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April 3, 2019



With wonderful performances by John Kani & Antony Sher –

this play lingers in the mind, long after the standing ovation is over.


You’d be crazy to miss it,

and even crazier not to visit the loo first,

as there is no interval.


Harriet Blackbury



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April 1, 2019



In 92, ‘Tears In Heaven’ – a Top 5,

for Eric Clapton on Reprise.

And in 04, at No.1 were The Streets,

on the Locked In  label with ‘Dry Your Eyes’


In 82, ‘Tracks Of My Tears’, on PRT  –

a Top 60 for Colin Blundstone.

And in 07, Amy Winehouse, on Island .

reached No.16 with ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’.


In 88, ‘Teardrops’ on Fourth & Broadway,

for Womack & Womack  peaked at No.3.

And in 90, ‘Tears On My Pillow’, on PWL,

for Kylie Minogue, a Number 1, was to be.


In 82, Blue Zoo, on Magnet,

reached No.13 with ‘Cry Boy Cry’.

And in 94, ‘Tears Of The Dragon’, at No.28,

for Bruce Dickinson on EMI.


In 92, ‘The Crying Game’ on Spaghetti,

for Boy George, peaked at No.22.

And in 09, ‘Cry Me A River’, on Reprise,

by Michael Buble at No.34, on view.


In 73, The Jackson 5, on Tamla Motown,

peaked at No.9, with ‘Doctor My Eyes’.

And in 2004, Liberty X, on V2WR,

reached No.13 with  ‘Everybody Cries’.


In 62, ‘A Little Bitty Tear’, on Brunswick,

saw Burl Ives in the No.9 zone.

And in 79, ‘Tears Of A Clown’/’Ranking Full Stop’,

made No.6, for Beat, on 2 Tone.


In 65, ‘That’s Why I’m Crying’, on Piccadilly,

for The Ivy League, peaked at No.22.

And in 81, ‘Tears Are Not Enough’, on Neutron,

for ABC, up to No.19, flew.


In 92, ‘Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)’, on Fontana,

gave Tears for fears, a No.17 hit.

And in 05, ‘Teary Eyed’, on Atlantic, 

for Missy Elliott, at No.47, did sit.


In 81, ‘Reward’, on Vertigo,

took Teardrop explodes, up to No.6.

And in 79, ‘No More Tears(Enough Is Enough)’, on Casablanca,

a Top 3, for Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand, ending this mix.





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Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon, on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019

for another fast moving hour of

all things current in the music world.


April arrives with favourites like

Tony’s ‘This day in Rock History’


and also a run down of

forth coming summer shows,

including –

A Rock Barge Journey 

A Rock Railway Journey 

and a LIVE interview & music 

with Steve Hackett in MALTA !!!


Tony be paying tribute to 

Bob Stewart – of Radio Caroline/Radio Luxenbourg fame.


a musical tribute for Liverpool Indie Band – ‘Her’s.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘On The Edge Of Tomorrow’ (in tribute to Her’s )

written by 

Harriet Blackbury.



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With so much to live for

through music and song.

On the edge of tomorrow.

How could it go wrong?


The nicest of guys

who anyone could meet.

Loved and respected

on every Liverpool street.


Two talented souls

blessed with a vision.

Let their music play on.

Heaven and earth knows no division.



RIP    Stephen Fitzpatrick  (Barrow-in-Furness)

            Audun Laading  (Norway)

and also  Tour Manager-  Trevor Engelbrektson.



Written by Harriet Blackbury


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March 30, 2019



In 67, ‘When You’re Young And In Love’, on Tamla Motown,

for The Marvellettes, peaked at No.13.

And In 70, ‘When Julie Comes Around’, on RCA,

for Cuff Links, at No.10, seen.


In 71, ‘When You Get Right Down To It’, on CBS,

saw Ronnie Dyson at No.34.

And in 81, ‘When She Was My Girl’, on Casablanca,

gave The Four Tops, a Top 3, once more.


In 76, ‘When Forever Has Gone’, on Philips,

gave Demis Roussos, a Top 2 spot.

And in 99, ‘When We Are Together’, on Mercury,

gained Texas a No.12 slot.


In 87, ‘When Smokey Sings’ on Neutron,

reached No.11 for ABC.

And in 98, ‘When You’re Gone’, on A & M,

for Bryan Adams featuring Melanie C, made No.3.


In 71, ‘Something Old, Something New’, on Bell,

gave The Fantastics a No.9 score.

And in 2004, ‘When You Walk In The Room’, on Wea,

for Agnetha Faltskog reached No.34.


In 62, ‘When My Little Girl Is Smiling’

for Jimmy Justice, reached No.9, on Pye.

And in 84, Prince, on Warner Brothers,

had a US No.1 and UK No.4, with ‘When Doves Cry’.


In 06, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ on Domino,

gave The Arctic Monkeys their second No.1.

And in 07, ‘When You Believe’, on Syco Music,

saw Leon Jackson, also at No.1


In 07, for Avril Lavigne, on RCA,

at No.3, was ‘When You’re Gone’.

And in 09, ‘When Love Takes Over’ on Positive,

for David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland, made No.1.


In 95, ‘When I Call Your Name’, on Mercury,

for Mary Kiani, peaked at No.18.

And in 08, ‘Burning Up’/’When You Look Me In The Eyes’, 

on Polydor, for The Jonas Brothers, a Top 30, seen.


In 70, ‘When I’m Dead And Gone’, on Capitol,

saw McGuinness Flint at No.2.

And in 77, Leo Sayer, on Chrysalis,

had a gold selling US & UK No.1, with ‘When I Need You’.


In 90, ‘When The Night Comes’ on Capitol,

took Joe Cocker to No.61.

And in 06, for Eminem, on Interscope,

at No.4, was ‘When I’m Gone’.


In 68, ‘When The Sun Comes Shining Through’, on Pye,

for Long John Baldry, had the Top 30 won.

And in 99, ‘When You Say Nothing At All’, on Polydor,

for Ronan Keating – a gold seller and UK No.1


In 56, ‘When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba’,

on Brunswick, for Mitchell Torok, at No.6.

And in 98, ‘When The Lights Go Out’. on RCA.

for Five, a Top 4, ending this mix.



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March 25, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 26th March 2019.


This show comes two days after

Tony’s successful Sunday Evening Show,

which featured Part 1 of Tony’s Travels.

(Parts 2 & 3 to follow soon).


This weeks show includes ;

a repeat of Tony’s recent telephone interview

with Erasure’s Andy Bell,

along with tracks from his well received latest album.


Also on the show will be;

all the latest happenings in the music world, along with 

tracks from The Walker Brothers and Dire Straits.


Tony will be reading the poems –


For The Love Of Dire Straits

written by Harriet Blackbury


For The Love Of The Walker Brothers

written by Harriet Blackbury.




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In 65, ‘Love Her’ on Philips

gave this US male Trio a UK Top 20.

Followed by ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’,

which saw them claiming their first No.1 entry.


Ending 65, ‘My Ship Is Coming In’,

still on Philips, made a No.3 score.

And in 66, their next UK No.1, was to be –

 ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’.


Also in 66 came, ‘(Baby) You Don’t Have To Tell Me’,

a No.13 hit, which had fans screaming in the stalls.

And in 66, again on Philips,

at No.12, was ‘Another Tear Falls’.


Ending 66, was ‘Deadlier Than The Male’,

on Philips, reaching a No.32 slot.

And in 67, ‘Stay With Me Baby’,

peaked at No.26, and was loved a lot.


Still in 67, ‘Walking In The Rain’,

again on Philips, also peaked at No.26.

And in 76, ‘No Regrets’, this time on GTO,

reached No.7 – ending this Walker Brothers mix.


Their SOLO Hits.


In 66, ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Twinkie Lee’, on CBS,

gave Gary Walker UK hits – both settling in a No.26 place.

And in 67, John Walker, on Philips, also had a solo hit –

with ‘Annabella’ claiming No.24 in the chart race.


In December 67, Scott Walker, on Philips,

thrilled fans with ‘Jackie’, which peaked at No.22.

And in 68, ‘Joanna’ followed, making it to No.7.

And in 69, ‘Lights Of Cincinnati’ was at No.13 – RIP & Thank You.


RIP  Scott Walker.   1943 – 2019


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.



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March 23, 2019



Tune in to  Tony’s Time Machine

between  5 pm – 7 pm

on SUNDAY, 24th March 2019,

to hear Tony’s great selection of

electonic & Drive-Time music.


The show includes Part 1 of  

Tony’s Travel Tales.

(with Part 2 & Part 3 to be aired at a later date.)


Tony will also be reading (and playing tracks from) the poem :


‘For The Love Of The Universe’

written by Harriet Blackbury.




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March 22, 2019



In 05, ‘Star To Fall’, on Data,

a No.4, for Australian Duo – Cabin Crew.

And in 2000, ‘Sky’, on Universal,

for Sonique, reached No.2.


In 78, ‘Jupiter’ peaked at No.41,

and in 78, ‘Star’- a Top 20, at No.16.

Both these hits on CBS for Earth, Wind & Fire.

And in 95 ‘Heaven For Everyone’ – No.2 on Parlophone for Queen.


In 83, ‘The Sun And The Rain’, on Stiff label,

gave Madness a Top 5 stay.

And in 85, ‘Clouds Across The Moon’, reached No.6,

for The Rah Band, on RCA.


In 97, ‘Dark Clouds’ on Gut label,

was a No.14 hit for Space.

And in 06, ‘Starlight’, on Helium 3/Warner Brothers –

gave Muse a No.13 place.


In 65, ‘Here Comes The Night’, on Decca –

a Top 2, for UK male vocal group – Them.

And in 99, ‘Cloud Number 9’ reached No.6,

for Canadian singer- Bryan Adams, on A & M.


In 75, ‘Sky High’, on Splash,

gave Jigsaw a No.9 hit.

And in 84, ‘Atmosphere’ on Spirit Fire label,

for Russ Abbot, at No.7, did sit.


In 69, ‘Cloud Nine’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Temptations their fifth Top 20 – at No.15.

And in 03, ‘Universally Speaking’, on Warner Brothers,

by Red Hot Chili Peppers, at No.27, was seen.


In 81, ‘Planet Earth’ on EMI,

for Duran Duran, a No.12 – fans thought heaven.

And in 03, ‘Sunrise’ on Simplyred.com,

took Simply Red up to No.7.


In 91, ‘The Whole Of The Moon’, on Ensign,

found The Waterboys at No.3 – (and in 85 at No.26).

And in 84, ‘Sunset Now’ on Virgin, at No.24,

for Heaven 17 – last in this mix.




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March 17, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.


This Show is hot on the heels of Tony’s

successful Drive-Time Show last week,


and includes Tony’s interview with Andy Bell,

along with songs and promotion connected with Andy’s new album –

‘Torsten in Queereteria’ due  for release on 12th April 2019


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of Erasure’

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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