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November 1, 2015




Forgive. Forget.

Move on.

Life is but a whistle-stop tour.



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October 13, 2015



I found myself hesitant,

and even a little scared,

entering the hot house from hell,

amongst plants quite absurd,


and yet, entrancingly beautiful

in their unique kind of way,

sat warm Trifid’s aplenty.

in a mesmerist array.


Then back out into tranquillity,

where a heron, quite still,

was clearly spotted at peace.

Oh such a joy, such a thrill,


to walk in the footsteps

of those gone before,

to soak up the ambiance;

please go, I implore.


To read of the children,

who played in the grounds.

To horse ride and fish in

idyllic surrounds,


and reside in a nursery,

that was hard to leave;

The best childhood possible,

they had, I believe.


Winterbourne House,

so superbly maintained,

with past memories intact;

real life in there remained.


Thank you dear Rosie,

these lines I impart,

for sharing the gift,

so very close to your heart.


This gem near the city,

( a whole world away,

from the hustle and bustle)

I shall return to someday.


This poem can be read on








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September 24, 2015



Out of the blue, the moment right,

to jump ship now, by harbour light,

and land unscathed, in calmer waters:

Mother of the sea, what sense you taught her.


Out of the blue, the Solent still,

reached by desire via Portland Bill.

No onward journey, destiny’s clutch.

Mother of the sea; thank you so much.





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August 18, 2015



‘Heatwave came along

and turned up the controls.

Their ‘Central Heating’ album,

warming many souls.


‘My Life’, a sure hit release,

with a meaningful beat.

Billy Joel gave of his best,

with his Album – 52nd Street.


Singing, for this songstress,

always a walk in the park.

Linda Lewis well remembered

for her delightful LP ‘Lark’.


Herbie Hancock; the cool dude,

who always got it right.

Made sure of huge success

with his great album ‘Sunlight’.


‘Warmer Communication’;

music we all understand.

Is still as good today,

by The Average White Band.


Billy Paul’s ‘Only the strong survive’,

and Rose Royce ‘Greatest hits’

two more special albums

that we all loved to bits.


One of the soulful romantics;

Al Green gave us ‘Explore your mind’,

and Gap Mangione’s ‘Funk America’

so right, when needing to unwind.


The Commodores ‘Midnight Magic’

was played until the dawn,

and also The Crusaders ‘Streetlife’,

brought us to another morn.


And finally, ‘The Weather Report’

came from Mr Gone.

Whilst ‘Exodus’, just the beginning

as Bob Marley’s sound lives on.


Albums notable by their Cover;

each track from memory, follows on.

The warm glow of nostalgia,

back then, when bright sun shone.


Each LP meant the world;

a musical diary to behold.

The plastic path of life;

the joy that vinyl told.


Written by Harriet Blackbury –

Usual copyright rules apply. 





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Tonys Time Machine


Wednesday  19th August

11 am – 1pm

(with repeats to follow at the usual times)

This week Tony is in conversation

with  Suzy.

and he will be reading Harriet’s poem –

For The Love Of Motown  – Part 1

Be sure to join in the fun





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August 1, 2015





It used to be said that as the

weather worsened, the warmth

of the people shone through.


And that no one in the south knew

their neighbours, whilst up north

they were welcomed with a brew.


The economics of life have now

changed that thinking, as we’re all

pulling each other out of a stew.


We’ve been told we are in this mess

together, though how we arrived here,

we haven’t got a clue! 




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March 28, 2015



Where he goes,

we know we go to;

brother’s in arms,

we’ll make it through.


Where he goes,

we know we must be;

this holy trinity,

just us three.


Where he goes,

wind blows, on his trail,

and true to form,

we’re on his tail.


Where he goes,

on whatever whim;

into damnation

we’ll follow him.


Where he goes,

we know we must be,

joined at the hip,

for all to see.


Where he goes,

we two have to say;

‘come hell or high water,

it has to be this way.’




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March 13, 2015



…and you the one

who kept me strong,

when days were endless,

nights were long.


When I, not sure

of life or death,

or near to taking

my last breath.


Knowing you were by me

eased my pain.

You were the one

who kept me sane.


My life in limbo,

like a ticking clock,

and all the while,

you were my rock.


I knew I had to

make it through;

to share with you

those skies of blue.


So much more living,

I prayed there’d be,

even when recovery,

really got to me.


I dreamt we’d travel.

I had a master plan.

I said to God,

‘don’t let me kick the can.’


‘I need her with me

in the promised land,

but I’d prefer on earth

to hold her hand,


a good while longer,

if it be your will:

This gift of life,

my one hope to fulfil’.




Now each moment cherished

by the simplest things;

walks by the river,

as the song bird sings.


And I thank you sweetheart

from the bottom of my heart.

I’m yours forever,

until the oceans part.


There’s one more thing,

and this you must hear.

‘I’ll love you always,

my darling dear.






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March 5, 2015



Everyone needs

a touchstone,

when their confidence

takes a dip.


A talisman

to good fortune,

to help climb

over a blip.


Everyone needs

a sounding board;

a ‘bounce-back’

cushioned buffer,


for damage


when in isolation

they suffer.


Everyone needs

a good luck charm,

in whatever form

it appears,


to energise

and rejuvenate,

enabling smiles,

to replace old fears.




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January 18, 2015



‘I know’ she said;

‘I’ve always known’!

‘But I don’t worry about,

what I can’t condone’.

‘No point to grumble

and to groan.

That’s why I choose

to be alone.




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