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January 10, 2022



You are a part of my mental scaffolding.

A life support on a windy day.

Someone who I know to be reliable

to take all my blues away.


You are a part of all that I stand for.

You make me laugh when skies turn grey.

Someone to share my insecurities,

when hard times come my way.


You are a part of my well being,

in sickness and health, a real mainstay.

Someone there at the drop of a hat,

when on a recovery bed, I lay.


You are a part of my infra structure.

An intrinsic part of my DNA.

Someone who always comes to mind,

to keep all the clouds at bay.


You are a part of my forward journey.

There when edges start to fray.

Someone who, in return asks for nothing.

An absolute gem, I have to say.


You are a part of my mental scaffolding.

You made me who I am today.

Someone there for all eternity,

and for that, I give thanks and pray.


written by

Harriet Blackbury   January 2022



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