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October 4, 2022



Old memory lane,

with many twists and turns,

and outcomes never meant to be.


Where trees gently rustled

as I went with the flow,

along with my friend – serendipity.



Old memory lane,

my good companion indeed,

who stayed close by, to carry me on.


When dark shadows loomed,

and the future uncertain,

held my hand and a new day was won.



Old memory lane

where I wandered alone,

to places that only I knew.


When problems unsolved

and tomorrows looked doomed,

gave me faith, to start life anew.



Old memory lane,

the unforgotten path,

that takes me way back in time.


Though now a steep hill,

but in a crisis, still a safe haven,

and always well worth the climb.



Old memory lane,

my favourite walk to this day,

where I survived stormy weather.


and on days when uncertainty

comes knocking again,

it’s good to know we are still together.




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