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May 23, 2017



In 62, the first Bond theme came from –

The John Barry Orchestra for ‘Doctor No’.

Followed by ‘From Russia With Love’,

in 63, sung by Matt Munro.


Then in 64, with the third Bond title song,

came Shirley Bassey with her hit, Goldfinger.

and in 65, ‘Thunderball’ from Tom Jones,

also another fine welsh singer.


The fifth Bond film theme – ‘You Only Live Twice’,

was sung, in 67 by Nancy Sinatra.

Then ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ in 69, saw the

re-appearance of The John Barry Orchestra.


‘We Have All The Time In The World’,

( also in this film), an unforgettable song,

performed as only he could,

by wonderful Mr Louis Armstrong.


Early 72 saw Shirley Bassey once more,

at her sparkling best with ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

and in 73, Paul McCartney and Wings gave us

‘Live And Let Die’, which we all sang together.


Composed by John Barry – words by Don Black in 74,

‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, nicely for Lulu did sit.

And in 77, Carly Simon with ‘Nobody Does It Better’,

from the film, The Spy Who Loved Me’, a hit.


Shirley Bassey performed the theme from ‘Moonraker’

( her third Bond song coming in 79).

And next Sheena Easton with the title song

‘For Your Eyes Only’, in 81, also divine.


In 83, the film ‘Octopussy’

found Rita Coolidge with ‘All Time High’,

and in 85 (with a U.S. No.1), Duran Duran sang,

‘A View To A Kill’, making young hearts sigh.


‘The Living Daylights’ came from Norway’s A-ha,

in 87, with the next film title song.

And Gladys Knight with ‘Licence To Kill’,

in 89, proved she could still do no wrong.


Also at her best in 95 Tina Turner,

had a hit with ‘Golden Eye’ to let us know.

And in 97 with ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’

yet another American – fab Sheryl Crow.


‘The World Is Not Enough’ from Garbage,

in 99, with the next film title seen.

And ‘Die Another Day’ in 2002 from Madonna,

a hit by this world renown song queen.


The song for Casino Royale in 2006 –

‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell, did please.

‘Another Way To Die’ for Quantum Of Solace,

in 2008 coming from Jack White and Alicia Keys


More recently, in 2012 Adele gave us ‘Skyfall’,

always sure to mesmerise.

And Spectre, just perfect for Sam Smith

in 2015, coming as no surprise.


Whatever James Bond Film your favourite,

whichever actor your preference to play the man,

you are guaranteed a time of excitement

no matter which decade they span.


James Bond films are films like no other;

fantasy entertainment of the highest score.

And in 2017 with heartfelt sadness

fans said ‘Goodnight, God Bless’ to Sir Roger Moore.


And now, just three years later,

the original James Bond, (some considered the best) –

Sir Sean Connery, has sadly departed.

Thank you,  in peace, may you rest.


R I P  Sir Sean Connery  1930 – 2020

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