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April 15, 2024



Whilst in a charity shop

I noticed a wicker chair all alone.

So I quickly took a photo for my friend,

and sent it off to her by phone.


She immediately said ‘Get it,

before you leave there,

and I’ll collect it from you,

as soon as possible, I swear’.


So the said chair was bought

and bundled onto sir,

in the passenger seat of the car,

as no other space to spare.


I then put it in the lounge,

Oh, how it added flair,

with two suitable cushions,

thrown on it, for a dare.


As the evening grew longer

the chair kept catching my eye.

I was falling for it – big time.

What a silly fool am I!


In the days that followed

plans to deliver it were set,

and then they were brought forward,

very much to my regret.


The chair that wasn’t mine,

would soon be leaving here.

A pull on the heartstrings,

that almost brought a tear.


On the day of departure

we loaded the chair into my friend’s car.

‘I’ll come and sit on you real soon’,

I whispered to the chair – Oh, how bizarre!


That in the short time I had known the chair,

such feelings had grown strong.

‘Tara, farewell, my dearest one,

I hope to see you before long’.


Well, a strange thing then happened,

as the chair en-route to it’s new abode,

saw my friend suddenly do a detour

along by the charity shop road.


And just as she arrived on their car park,

she spotted two new white wicker chairs

being unloaded from a van,

and decided then, that they were hers!


So she dashed into the shop,

and did the deal in a trice,

before anyone else could buy them,

saying quickly ‘name your price’.


But what happened next was unbelievable,

for two more chairs in her car, there wasn’t room!

So the original one, that had won my heart,

was returned to the charity shop in gloom.


My friend then tried to ring me,

to fill me in on what she’d done.

But her call went straight to message

which I missed. Oh what a carry on!


When eventually I picked up the message,

an hour later, my heart flooded with joy.

And I dashed back to the charity shop,

with hubby in tow – Oh’, ship ahoy.


I ran into the shop and 

discovered my chair back on display,

next to a line of others,

and scooped it up saying, hurray.


Sometimes in life weird things happen,

if they are meant to be.

No better thrill for me and my friend,

thanks to serendipity.


by Harriet Blackbury

July 2023









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January 26, 2023



She’s gone to ground

without a sound.

It’s still Christmas

in her head.


She’s way behind.

She cannot find

the time

to get ahead.


She’s off on one.

Where has time gone?

With age comes

slowing down.


She’s not in touch.

She loves you much.

In her mind

your friendship’s sound.


She’s been ill with Flu.

Presents went askew.

Staying alive

her only aim.


She’s been carer too

with far too much to do.

as her man

also feels the same.


She’s been off her head.

She’s taken to her bed

after falling over

uneven flags.


She’s behind with jobs.

She’s not one for sobs

or lying there

flicking through mags.


She’s back up and about

at a slower pace without doubt.

Wiser now

just like an old owl.


She’s raring to go

before the February snow

sends her skating

like wild life fowl.


She’s looking forward to Spring.

It makes her heart zing.

Seeing nature

come back into seed.


She’s up with the lark.

She hears the dog bark

and the cat meowing

for her feed.


She’s invigorated.

She’s feeling elated

‘One day at a time’

her mother once said.


She’s out and on form.

She’s weathered the storm.

Thank goodness

for gluten free bread.



January 2023




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July 10, 2022



When you can ask a friend

if they have lost their mind,

without them thinking

you are being unkind.


That’s when you know

your friendship is real.


When you can go months without

even getting in touch,

and they still know

they are loved very much.


That’s when  you know

your friendship’s the real deal.


When you know they’ll be there

at the drop of a hat,

and that on your side

they will always bat.


That’s when you know

the reason for their appeal.


When you can turn to them

in your hour of need,

and know their response

will be guaranteed.


That’s when you know

your heart, it will heal.



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June 25, 2022



A is for Always

and E is for Ever.

J is for Joyous

and T is for Together.


S is for Sweetheart

and M is for Mine.

C is for Cheers

and W is for Wine.


R is for Roses

and F is for Flowers.

I is for Infinity

and H is for Hours.


K is for Kindness

and L is for Love.

N is for Nightingale

and D is for Dove.


P is for Parking

and Z is for Zone.

Q is for Quizzical

and U is for the Unknown.


V is for Variety

and Y is for Yes.

G is for Goodness

and B is for Bless.


O is for Optimism

and X marks the spot

as this alphabet countdown

is over – that’s your lot.



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January 10, 2022



You are a part of my mental scaffolding.

A life support on a windy day.

Someone who I know to be reliable

to take all my blues away.


You are a part of all that I stand for.

You make me laugh when skies turn grey.

Someone to share my insecurities,

when hard times come my way.


You are a part of my well being,

in sickness and health, a real mainstay.

Someone there at the drop of a hat,

when on a recovery bed, I lay.


You are a part of my infra structure.

An intrinsic part of my DNA.

Someone who always comes to mind,

to keep all the clouds at bay.


You are a part of my forward journey.

There when edges start to fray.

Someone who, in return asks for nothing.

An absolute gem, I have to say.


You are a part of my mental scaffolding.

You made me who I am today.

Someone there for all eternity,

and for that, I give thanks and pray.


written by

Harriet Blackbury   January 2022



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June 7, 2021



F is for freedom

and much needed space,

when so long, is too long,

locked in the same place.


F is for fear,

of the unknown,

complacency the enemy,

no place safer than home.


F is for force,

that unstoppable surge,

when out of nowhere,

one gets an urge.


F is for feather,

worn in one’s cap,

when a successful venture,

sees one, back on the map.


F is for family,

spread out, far and wide,

though side by side,

in one’s head, they reside.


F is for Football,

the game we love true,

that got us through a pandemic,

when good times were few.


F is for fish,

always a winner,

served with chips and peas,

for our weekly dinner.


F is for future,

and ongoing schemes.

A life built on hope,

and fulfilling dreams.


F is for faithfulness,

one mighty ask,

when as fallible humans,

so hard, can be this task.


F is for falling,

with no safety net,

though the thrill of a zip wire,

one will never forget.


F is for forever,

to infinity and beyond.

A love built on trust,

no better solid bond.


F is for fantasia,

where the mind travels to,

when imagination runs riot,

to get one out of a stew.


F is for fanatical,

that robotic state,

when sense out of nonsense,

the mind can create.


F is for figures,

that just don’t add up,

when sometimes half empty,

is life’s giving cup.


F is for fearless,

and forging ahead,

after finally dismissing,

an unkind word, said.


F is for fortune,

the giver of hope,

that lifts the heart upwards,

when signs saying ‘nope’.


F is for friendship,

the worlds greatest gift,

and best solver of problems,

when minds go adrift.


F is for fountain,

that high rising splash,

making one want to strip off,

when out on the lash.


F is for fixing,

that unsolvable thing,

which, for so long,

much misery did bring.


F is for feeling,

unsure and alarmed,

until open arms, once more,

find hearts that are calmed.


F is for fabulous,

and frightfully grand,

outshone by amazing,

now taking command.


F is for f—,

that all purpose verb,

and outright winner, it seems,

of a word, one should curb.


written by Harriet Blackbury.




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September 24, 2020



We took for granted

the usual suspects,

that on our daily route

we would always see.


The same school children

The same shop workers

The same coffee shop occupants,

chatting over a pot of tea.


With joy we walked

by the riverside.

Hand in hand,

even at our age.


Taking for granted

the simple pleasures,

as each new decade

took us to the next stage.


Each day that came,

a new tomorrow,

full of fun and laughter –

what more could we ask?


Now all we see

are scary eyes,

peeping out from

over a mask.


A second wave of fear

hitting us all.

More so for those

who have suffered a loss.


As they watch selfish folk

not heeding the rules.

Is it any wonder

they all feel so cross?


Doing the right thing

like staying in a bubble,

will certainly

prevent the spread.


And bringing families closer

than ever before,

not a bad thing –

it has to be said.


So let sense prevail,

there is no short term fix.

We are in it together,

like it or not!


In a world where kindness

is sadly lacking,

we must do what we can

to stop this rot.


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January 17, 2020





She called to me and I responded.

In a world of madness, she made sense.

Although I couldn’t see her,

I felt her presence was intense.


I knew the hell she had lived through.

I admired her capacity to always bounce back.

She taught me to be a survivor,

on days when my mind would backtrack.


She knew me like no other,

and accepted me for who I was.

She passed onto me her teaching,

for no other reason than for ‘because’.


She called to me and I responded,

when my confidence was at a low.

She seemed to know how I was feeling,

when I had lost my get up and go.


I heard the bell that she was ringing,

it had a familiar tone.

It came with a clang of fortitude,

when I was reaching the danger zone.


She knew me like no other,

better than I knew myself, indeed.

Just a push in the right direction,

is something, at times, we all need.


She called to me and I responded.

Her timing, always spot on.

Two minds that simply connected,

to ensure that another day won.


Written by Harriet Blackbury

January 2020





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September 24, 2018


Eight wild baby Carrots

in orange, yellow and brown,

that brought a smile 

to replace a frown.


Organic Figs aplenty –

so nourishingly good,

and a final touch 

to homemade Rice Pud.


Eight Walnuts gathered,

and still in their shells –

A Waldorf salad

screams out ‘Hell’s Bells’!


And something I can’t christen

stares back at me,

from the Cauliflower family, 

I believe it to be ?


Two snow white Eggs

for breakfast time,

after fresh juice

of lemon and lime.


Next to get my attention

is a solitary Leek,

when into my Harvest box

I next take a peek.


And an Apple, whole

and quite grub-free !

I am overwhelmed

as anyone would be.


And a Colombian Pineapple –

taking pride of place –

my favourite fruit

in the ‘weight-loss’ race.


And Conkers – quite a handful –

in all, totaling ten –

I can’t wait for Autumn

to come around again.


Thank You Kind Friend.


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March 10, 2018



We listen and we shake our head,

not always in agreement with what is said.


But listen we do – a friendly ear,

a silent soundboard – in neutral gear.


We do not comment, tis not our place

to get involved – we smile with grace,


as the latest saga is unravelled,

with repetition, and so well travelled,


as hot frustrations, are now aired –

steam coming with each hurried word,


whilst waiting for, the point of entry

to change the mood, with humour plenty.


To stop the rot – to have some fun,

before the will to live is done.


One tale’s good, til another’s told,

one thinks as this tale does unfold,


and just as advise, about to slip,

one thinks it wise, to bite the lip.


as no end does, there appear in sight,

a toilet visit – seems polite.


To stem the flow, to bring a change,

and the mindset, to re-arrange.


So good to get it off one’s chest –

to have good friends, one so is blessed  !


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