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December 18, 2020



We traveled the path

to who knows where.

Our troubles behind us,

without a care.


And times that we shared

with new comers we met,

on the journey through life,

we will never forget.


Like the curved ball that landed

out of the blue,

on a deserted path, when feeling

lost without you.


And the shadows that followed,

which we never got to see.

An invisible tap on the shoulder,

from our friend, serendipity.


And as each door closed,

and tomorrows were faced,

a whole new chapter began,

as goals and targets were chased.


The pace quickening up,

as new empires were built.

Leaving less time for loved ones,

and minds full of guilt.


‘Something is coming’,

she often said to me.

‘You can laugh all you want,

but very soon you will see.’


And her wisdom we challenged,

her mind to placate.

But she was right all along.

Her second sense was just great.


by Harriet Blackbury


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