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September 24, 2020



We took for granted

the usual suspects,

that on our daily route

we would always see.


The same school children

The same shop workers

The same coffee shop occupants,

chatting over a pot of tea.


With joy we walked

by the riverside.

Hand in hand,

even at our age.


Taking for granted

the simple pleasures,

as each new decade

took us to the next stage.


Each day that came,

a new tomorrow,

full of fun and laughter –

what more could we ask?


Now all we see

are scary eyes,

peeping out from

over a mask.


A second wave of fear

hitting us all.

More so for those

who have suffered a loss.


As they watch selfish folk

not heeding the rules.

Is it any wonder

they all feel so cross?


Doing the right thing

like staying in a bubble,

will certainly

prevent the spread.


And bringing families closer

than ever before,

not a bad thing –

it has to be said.


So let sense prevail,

there is no short term fix.

We are in it together,

like it or not!


In a world where kindness

is sadly lacking,

we must do what we can

to stop this rot.


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