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November 1, 2015



Oh war that took

our love away,

to a distant land

where dangers lay.

Please keep him safe

for he took our heart

as a parting gift,

when he did depart.


Oh war that took

our love to sea,

where a twist of fate

his destiny.

Ten fathoms deep

his submarine,

when the enemy on

the horizon seen.


Oh war that tore

our world apart,

though so much promised

at the start.

And yes, we know

the war, we won,

but it took from us,

our precious son.



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Through skies of hope

the journey starts,

amidst falling bombs

as quick as darts.


Where plane after plane,

to heaven ascend,

leaving broken hearts

that never mend.



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Into Angel’s arms

so many flew,

with a sense of duty

only they knew.


And a sense of hope

over-riding fear.

The cost of life,

so very dear.



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August 19, 2015



I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

No thought for what the

future had in store.


Where signs – what signs?


No clues were there in sight!

So blindly treading, crazily barefoot,

I reached the cliff not long

after midnight,


And for a moment thought

that I might stay.

til sense prevailed

and took me on my way.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

I sensed the waters ebb

at the seashore.


Where beach – what beach?


No sand was there in sight!

Just harsh shale underfoot,

that glinted back, defiant

at moonlight,


and called me down to where

the flotsam lay,

amongst the tangled seaweed,

near to a polystyrene tray


containing fast-food supper remains,

where seagulls gathered squawking

– half out of their brains.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

The sea, now not an option

to explore.


Where Ship – what ship?


No ship was there in sight.

With Tilbury long forgotten,

it was heading out to sea,

alas, with one seaman light!


As never destined back was I;

my life now, not worth a dime.

The waiting gallows beckoned,

and I must pay my crime.







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To her that is forever

part of thee.

The loveliest flower this world

did ever see.

The one who came;

the one not meant to be.

The gift of love

that caused insanity.


To her that is forever

on the mind.

More so now, than ever,

one does find.

The one condemned

to die before her time.

The chance one takes;

this mountain one must climb.


To her that is forever

out of sight.

No happiness has found,

as was her right.

The one who happened

as if, by God’s will,

stays cherished in the heart,

and in the memory still.


To her that is forever

now unreal.

A figment of the past;

a fair done deal?

That ran it’s course

as these things often do.

Until the next world,

one must say ‘adieu’


To her that is forever

by ones side;

not in the way as planned,

but the heavens opened wide,

and welcomed home

two hearts that were as one.

No earthly solace found,

but now all suffering gone.










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July 7, 2015



People scurrying for the Tube,

during a working day.

Going about their business,

in their normal kind of way


Rich and poor alike they weaved,

through the bowels of the city.

Never knowing their fate that day;

Oh, God, it was a pity.


Innocent folks from far and wide;

it could have been you or me.

But we cannot walk on eggshells,

nor into the minds of killers, see.


To read about it in the papers,

brought sadness to our souls.

And to happen so soon after ‘Live 8’,

hampered our world peace goals.


We went from ecstasy into agony,

as we celebrated our Olympic bid.

It brought us back to reality,

Of terror – will we ever be rid ?


But those precious family members,

lost on the bus and the Underground

will never be forgotten,

whilst there’s so much love still around.



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May 10, 2015



So still the blades of

grass on Springside,

that welcomed home

at close of day,

the one reliable

in his routine,

who came and went

with easy sway.


So watchful in


the blades of grass

searched with intent.

But now sit so lonely,

and respectful;

missing familiar steps

that came and went.


So still the blades of

grass on Springside,

now it’s sunk in

they’ll never hear

the engine stopping,

the car door shutting,

as raindrops, for each,

produce a tear.


So sad, the blades of

grass on Springside,

for they feel too,

their time is nigh.

They know that sound;

it’s all too familiar,

as the lawn mower

comes ever closer by!






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April 26, 2015



No fortune favoured

those most brave,

who gave their all,

for an early grave.


So young, so willing

to die, if needs be,

in order to keep

this great country free.


Today we remember

a century ago,

those who were lost,

those who we loved so.


War never the answer,

if talks there can be,

but when talking fails,

no option to see.


We give thanks for each man;

someone’s father and son,

and uncle and brother;

through them, life goes on.


And we celebrate today,

in time honoured tradition,

those who brought us great hope,

yet ended in perdition.



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April 11, 2015



This week was different;

‘rain suddenly stopped play’.

The world of cricket wept,

for an icon, lost today.


This week left fans stunned,

to lose one so revered.

A top man, a legend,

a colossus, so endeared,


who came through the ranks,

to captain his country’s side.

A man of integrity,

rarely bowling a wide.


And who, when playing days over.

perfected the art,

of commentating on the game,

and recaptured our heart.


Both on and off the field,

he had things in hand.

His voice, a joy to listen to;

he took full command.


He could do the job blindfold.

He read the game well;

never missing a ball, and enriching,

a sometimes dull spell.


Dear Richie, we applaud you;

you were one of a kind:

Cricket won’t be the same,

now you’ve left it behind.


And as the bails are removed,

after this, your last test,

we say ‘Goodbye Richie Benaud;

you were ‘simply the best’.









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March 28, 2015



Oh life, that is

a lottery,

and fate the king

for all to see,

and forgiveness needed

like before,

when we begged peace

come to our door.


Oh life, that is

out of our hands,

we search our minds,

to understand,

the fragility of

those damaged souls,

who face a future

without goals.


Oh life, that is

a route to death,

and no-one knowing,

when their last breath.

Please help us God,

to find a way,

back from this hurt,

we feel today.




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