climbed to No.12,

and ‘Something Beautiful Remains’, made No.27.


Ending 96, ‘In Your Wildest Dreams’

reached No.32, featuring Barry White.

And in 99, ‘When The Heartache Is Over’

soared to the Top 10 height.


In 2000, ‘Whatever You Need’ climbed to No.27,

And in 2004, ‘Open Arms’, rose to No.25.

Anna Mae Bullock you were simply the best.

Forever will your work thrive.


Tina Turner

RIP  1939 – 2023

Thank you for the music


by Harriet Blackbury

usual copyright rules apply.

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March 29, 2023



She watches every movement

of my hand.

Always alert.

Always in command.


I try to assure her

that my intentions are true.

But she has scars from her past –

a past I never knew.


It is going to take time,

but I’m up for the task.

though some days it feels like

an impossible ask.


Just when I think we are

moving on a bit,

quite out of the nowhere

appears another hissy fit.


Perhaps it’s something horrific,

lodged in her brain,

that returns in a cycle,

again and again.


When the moment is over

she comes and paws my hand.

I keep it quite still,

unsure of what she has planned.


She knows when she’s hurt me,

and is so full of sorrow.

I think she could like me,

if more time we could borrow.


So I avoided eye contact,

by keeping out of her way.

Fingers crossed this new tactic

is beginning to pay.


She has started me-owing

to let me know she is near.

She is watching me intensely.

I pretend not to hear.


She twists herself through my legs,

preventing my stride.

almost tripping me up,

to be ignored – she can’t abide.


She’s now been fed and watered,

and due her next five hour nap.

I don’t think in her lifetime,

she will ever jump on my lap.


But she is coming round slowly,

with a more confident view.

And now seems ready to move on,

from the heartache, she once knew.



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March 25, 2023



And Marcia said to Rex

that she knew that it was him.

Though he flatly denied it,

saying that it was Tim.


But it couldn’t have been Tim,

because she knew he was elsewhere.

He’d set off from Central Park,

and finished up in Times Square.


‘A dollar for your thoughts’, she said.

No answer could he give.

He knew which side his bagel was buttered,

and just wanted, now to live.


‘The truth will out, you know’, she said.

‘It’s just a matter of time’.

‘This just ain’t adding up at all,

your words are five cents to the dime’.


He raised his eyebrow thoughtfully,

and simply pursed his lips.

Then gave a smile that never works,

when her hands are on her hips.


‘You know you’re in a corner’.

‘There is no wriggle room’.

‘Just simply let the facts be known’, she said.

‘What good’s a horse without a groom?’


‘A horse without a groom?, he says.

‘Have you lost your mind?’

‘Oh neigh lad, that, I haven’t done’.

‘All my grey cells intact, you’ll find.’


‘It isn’t me who’s stupid,

you should have covered your tracks’.

‘Many a whistle blower,

a bit of integrity, lacks’.


‘And no good can come of tickle-tackle,

when a sniffer dog’s on the prowl’.

‘So raise your game and show your cards’,

to prevent one holy howl’.


‘You’re barking up the wrong tree’ he says,

‘You’re just prancing in the dark’.

‘Tim wasn’t even in New York,

let alone, out walking in Central Park’.


‘And something else that you should know,

a nightingale may have sung in Berkeley Square,

but this may come as no surprise,

Tim also wasn’t even there!’


‘You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about,

and I’m standing by what I said’.

‘And your attempt to catch me out,

just proves you are off your head’.


‘Just think about this sensibly’,

he says, while on a winning roll.

‘Let’s clear the air of all this stuff,

and go out for a stroll’.


‘A stroll’ she says – ‘a stroll indeed!

‘We can’t just let this drop’.

‘We must get to the bottom of this,

or else you’re for the chop’.


‘The Chop, you say, the chop indeed!

You know I don’t eat meat’.

‘Just show me proof of what you say,

or else admit defeat’.


‘And if you know the whereabouts

of Tim so very well,

please do give him my regards,

when next you cast your spell’.


‘But as for me, I’m innocent

of everything you say.

Roy Rogers long since galloped off,

into the sunlight’s ray’.


And all the spaghetti westerns

that featured Lee Van Cleef,

are still as good as they ever were,

well, that is my belief’.


‘But moonlight shadows linger,

and play tricks with the past.

And my attempt at changing the subject,

on deaf ears, have landed – blast’.


‘So if you still think, that it was me,

then suit yourself, let’s just move on’.

I once nearly saved you my last Rolo,

but then in one gulp, it was gone.’



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February 12, 2023



In 64, ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, on Parlophone,

was a 3 week No.1 for Cilla Black.

And in 65, ‘Trains And Boats And Planes’, on London,

became a Top 4 for Burt Bacharach.


In 63, ‘Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa’, on United Artists,

gave Gene Pitney a UK top 5.

And in 86, ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’,

on Boiling Point, for Gwen Guthrie, reached No.25.


In 58, Perry Como had a 8 week UK No.1,

with ‘Magic Moments’, on RCA.

And also in 58, Ronnie Hilton, on HMV,

saw ‘Magic Moments’, land a UK No.22 stay.


In 64, ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’,

on Philips, gave Dusty Springfield, a UK Top 3.

And also in 64, Sandie Shaw had a 3 week No.1, on Pye,

with ‘There’s Always Something There To Remind Me’.


In 85, ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, on Arista –

a US No.1 & UK No.16, for Dionne Warwick & Friends

ft Elton John, Stevie Wonder & Gladys Knight.

And in 70, ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’,

on Warner Brothers, saw Sasha Distel, in the Top 10 flight.


In 65, ‘What’s New Pussycat’, on Decca,

gave Tom Jones a No.11 entry.

And in 69, ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’, on Capitol,

was a UK No.1 for Bobby Gentry.


In 64, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International,

reached No.9 with ‘Walk On By’.

And in 66, ‘Alfie’, on Parlophone,

gave Cilla Black, a No.9 high.


In 70, The Carpenters had a US No.1 & UK No.6,

on A & M with ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’.

And in 99, ‘Toledo’, on Mercury,

took Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach, to a UK No.72.


In 64,Dionne Warwick,on Pye International, made No.20,

with ‘You’ll never get to heaven (If You Break My Heart)’.

And in 65, ‘Trains And Boats And Planes’, on Parlophone,

saw Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas, at No.12 in the chart.


In 68, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, on A & M, had a

US No.1 & UK Top 3, with ‘This Guy’s In Love With You’.

And in 67, ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’,

on Decca, gave Tom Jones a UK Top 2.


In 65, ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’, on Philips,

for The Walker Brothers, a UK No.1 was to be.

And in 66, The Swinging Blue Jeans, peaked at No.31,

with ‘Don’t Make Me Over’, on HMV.


In 68, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International, saw

‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose’, gain a No.8 score.

And also in 68, ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’,

on Atlantic, for Aretha Franklin, reached the Top 4.


In 58, ‘The Story Of My Life’, on Columbia,

was a UK No.1 for Michael Holliday.

And in 61, ‘Tower Of Strength’, on Philips,

gave Frankie Vaughan a 3 week No.1 stay.


In 64, The Merseybeats, on Fontana, rose to No.13,

when ‘Wishin’ and ‘Hopin’, was heard.

And also in 64, Adam Faith,on Parlophone, made No.12,

with ‘Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)’.


In 82,Christopher Cross,on Warner Brothers,had a US No.1

& UK No.7, with ‘Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)’.

And in 64, Dionne Warwick, on Pye International,

took ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, to No.42.


In 66, The Cryin’ Shames, on Decca,

peaked at No.26 with ‘Please Stay’.

And in 86, Patti LaBelle and Malcolm McDonald,

had a US No.1 & UK Top 2, with ‘On My Own’, on MCA.



Burt Bacharach     1928 – 2023

Thank you for the words and music   WOW !



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January 26, 2023



She’s gone to ground

without a sound.

It’s still Christmas

in her head.


She’s way behind.

She cannot find

the time

to get ahead.


She’s off on one.

Where has time gone?

With age comes

slowing down.


She’s not in touch.

She loves you much.

In her mind

your friendship’s sound.


She’s been ill with Flu.

Presents went askew.

Staying alive

her only aim.


She’s been carer too

with far too much to do.

as her man

also feels the same.


She’s been off her head.

She’s taken to her bed

after falling over

uneven flags.


She’s behind with jobs.

She’s not one for sobs

or lying there

flicking through mags.


She’s back up and about

at a slower pace without doubt.

Wiser now

just like an old owl.


She’s raring to go

before the February snow

sends her skating

like wild life fowl.


She’s looking forward to Spring.

It makes her heart zing.

Seeing nature

come back into seed.


She’s up with the lark.

She hears the dog bark

and the cat meowing

for her feed.


She’s invigorated.

She’s feeling elated

‘One day at a time’

her mother once said.


She’s out and on form.

She’s weathered the storm.

Thank goodness

for gluten free bread.



January 2023




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January 12, 2023



After leaving The Yardbirds in 65,

in 67  Jeff Beck had his first two

solo hits on Columbia, when –


‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ reached No.14,

and ‘Tallyman’, a Top 30 was to be.

And in 68, also on Columbia

‘Love Is Blue’, climbed to No.23.


In 69, Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group, on Pye,

made No.12, with ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)’.

And in 72,on Rak, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’,

this time, made the No.17 slot.


In 73, with Rod Stewart, also on Rak,

came ‘I’ve Been Drinking’, at No.27, took a pew.

And in 82, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’, still on Rak,

re-appeared in the charts, at No.62.


In 92, ‘People Get Ready’, on Epic,

again with Rod Stewart, rose to No.49.

Thank you for the music Jeff Beck.

Your work will live on, you were simply divine.


R I P  1944 – 2023



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October 4, 2022



Old memory lane,

with many twists and turns,

and outcomes never meant to be.


Where trees gently rustled

as I went with the flow,

along with my friend – serendipity.



Old memory lane,

my good companion indeed,

who stayed close by, to carry me on.


When dark shadows loomed,

and the future uncertain,

held my hand and a new day was won.



Old memory lane

where I wandered alone,

to places that only I knew.


When problems unsolved

and tomorrows looked doomed,

gave me faith, to start life anew.



Old memory lane,

the unforgotten path,

that takes me way back in time.


Though now a steep hill,

but in a crisis, still a safe haven,

and always well worth the climb.



Old memory lane,

my favourite walk to this day,

where I survived stormy weather.


and on days when uncertainty

comes knocking again,

it’s good to know we are still together.




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