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January 7, 2020


He came to me at dead of night

and asked me if I was alright.

‘Alright?’ I said. ‘Well, you know me,

a lone survivor of rough sea’.


Then decades passed without a word.

Not even a whimper could be heard.

All aggravation now would cease.

My active mind, was left in peace.


Until, once more, an unplanned visit.

‘It’s me again!’  I said ‘Oh, is it’.

‘What are your needs, oh restless soul,

my heart and thoughts to still control?’


With that the vision quickly went.

I always question good intent.

A panic button at the alert.

prevents the heart from being hurt.


And only just the other day,

I let my guard down and did stray,

into the world he left behind,

where life was mad and sense was blind.


He quickly noticed I was there,

and burst right in without a care.

My private moment, was invaded.

Into my mind, old thoughts cascaded.


Each hour we had, I still recall.

It’s as if he hasn’t gone at all.

Though so much time was spent apart,

each word remembered, from the start.


In after life, no need for re-birth,

as he stayed right by me, here on earth.

And so no point in moving on,

when he was and is, the only one.


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