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October 15, 2020




T is for tension

when being face to face.

Month after month

without any space.


T is for tantrums

and letting off steam.

And tearing ones hair out

when needing to scream.


T is for terraferma

and going back to grass roots.

And ditching the car

in favour of bob hat and boots.


T is for targets

so essential indeed.

A mountain of enthusiasm

worth feet that bleed.


T is for theories –

no two the same.

Until proven facts

put theories to shame.


T is for then

when recalling the past.

How life goes so quickly

yet good moments last.


T is for theatre

and movement and dance.

With scenes full of tragedy

and comedy and romance.


T is for tinkling

those mesmeric keys.

What magical moments

to put us at ease.


T is for turbulence

experienced at sea.

Though conquering high waves

is addictive and free.


T is for thinking

too long and too hard.

About a mere nothing

one really should discard.


T is for touching

on subjects unwise.

A clumsy indiscretion

has one rolling eyes.


T is for toying

with a feeling of unrest.

Stay calm and do nothing

would perhaps be for the best.


T is for things –

no matter how small.

The tiniest of gifts

sometimes say it all.


T is for treachery

and jealousy and spite.

Which karma in the end

will always put right.


T is for touchstones

bringing good luck.

And there to be squeezed

when one comes unstuck.


T is for teeth

that chatter in the cold.

But if looked after properly

serve us til we are old.


T is for tasteful.

So simple yet smart.

With no hidden extras

here comes my sweetheart.


T is for timing

as we all know.

That precious moment lost

finds us knee deep in snow.


T is for trust

without it why live?

Tomorrow is a new day

with so much to give.


T is for tables

like two times ten.

Taught by repetition

over and over again.


T is for television

What did Logie Baird do?

When he invented the box

that we all fight to view.


T is for tokens

saved with good intent.

In exchange for loyalty

and money well spent.


T is for tomatoes –

upon them we depend.

Packed full of goodness

and always on trend.


T is for temptation –

the folly of the unwise.

Too often burnt fingers

cause welled up eyes.


T is for Tiresome –

another battle lost.

That second bottle opened

came at great cost.


T is for tiny

acorns that grow

into wise oaks

wiser than we all know.


T is for thunder

as the heavens let rip.

After lightening had warned us

to just get a grip.


T is for typical –

an umbrella forgotten.

When out of nowhere

the weather turns rotten.


T is for troubled

as many souls are.

After lingering too long

on that old battle scar.


T is for torture –

the last turn of the screw.

The final infidelity

by someone loved true.


T is for tenacity

en route to a goal.

Hold tight and be patient

and dreams will unroll.


T is for tenderness

and times worth waiting for.

Like the unexpected glimpse

of the one we adore.


T is for truth –

so hard to digest.

When facing an onslaught

someone got off their chest.


T is for teamwork

and original ideas.

Staying focused the key

to success and cheers.


T is for tickled

in all shades of pink.

Recalling wonderful memories

as we sit and think.


T is for trappings

and material worth.

Though peace of mind really

the best thing on earth.


T is for tears

that we all grieve.

For the love of our life

when, from this world, they leave.


T is for timidity –

being anxious and shy.

As another lost opportunity

goes sailing by.


T is for trying

something that’s new.

You’ll know in an instant

if indeed it’s for you.


T is for testicles –

check them each day.

Any sign of a lump

then get help straight away.


T is for thankful

for small mercies gained.

When instructions so difficult

at last are explained.


T is for tangerines –

what a start to each day!

Packed with vitamin C

to keep colds at bay.


T is for treasure

gathered by default.

Too varied and vast

to sit in any bank vault.


T is for triumph –

we live for the day,

when stands full of fans

all watching teams play.


T is for tablets

of deep cleansing soap.

To rid us of Covid

and give us all hope.


T is for turning

as autumn leaves do.

My favourite of seasons

when out walking with you.


T is for tomorrow

and never never land.

That vast ocean of hope

across desert sand.


T is for total.

No more or no less.

Enough is enough.

Goodnight, God Bless.


written by Harriet Blackbury


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