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November 30, 2017


The much loved Beatle, George Harrison,

had more than 10 singles on his own accord,

among them ‘Got My Mind Set On You’

and making No.1 was ‘My Sweet Lord’.


Freddie Mercury’s 1st solo album – ‘Mr Bad Guy’,

was certainly one not to miss.

The 8th track especially winning hearts 

was ‘There Must Be More To Life Than This’.


From ‘Space Oddity’ to ‘Ashes to Ashes’

From ‘Life on Mars’ to ‘Fame’,

David Bowie will always be remembered

for staying ahead of the game.


‘Praying For Time’ to get over his loss  –

for George Michael, we still shed a tear.

His hit  ‘December Song ( I Dreamed Of Christmas)

so relevant at this time of year.


‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ & ‘You’re My World’,

in 64 were No.1’s,  back to back.

Loved both at home and ‘Across The Universe’

was Liverpool’s  own Cilla Black.


‘One Moment In Time’

gave Whitney Houston her 3rd UK  No.1,

and her 4th No.1 – ‘I Will Always Love You’,

from The Bodyguard, every heart won.


In Nov of 80, ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’ –

a gold selling No.1 in the US and the UK,

and ‘Imagine’, and ‘Woman’, two back to back No.1’s –

John Lennon we miss you in every way.


‘Walk On The Wild Side’, a Top 10 in 73

came from US genius –  Lou Reed.

Other UK hits include ‘ Soulman ‘ and ‘Satellite Of Love’,

but ‘Perfect Day’, we loved too  – yes indeed.


‘Blue Christmas’ and ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me’ –

hits of 64 and 57 for Elvis, –  fans thought just heaven.

In 77, ‘White Christmas’ from Bing Crosby

also back in the charts in 85, 98 and 07.


Losing Michael Jackson in 2009

was another huge music industry loss.

‘Rock With You’,  just one of his 50 songs

back in the UK Top 200 – showing he was still the boss.


Chris Squire, a respected member of ‘Yes’,

also too soon, from this earth, did depart.

Two Top Ten singles that come to mind are –

‘Circus Of Heaven’ and ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’.


With age comes acceptance

that the end may be nigh,

and that all earthly happenings

will soon pass us by.


Though life has a habit

of throwing in a curved ball,

and taking,  far too early,

those who haven’t lived at all.


And this shock to the system

sometimes questions belief.

Taking longer to cope with

the heavy burden of grief.


But if waiting for our arrival

are these past heroes and mates,

the party can continue

far beyond heaven’s gate.


written by

Harriet Blackbury.


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