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February 6, 2020





In 79, ‘Lucky Number’, on Stiff,

gave Lene Lovich a Top 3.

And in 94, Marvin Gaye, peaked at No. 67,

on Motown, with ‘Lucky, Lucky Me’.


In 95, ‘Lucky Love’, on London,

gave Ace of Base, a Top 20.

And in 2000, ‘Lucky’, on Jive,

found Britney Spears with a Top 5 entry.


In 93, ‘Lucky Town (Live)’, on Columbia,

made No.48, for Bruce Springsteen.

And in 94, ‘Lucky You’, on Epic,

for The Lightning Seeds, peaked at No.15.


In 78, ‘Lucky Stars’, on Lifesong,

gave Dean Friedman, a Top 3 view.

And in 91, ‘Lucky 7 Megamix’, made No.43,

for UK Mixmasters, on I Q.


In 84, ‘Lucky Star’, on Sire,

saw Madonna, climb to No.14.

And in 94, ‘Lucky One’, on A & M,

for Amy Grant, a Top 60, seen.


In 84, ‘The Lucky One’, on Atlantic,

found Laura Branigan at No.56.

And in 97, ‘Lucky Man’, on Hut,

a No.7, for Verve, ends this mix.




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February 4, 2020





Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 4th February 2020,

for another unmissable hour of great music & chat.


This week sees the welcome return of

Mally – the renown Northern Soul exponent,

who with be chatting to Tony about his early life,

and introduction into music.

Tony will also be playing  Mally’s 10 favourite songs

from The Northern Soul era and Wigan Casino days.


The show includes a short musical celebration for the life of

Andy Gill – guitarist & founder member of The Gang Of Four.

( 1956 – 2020 )


Tony will also be reading the poem ……


‘For The Love Of Suzi Quatro’,

written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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February 3, 2020





and flowers in the meadow too,

took on new life, as skies turned blue.


The day we set eyes on each other,

would be a day, unlike another.


A lawn of bluebells, lots and lots,

swayed happily with forget-me-knots,


the day we met and talked awhile,

you liked my dress, I liked your smile.


And lilies of the valley knew,

love in the air, for me and you,


the day we will not, ever forget,

when our eyes, upon each other set.


And daffodils lined, the countryside,

and tulips too, came for the ride.


the day we put our trust in fate,

and said ‘come on, let’s celebrate’.


And roses of the summer flowered,

as gladioli saintly towered,


the day we started life together,

for better or worse, and through all weather.


How nice, years on, to still recall,

the very start, of it all,


when love was young,

and bluebirds sung.


when we, as one, would onward tread,

hand in hand, by freedom lead.


The world our future, to discover,

because we set, eyes on each other.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury   February 2020.


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February 1, 2020





In 97, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, on Delirious,

for Tina Moore, a Top 7.

And in 01, ‘Straight Up’, on MCA,

found Chante Moore, at No.11.


In 79, ‘This Time Baby’, peaked at No.49,

for Jackie Moore, on CBS.

And in 87, ‘Soul Man’, on A & M,

gave Sam Moore & Lou Reed, a Top 30 success.


In 79, ‘Parisienne Walkways’, at No.8,

for Gary Moore, on MCA.

And in 86, ‘O’ My Father had A Rabbit’,

reached No.24, for Ray Moore, on Play.


In 76, ‘Misty Blue’, on Contempo,

for Dorothy Moore, reached the Top 5 flight.

And in 95, Lisa Moorish, on Go! Beat,

peaked at No.24, with ‘Mr Friday Night’.


In 2000, ‘Candy’, on Epic,

found Mandy Moore, at No.6.

And in 76, ‘This Is It’, on Buddah,

for Melba Moore, at No 9, ends this mix.








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In 93, Maria McKee, on Geffen,

climbed to No.35, with ‘I’m Gonna Soothe You’.

And in 07, ‘Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)’,

for Bill Conti, on Capitol, a US No.1 & UK No.52.


In 71, ‘I’m Gonna Run Away From You’,

for Tami Lynn, on Mojo, reached No.4.

And in 94, ‘I’m Gonna Make You Mine’,

gave Tanya Blount, a No.69 on Polydor.


In 73, ‘Gonna Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse’,

on Cube, saw Jimmy Helms, at No.8 arrive.

And in 01, ‘Gonna Work It Out’, on Incentive,

found Hi-Gate, at No.25.


In 77, ‘Gonna Capture Your Heart’, on Rocket,

peaked at No.18, for Blue.

And in 91, ‘Gonna Catch You’, on Supreme,

gave Lonnie Gordon, a No.32.


In 72, ‘I’m Gonna Be A Country Girl Again’,

on Vanguard, made No.34, for Buffy Sainte Marie.

And in 02, ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’, on Epic,

for Jennifer Lopez featuring Nas, reached No.3.


In 69, Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations,

made No.3, with ‘I’m Gonna Make You Love Me’.

And in 73, ‘I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby’,

on Pye International, gave Barry White a No.23.


In 79, ‘Gonna Get Along Without You Now’,

on Ariola/Hansa, for Viola Wills, a No.8 success.

And in 90, ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’,

for C & C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams, a Top 3, on CBS.






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January 29, 2020





In 89, ‘When Love Came To Town’, on Island,

saw U2 featuring B B King, at No.6 in the charts.

And in 02, Kings Of Tomorrow peaked at No.45,

on Defected, with ‘Young Hearts’.


In 61, ‘First Taste Of Love’, on London,

found Ben E King, in the No.27 slot.

And in 01, ‘Bionic’, on Superior Quality,

gave King Adora, a Top 30 spot.


In 95, ‘Shy Guy’, on Columbia,

gave Diana King, a Top 2 score.

And in 01, ‘Toxic Girl’, on Source,

by Kings Of Convenience, made No.44.


In 56, ‘You Can’t Be True To Two’, on Decca,

for Dave King featuring The Keynotes, peaked at No.11.

And in 82, ‘Love Came Down’, on RCA,

gave Evelyn King, a No 7.


In 86, ‘America’, for King Kurt,

reached No.73, on Polydor.

And in 05, ‘Four Kicks’, on Hand Me Down,

for Kings Of Leon, a No.24.


In 68, Solomon King, had a Top 3,

on Columbia, with ‘She Wears My Ring’.

And in 82, Kings Of Swing Orchestra, made No.48,

on Philips, with ‘Switched On Swing’.


In 71, ‘It’s Too Late’, a US No.1 & UK No.6.

for Carole King, on A & M.

And in 85, ‘Love And Pride’, on CBS,

gave King, a gold-selling No.2 gem.




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January 28, 2020




How soon is too soon,

when so soon is near?

How fast is too fast,

well, too fast I fear?


How high is too high,

when the heart knows such thrills?

How cool is too cool,

when the temperature chills?


How sad is too sad,

when feeling bereft?

How low is too low,

when no tears are left?


How much is too much,

when too much a sin?

How wrong is too wrong,

when so wrong has to win?


How kind is too kind,

when kindness is proffered?

How trite is too trite,

when an apology offered?


How lost is too lost,

when a mirage appears?

How daring is too daring,

when faced with ones fears?


How rich is too rich,

when pockets are torn?

How lonely is too lonely,

when feeling forlorn?


How cute is too cute,

when cuteness not enough?

How chewy is too chewy,

when steak really tough?


How funny is too funny,

when tears, fun create?

How sweet is too sweet,

when teeth start to ache?


How up is too up,

when hopes riding high?

How stretched is too stretched,

when arms reach the sky?


How gone is too gone,

when all gone to seed?

How clean is too clean,

when the last germs still breed?


How far is too far,

when so far apart?

How long is too long,

when fast beats the heart?





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When woodlands in shambles,

and old fashioned brambles,

lie stinky and soggy with the rain.


and broken tree branches,

just like avalanches,

destroy a once beautiful terrain.


and the aftermath of the season,

that gave us a reason,

to ‘whoop it up’, to the full.


reminds us that celebrations,

no matter how long their duration,

are always followed by a lull.


But very soon after,

the sound of love and laughter,

fills us once more with joy.


when fourteen days later,

cupid arrives to sedate her,

and St. Valentine’s Day, we all enjoy.





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January 27, 2020





Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon, on Tuesday, 28th January 2020,

for Tony’s special Leap year show.


On today’s show

Tony will introduce his new artist -‘Albert’

along with 5 of his songs.


folk music from…Lindisfarne/ Fairport Convention,

and The Strawbs.

and a selection of songs from Jethro Tull


Tony will also be reading the  poem…


For The Love Of No More

Written by Harriet Blackbury.





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In 92, ‘To Be With You’, on Atlantic,

for America’s Mr Big, a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And in 97, ‘Coco Jamboo’ reached No.8,

for Mr President, on WEA.


In 90, ‘Get Busy’, on Jive,

reached No.41, for Mr.Lee.

And in 94, ‘Give Me Life’, on Cheeky,

a Top 40, for Mr.V.


In 86, ‘Kyrie’, a US No.1 & UK No.11,

for Mr.Mister, on RCA.

And in 92, ‘Closer’, a Top 50,

for Mr Fingers, on MCA.


In 93, ‘Mr Blobby’, on Destiny Music –

a platinum seller, gave Mr. Blobby a No.1 quest.

And in 09, ‘Supernova’, on Good Music – a Top 2,

for Mr Hudson & Kanye West.


In 85, ‘Broken Wings’, on RCA,

for Mr. Mister, a US No.1 & UK Top 4 track.

And in 97, Wiggly World’, on Xtravaganza,

reached No.32, for Mr. Jack.


In 95, ‘Saved’, on Fresh label,

gave Mr. Roy, a No.24 position

And in 99, ‘Flat Beat’, on F Communications/PIAS Recordings ,

for Mr. OIZO – a No.1 mission.


In 70, ‘Groovin With Mr Bloe’,

on DJM, a Top 2 for Mr Bloe.

And in 77, UK’s Mr Big, on EMI –

had a Top 4, with ‘Romeo’.





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