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January 17, 2020


Moments like no other,

that live with us for a lifetime.

Without a sense of purpose,

or knowing no reason or rhyme.


Moments that suddenly catch us,

on our back foot, as we gaily trip,

through the routine of mundane duties,

that at times, make our minds flip.


Moments like no other,

where we dabbled, where we should have not.

Never thinking of the repercussions,

and not making sense, a lot.


Moments of pure enjoyment,

and never to be repeated pleasures,

that flash into our minds again and again,

tumbling out of our box of treasures.


Moments like no other.

Pivitol happenings, that caused a life change.

When going with the flow, was everything,

no diary needed, for dates to re-arrange.


Moments of pure simplicity.

Who said ‘Youth is wasted on the young?

It must have been someone, who had never lived,

or the song of  ‘wanton desire’, never sung.


Moments like no other,

will forever be there to recall,

but going forward is so essential,

otherwise, no point to life at all.


Moments of  joyous ecstasy,

will always come to the fore.

But today is a new tomorrow,

and what’s gone, won’t come back, for sure.


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