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June 7, 2021



F is for freedom

and much needed space,

when so long, is too long,

locked in the same place.


F is for fear,

of the unknown,

complacency the enemy,

no place safer than home.


F is for force,

that unstoppable surge,

when out of nowhere,

one gets an urge.


F is for feather,

worn in one’s cap,

when a successful venture,

sees one, back on the map.


F is for family,

spread out, far and wide,

though side by side,

in one’s head, they reside.


F is for Football,

the game we love true,

that got us through a pandemic,

when good times were few.


F is for fish,

always a winner,

served with chips and peas,

for our weekly dinner.


F is for future,

and ongoing schemes.

A life built on hope,

and fulfilling dreams.


F is for faithfulness,

one mighty ask,

when as fallible humans,

so hard, can be this task.


F is for falling,

with no safety net,

though the thrill of a zip wire,

one will never forget.


F is for forever,

to infinity and beyond.

A love built on trust,

no better solid bond.


F is for fantasia,

where the mind travels to,

when imagination runs riot,

to get one out of a stew.


F is for fanatical,

that robotic state,

when sense out of nonsense,

the mind can create.


F is for figures,

that just don’t add up,

when sometimes half empty,

is life’s giving cup.


F is for fearless,

and forging ahead,

after finally dismissing,

an unkind word, said.


F is for fortune,

the giver of hope,

that lifts the heart upwards,

when signs saying ‘nope’.


F is for friendship,

the worlds greatest gift,

and best solver of problems,

when minds go adrift.


F is for fountain,

that high rising splash,

making one want to strip off,

when out on the lash.


F is for fixing,

that unsolvable thing,

which, for so long,

much misery did bring.


F is for feeling,

unsure and alarmed,

until open arms, once more,

find hearts that are calmed.


F is for fabulous,

and frightfully grand,

outshone by amazing,

now taking command.


F is for f—,

that all purpose verb,

and outright winner, it seems,

of a word, one should curb.


written by Harriet Blackbury.




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