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April 11, 2015



This week was different,

‘rain suddenly stopped play’.

The world of cricket wept

for an icon, lost today.


This week left fans stunned,

to lose one so revered.

A top man, a legend,

a colossus, so endeared,


who came through the ranks,

to captain his country’s side.

A man of integrity,

rarely bowling a wide.


And who, when playing days over,

perfected the art,

of commentating on the game,

and recaptured our heart.


Both on and off the field,

he had things in hand.

His voice, a joy to listen to,

he took full command.


He could do the job blindfold.

He read the game well,

never missing a ball, and enriching,

a sometimes dull spell.


Dear Richie, we applaud you,

you were one of a kind.

Cricket won’t be the same,

now you’ve left it behind.


And as the bails are removed,

after this, your last test,

we say ‘Goodbye Richie Benaud’,

you were ‘simply the best’.


by Harriet Blackbury



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  1. A truly fitting tribute to a great Australian cricketer and commentator who has had such an impact on the game throughout the world, especially here in England . This will be read over and over again inthe years ahead. I myself will be reading it to the world as part of my radio show this week and future episodes —– enjoy it everyone —–and thank you Richie Benaud for giving so many memorable moments to so many people !
    Thankyou . Tony

    Comment by Tony — April 12, 2015 @ 8:49 pm

  2. So pleased you find the poem suitable.
    Thank You for your comment Tony.

    Comment by allnuts — April 12, 2015 @ 9:25 pm

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