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February 17, 2020




Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine,

at Noon, on Tuesday, 18th February 2020.

for another stunning show to help shake off the winter blues.


This week sees the welcome return of Mally,

chatting to Tony about his life, and love of music,

along with some more great Wigan Casino tracks.

 (These two are dynamic together).


Also on the show ….. 

The first chance to listen to Tony’s latest interview

with the great  Otis Williams,

from The Temptations.


and Tony will be reading the poem ….


‘For The Love Of Santana

written by Harriet Blackbury.




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February 16, 2020





You don’t need words,

to know how I love you,

and gifts to you,

come from my heart.


I am loyal to you,

in thought and deed,

and will be

until the day I depart.


You don’t need roses,

to sense how I love you,

and after a while

they only decay.


I am here for you,

if you have a crisis,

and can’t imagine life,

any other way.


You don’t need texts,

from some distant land,

because I’m here, close by,

to hold your hand,


and comfort you,

when you feel sad,

and calm you down,

when you feel mad.


You don’t need a tissue,

to dry your eyes,

because I’ll never

make you cry.


You know I’ll be here,

to pick up the pieces,

until all the breath,

in my body ceases.





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When love, by force, is torn apart,

leaving behind a broken heart,

that even time, can never mend –

an onward journey, without end.


When separation, can’t be helped,

and writing, on the wall is spelt,

in letters fading, in the rain,

something must give – too great the strain.


When loneliness, darkens the mood,

and life lived out, in solitude.

No future can, be seen ahead,

when misery, controls the head.


When injustice, strikes again,

destroying lives, of fellow men.

We stand bewildered, lost in fear,

at the shock of losing, those most dear.


When history, itself repeats,

and nothing learned, from past defeats.

A changing world, and yet the same,

again we bow, our heads in shame.


When love, by force, is torn apart,

leaving behind, a broken heart,

that even time, can never mend.

This onward journey, must not end.





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February 12, 2020






In 84, Pat Benatar entered the UK charts,

with ‘Love Is A Battlefield’, peaking at No.49 –

being the first of ten singles, on Chrysalis,

followed by ‘We Belong’, which made the No.22 line.


Next, in 85, ‘Love Is A Battlefield’, re-appeared,

this time putting up, a No.17 fight.

And also in 85, making the Top 50,

was ‘Shadows Of The Night’.


Ending 85, ‘Invincible (Theme From ‘The Legend Of Billie Jean’)’,

reached to No. 53.

And in 86, ‘Sex As A Weapon’,

a No 67, was to be.


In 88, ‘All Fired Up’, climbed to No.19,

and ‘Don’t Walk Away’, made No.42.

In 89, ‘One Love’, peaked at No.59,

and in 93, ‘Somebody’s Baby’, at No.48, on view.





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In 77, ‘Nobody Does It Better’, on Elektra,

gave Carly Simon, a No 7.

And in 01, ‘Free’, on Interscope,

for Mya, peaked at No.11.


In 2000, ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’, on Doop,

found Tricia Penrose, at No.44.

And in 03, ‘Misfit’, was at No.6,

for Amy Studt, on Polydor.


In 55, ‘Tweedle Dee’, on Mercury,

gave Georgia Gibbs, a Top 20.

And in 75, ‘Loving You’, on Epic,

for Minnie Ripperton, a US No.1 & UK No 2 entry.


In 86, ‘My Magic Man’, on Warner Brothers,

found Rochelle, at No.27.

And in 06, ‘Hurt’, on RCA,

for Christina Aguilera, a No.11.


In 72, ‘Third Finger Left Hand’, peaked at No.31,

for The Pearls, on Bell.

And in 09,’T-Shirt’, on Universal,

was a Top 6, for Shontelle.


In 98, ‘Looking For Love’, on Manifesto,

for Karen Ramirez, at No.8, seen.

And in 09,’New York’, on Epic,

for Paloma Faith, reached No.15.


In 90, ‘Black Velvet’, on East West,

saw Alannah Myles, with a US No.1 & UK Top 2.

And in 94, Sophie B Hawkins, was at No.13,

on Columbia, with ‘Right Beside You’.


In 88 ‘Love Is Contagious’, on Paisley Park,

for Taja Sevelle, peaked at No.7.

And also in 88, ‘Only In My Dreams’, on Atlantic,

found Debbie Gibson, at No.11.


In 98, Billy Myers, had a Top 4,

on Universal, with ‘Kiss The Rain’.,

And in 01, Tiesto featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw, made No.22,

on VC Recordings/Nebula, with ‘Urban Train’.


In 86, Debbie Harry, was at No.8,

on Chrysalis, with ‘French Kissin In The USA’.

And in 91, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, on Virgin America,

reached No.54, for Lalah Hathaway.





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February 8, 2020





In 65, ‘True Love Ways’, on Columbia,

gave Peter & Gordon, a Top 2,

And in 86, Madonna had her third UK No.1,

on Sire with ‘True Blue’.


In 76, Andrea True Connection, on Buddah,

had a Top 5, with ‘More More More’.

And in 87, ‘True Faith’, on Factory,

saw New Order, at No 4.


In 91, True Faith & Bridgette Grace with Final Cut,

on Network, made No.51, with ‘Take Me Away’.

And in 83, ‘True’, on Reformation,

gave Spandau Ballet, a gold-selling, No.1 play.


In 86, ‘True Colors’, on Portrait,

gave Cyndi Lauper, a Top 12 view.

And in 03, Jaimeson featuring Angel Blu,

had a Top 4, on V2/J-Did, with  ‘True’.


In 98, ‘True To Your Heart’, on Motown,

gave 980 featuring Stevie Wonder, a No.51.

And in 06, ‘True Skool’, on Ninja Tune,

for Coldcut ftrg Roots Manuva, a No 61 slot, won.


In 60, ‘True Love Ways’, on Coral,

found Buddy Holly, at No.25.

And in 98, ‘True To Us’, on EMI,

for Vanilla, at No.36, last in this mix to arrive.





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In 74, ‘Samba PA TI’, made No.27, on CBS,

followed in 77, by ‘She’s Not There’, on CBS, at No.11.

In 78, ‘Well All Right’, on CBS, peaked at No.53,

and in 80, ‘All I Ever Wanted’, also on CBS, made No.57.


In 99, ‘Smooth’, now on Arista, ftrg Rob Thomas, made No.75,

and in 2000, ‘Smooth’ re-appeared, making a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

Also in 2000, ‘Maria Maria’, ftrg The Product G & B –

a US No.1 & UK Top 6, was to be.


In 02, ‘The Game Of Love’, featuring Michelle Branch,

still on Arista, made No.16.

And in 06, ‘Cry Baby Cry’, ftrg Sean Paul & Joss Stone,

on Arista, at No.71 was seen.


In 06, ‘Illegal’, on Epic,

by Shakira ftrg Carlos Santana, made No.34,

ending this glimpse into some of his work,

and leaving us wanting more.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury





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In 04, ‘Slow Hands’, reached No.36,

for Interpol, on Matador.

And in 05, ‘Slow Down’, on Def Jam,

for Bobby Valentino, peaked at No.4.


In 86, ‘Slow Down’, on Virgin,

gave Loose Ends, a No.27,

And in 03, ‘Slow’, on Parlophone,

took Kylie Minogue to No.1 heaven.


In 81, ‘Slow Motion’, on Island,

by Ultravox, reached No.33.

And in 93, Slowdive, made No.52,

on Creatiion, with ‘Outside Your Room (EP)’.


In 60, ‘On A Slow Boat To China’, on Pye,

for Emile Ford & The Checkmates, made the Top 3.

And in 04, ‘Slow Jamz’, on Atlantic,

gave Twista, a US No.1 & also a UK No.3.


In 62, ‘Slow Twistin’, on Columbia,

gave Chubby Checker, a No.23 view.

And in 78, ‘Slow Train To Paradise’, on Capitol,

took Tavares, to No.62.


In 93, ‘Slow It Down’, on London,

for East 17, a No.13 fix.

And in 97, ‘Slow Flow’, on Atlantic,

saw The Braxtons, at No.26.


In 86, ‘Slow Rivers’, on Rocket,

for Elton John & Cliff Richard, at No.44, seen.

And in 92, ‘Slow And Sexy’, on Epic,

for Shabba Ranks featuring Johnny Gill, made No.17.


In 81, ‘Slowhand’, was a Top 10,

for The Pointer Sisters, on Planet K.

And in 93, The The, climbed to No 35,

on Epic, with ‘Slow Emotion Replay’.






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February 6, 2020





In 90, ‘Into The Blue’, on Mercury,

took Mission, to No.32.

And in 03, Fabulous featuring Tamia,

was at No.18, on Eleckra, with ‘Into You’.


In 93, ‘Into Your Arms’, on Atlantic,

gave The Lemonheads a No.14.

And in 05, ‘Into Your Head’, on Easy Street,

peaked at No.66, for Honeymoon Machine.


In 85, ‘Into The Groove’, was a No.1,

for Madonna, on Sire.

And in 04, Thirteen Senses, made No.35,

on Vertigo, with ‘Into The Fire’.


In 07, ‘Siouxsie And The Banchees, reached No.59,

on W14, with ‘Into A Swan’.

And in 09, ‘Into Dust’, on Capitol,

for Mazzy Star, a No.71.


In 79, ‘Into The Valley’, on Virgin,

gave The Skids, a Top 10 view.

And in 96, ‘Into My World’, on Mother,

for Audioweb, a No.42.


In 91, ‘Into Tomorrow’, on Freedom High,

gave The Paul Weller Movement, a No.36 place.

And in 01, Plaything, on Manifesto,

peaked at No.48, with ‘Into Space’.


In 92, ‘Into The Future’, on 3Beat,

made No.70, for New Atlantic featuring Linda Wright.

And in 04, Love Inc, was at No.39,

on NuLife, with ‘Into The Night’.


In 96, ‘Into Your Heart’, on SIX6,

was at No.51, for 6 By Six.

And also in 96, ‘Falling Into You’, on Epic,

a Top 10, for Celine Dion, ends this mix.




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With his first of eight UK hits on Atlantic,

in 65, ‘In The Midnight Hour’, made the No.12 line.

Followed, two months later by,

‘Don’t Fight It’, which reached No.29.


In 66, ‘634-5789’, figured at No.36,

and, ‘Land Of 1000 Dances’, made No.22.

Ending 66, ‘Mustang Sally’, peaked at No.28,

and in 67, ‘Funky Broadway’, at No.43, was on view.


In 68, ‘I’m A Midnight Mover’, made No.38,

and in 69, at No.16, was ‘Hey Jude’.

And in 87, rising to No.62,  (this time on Motown), was

‘In The Midnight Hour’, to put us back in the mood.


Thank you for the fantastic music.

WILSON PICKETT    1941 – 2006


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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