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September 13, 2016


‘Never’ arrived without any warning.

Not a hint or inkling was there.

Out of the blue, life came to a standstill,

without sense or seconds to spare.


Just a normal day like any other;

the same route he would always frequent.

No goodbye peck or farewell greeting,

to the other side, quick as lightning he went.


A lifetime of memories called on,

in that instance, when life quickly spent.

Emotion and anger reaching the surface:

All the things unsaid, but so truly meant.


The end – the shock of finality;

the next stage, in that second was there.

Now faced with a lifetime of solitude,

when so happy was life as a pair.


Two swans happily sailing together,

raising their offspring on the lake.

Until the Penn so callously taken,

leaving the Cob with new plans to make.


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July 15, 2016




and sand that filtered through their toes

moments before their system froze,


found feet, as one, an army strong,

(instinctively knowing, something was wrong),


running for cover, this way and that.

Arms gathering children, who innocently sat


at bars and restaurants along the Prom,

and dashing for safety, knowing not what from!


In frenzied panic, a gunshot heard.

Their disturbed minds so unprepared


to deal with violence of this magnitude,

during a family day, in happy mood,


as fireworks that had filled the sky,

left all of France asking the question ‘Why,


on such a day, when peace resumed,

was danger waiting, by hatred consumed.


Impossible to know, what was in store!

Now so hard, going on, living as before,


when sand that filtered through their toes,

as the day began, for those who chose


to celebrate, as friends and family do.

Be sure Dear France, the world loves you.












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June 17, 2016



Reality hit home

and stopped us in our tracks.

All flippancy now gone,

a real look at the facts.


A valued life taken;

a heart of pure gold.

One with good intentions,

destined never to grow old.


Another war of attrition,

once more, words could not solve.

We all must now reflect,

and somehow find resolve.


As one life too many

lost along the way.

Please God, let sense prevail,

on this planet where we stay.



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April 23, 2016



A Legend’s Legend;

no greater respect,

bestowed on this artist,

who had such an effect


on the world of music;

far too early the pain,

as we mourn his loss –

on our lips – Purple Rain.


A musician, a singer.

A writer renown.

The artist formally known as Prince,

has now won the King’s crown.



Nothing compares 2 U, or ever will.  





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November 2, 2015



The stillness so deafening

as I sat in your room.

Your guitar quiet in the corner,

No drums going boom-boom.


I saw a sock on the floor

underneath the radiator.

The one that you told me

you’d look for later.


I saw my face in your mirror,

I wanted to smash the glass.

I wanted the world to end

and this madness to pass.


I heard your clock ticking

without rhythm or rhyme.

It mattered not, now,

no-one home at meal-time.


The centre of my universe gone;

the whole core of my being.

The blind panic that struck

now no sense I was seeing.


I wanted to lash out.

I kicked your football.

It bounced down the stairs,

and rolled into the hall.


This nightmare too crazy,

I wanted to scream,

And make everything right,

and awake from this dream.


I saw your dressing gown hung

on the back of the door.

And three pairs of your trainers,

neatly lined up on the floor.


Your room already a shrine;

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Nothing would ever again,

be like it was before.


I slept in your room

for many weeks after.

I awoke in the night

to the sound of your laughter.


And as time went by

I slowly learnt how to cope.

I met others in the same situation,

who gave me some hope.


I now feel so grateful

for every day spent with you,

and I celebrate your life,

the way that you’d want me to.


Sometimes I feel we are closer

than when you were alive.

It’s the way I get through.

It’s the way I survive.


God Bless you Darling.



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November 1, 2015



Oh war that took

our love away,

to a distant land

where dangers lay.

Please keep him safe

for he took our heart

as a parting gift,

when he did depart.


Oh war that took

our love to sea,

where a twist of fate

his destiny.

Ten fathoms deep

his submarine,

when the enemy on

the horizon seen.


Oh war that tore

our world apart,

though so much promised

at the start.

And yes, we know

the war, we won,

but it took from us,

our precious son.



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Through skies of hope

the journey starts,

amidst falling bombs

as quick as darts.


Where plane after plane,

to heaven ascend,

leaving broken hearts

that never mend.



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Into Angel’s arms

so many flew,

with a sense of duty

only they knew.


And a sense of hope

over-riding fear.

The cost of life,

so very dear.



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August 19, 2015



I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

No thought for what the

future had in store.


Where signs – what signs?


No clues were there in sight!

So blindly treading, crazily barefoot,

I reached the cliff not long

after midnight,


And for a moment thought

that I might stay.

til sense prevailed

and took me on my way.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

I sensed the waters ebb

at the seashore.


Where beach – what beach?


No sand was there in sight!

Just harsh shale underfoot,

that glinted back, defiant

at moonlight,


and called me down to where

the flotsam lay,

amongst the tangled seaweed,

near to a polystyrene tray


containing fast-food supper remains,

where seagulls gathered squawking

– half out of their brains.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

The sea, now not an option

to explore.


Where Ship – what ship?


No ship was there in sight.

With Tilbury long forgotten,

it was heading out to sea,

alas, with one seaman light!


As never destined back was I;

my life now, not worth a dime.

The waiting gallows beckoned,

and I must pay my crime.







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To her that is forever

part of thee.

The loveliest flower this world

did ever see.

The one who came;

the one not meant to be.

The gift of love

that caused insanity.


To her that is forever

on the mind.

More so now, than ever,

one does find.

The one condemned

to die before her time.

The chance one takes;

this mountain one must climb.


To her that is forever

out of sight.

No happiness has found,

as was her right.

The one who happened

as if, by God’s will,

stays cherished in the heart,

and in the memory still.


To her that is forever

now unreal.

A figment of the past;

a fair done deal?

That ran it’s course

as these things often do.

Until the next world,

one must say ‘adieu’


To her that is forever

by ones side;

not in the way as planned,

but the heavens opened wide,

and welcomed home

two hearts that were as one.

No earthly solace found,

but now all suffering gone.










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