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January 26, 2023



She’s gone to ground

without a sound.

It’s still Christmas

in her head.


She’s way behind.

She cannot find

the time

to get ahead.


She’s off on one.

Where has time gone?

With age comes

slowing down.


She’s not in touch.

She loves you much.

In her mind

your friendship’s sound.


She’s been ill with Flu.

Presents went askew.

Staying alive

her only aim.


She’s been carer too

with far too much to do.

as her man

also feels the same.


She’s been off her head.

She’s taken to her bed

after falling over

uneven flags.


She’s behind with jobs.

She’s not one for sobs

or lying there

flicking through mags.


She’s back up and about

at a slower pace without doubt.

Wiser now

just like an old owl.


She’s raring to go

before the February snow

sends her skating

like wild life fowl.


She’s looking forward to Spring.

It makes her heart zing.

Seeing nature

come back into seed.


She’s up with the lark.

She hears the dog bark

and the cat meowing

for her feed.


She’s invigorated.

She’s feeling elated

‘One day at a time’

her mother once said.


She’s out and on form.

She’s weathered the storm.

Thank goodness

for gluten free bread.



January 2023




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