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May 26, 2023



Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

and Liquorice  Sticks.

Five Boys Chocolate

and Jelly Babies Mix.


Mivvi’s and Jubbly’s

and Hollands Penny Arrow Bars.

Sherbet Lemons and Pear Drops,

bottled in screw top jars.


Washing up liquid –

the best was Fairy.

A bus ride to Heywood

to visit Auntie Mary.


Tinned fruit by Del-Monte

with Carnation milk – Wow!

Cadbury’s Eggs at Easter

and still a favourite now.


Omo and Rinso

and Sunlight soap.

Persil and Acdo,

and soap on a rope.


Weston’s Wagon Wheels

and Jammy Dodgers.

Halls Mentho-Lyptus mints

and policemen for lodgers!


Chivers Marmalade

and Hartley’s Jam.

Though Robertsons the best,

used to say my Mam.


Knights Castille soap,

that removed dirt with ease.

Along with Lux and Camay,

and Palmolive and Breeze.


Cadbury’s Bourneville

and Chocolate fingers.

anf Fishermans Friend’s,

with a taste that lingers.


Scourers like Brillo,

Ajax and Vim.

Driving to Whitley Bay

to visit Uncle Jim.


Polo Mints and Love Hearts,

and assorted Dolly Mixtures.

Wrigleys Chewing Gum and Midget Gems,

also more firm fixtures.


Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bars,

and Cadbury’s Selection Boxes.

And soothing Glacier Mints,

made by Fox’s.


Ambrosia Rice Pudding

and alphabet Spaghetti.

Going to Southport

to visit Auntie Hettie.


Colemans Mustard,

and Cross & Blackwell Soup.

Original Smith’s Crisps,

long before Hula Hoops.


And Heinz Baked Beans –

still the outright winner.

When a tasty snack needed,

for a light dinner.



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