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March 15, 2021



and when I thought all hope was gone,

my watch had stopped at five to one.


and then I thought ‘what can I do’,

by which time it was ten past two.


I’d lost my mind, which worried me,

until it returned at quarter to three.


I showered and dressed, and opened the door,

by which time it was twenty to four.


I breathed fresh air, and felt alive,

as the town hall clock struck dead on five.


I walked for miles – my mind to fix,

by now it was six minutes past six.


I talked to people, it felt like heaven,

then wandered home at half past seven.


I took a path, which wasn’t straight,

that got me home just after eight.


I cooked some food, and drank some wine,

then read in bed, til well past nine.


‘I simply must do this again’,

‘to hell’, I thought, ‘with News at Ten’.


written by Harriet Blackbury


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