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April 28, 2020





1      NB LA LA LA     4  4

2      STEER AUDI NTN     6  6

3      TRT CUSHIONS     5   6

4      MINTLOK CRANK FC     5  9

5      WIN ROYALS     3  6

6      O SUCH A SPELL     4  7

7      VALERIE GETS CD     5  8 

8      IF MAMMY LIED JR     5  8

9      LUSH BRITTLE SET     6  8

10    I BALD MARY     4  5

11     BERT CURE THY R     5  7

12     MALL NEARLY U     4  7

13     STANLEY EX PE     4  7

14     E ROGER LEACH G I     7  6

15     RUBBER GOAL BRACE     5  10

16     AHA SIR MARK C     5  6

17     O BIRCH CURE     5  5

18     L R ROY GIFT CRAFT     5  9

19     VAN SIZED CANON S H     8  7

20     SO MISS USA SO OK     6  7

21     HI Y R THEY EN RR     7  5

22     RIDE O LAND MAJOR     8  6

23     AZ AKA ALGEBRA PAIR     4  12

24     I CAUSE CARPET LIZA     5  11

25     DO U GAIN TRAINER     7  7

26     NOT GOAL KEN’     5  5

27     WHY I SANK R R      5  5

28     TODAY WE DRILL BEER     4  12

29     I KIPPER TRAINER     6  8

30     A U A ZING ZAP GOAL     5  9

31     ROAR A LOT AMVA     6  6

32     LOOK WISE C     5  4

33     ROMANCI SNIFS     5  7

34     A MINKZ SAT AT A     7  5

35     HER AND ER ARE R     5  7

36     I D FLORENCI VOLT     6  8

37     INVITE A CUTE AG     7  6

38     I DREAM SHAKER     6  6

39     NOSE BARRY DONT     4  9

40     NO FRIED H NAN     11

41     VAN SOLD A BERRI     8  5

42     CEO JOHN SUN NAP     5  8

43     BILL COMES AREA     7  6

44     OASIS CHILD UP POLE     4 12

45     QUID MANGO SO IN     8  5

46     P TEA SCHOLAR     5  6

47     O NO REG WONDER     3  9

48     SKREEN GOAL JOURNALS     3  6  9

49     FOX US GENERAL     4  8

50     N CRU LABEL NAT     7  5

51     N HOUSING – MEN     3 5-3

52     BUT MARTY A GB     4  7

53     C Y MOIST CALL     4  7

54     YO YE TENDER     4  6

55     SINGER TONY M     6  5

56     RALLY WEEK K     4  6

57     E F DOLPHIN     4  5

58     DJ OIL ARAB     5  4

59     WALK STYLE KEEPER R     4  6 – 6

60     JLS ERASES PENCIL     6  9

61     HI DERRIQ SAXHN A     7  7

62     NB RED ORANGES DR     7  7

63     HE MADE MUSIC B     7  5

64     IN LEVEL DAY     6  4

65     JAK N VIVID GIRL     6  3  4

66     TYRE BRAND RAN     4  8

67     ORDER ONE RAM     6  5

68     I GULURU LTD     4  6

69     I ADDED A VEG     5  2  3

70     SO DEAR JOHNNY LB     7  7

71     LCC STATION SIR     5  8

72     C HE CREPT     4  4

73     CONTROL TAIL ACE     5  9

74     GEE ZOOM J     3  5

75     IF ME A NIKE OK     4  7

76     C JAR VIA GIA     4  6

77     RADIO N FRIEND     3  9

78     I D VIMTO AT BARBER     7  8

79     U MY ERNIE A      4  5

80     Y ALARM SCALED     3  9

81     Y IN MY EAR R     5  4

82     I AM SIR RAZOR I U     8  5

83     SAGE SCARF C B E     4  8

84     E CALLED U UP      6  4

85     RATHER RAY R     5  5

86     ALARM BELT UP      4  7

87     AH ANA KENT     6  3

88     REAL AS HE RAN     4  7

89     E YR REAL KING      4  7

90    WITH A GRIN     3  6

91     HELD N GOLDEN     5  6

92     A ROCK GHOST R     5  6

93     LAUGH N RATTLE HSH     5  10

94     O LITZ MUSE     5  4

95     E DANCE SHY     4  5

96     E WAX I BOIL     4  5

97     I J COOL WHAM     7  3

98     Y I DO HARDY BOOT     4  9

99     I AKA BAZARAG PEARL     4  12

100   I DON I DOES     5  4


The answers will appear on my website –


on 1st June 2020


Compiled by Harriet Blackbury

April 2020

(usual copyright rules apply) 





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‘Times They Are A-Changin’ &’ Subterranean Homesick Blues’ –

(the first two of sixteen UK chart hits, on CBS),

for Robert Zimmerman, known as Bob Dylan,

in 65, both at No.9, hot off the press.


Still in 65, ‘Maggie’s Farm’ followed, peaking at No.22,

with ‘Like A Rollong Stone’ & ‘Positively Fourth Street’ –

reaching No.4 & No.8 consecutively, ending 65,

as 66, turned up the heat.


‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’, made No.17,

and ‘One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)’, was at No.33.

Next came ‘Rainy Day Women Nos.12 & 35’ – a Top 10, at No.7,

and closing 66, ‘I Want You’, a No.16 hit, was to be.


In 69, ‘I Threw It All Away’, a Top 30,

and ‘Lay Lady Lay’ – a Top 5.

In 71,’Watching The River Flow’, peaked at No.24,

and in 73, ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, at No.14, did arrive.


In 76, ‘Hurricane’, reached No.43,

and in 78, ‘Baby Stop Crying’, peaked at No.13.

Also in 78, ‘Is Your Love In Vain’, made No.56 –

being his last hit on CBS seen.


In 95, now on Columbia,

‘Dignity’, claimed a No.33 slot.

And in 98, ‘Love Sick’, peaked at No.64,

and in 2000, ‘Things Have To Change’, made the No.58 spot.


In 07, ‘Most Likely You Go Your Way’,

reached No.51, for this beloved man.

And in 2010, ‘Must Be Santa’,

rose to No.41, as another decade began.





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April 27, 2020





In 80, ‘Dance Yourself Dizzy’, reached No.2,

for Liquid Gold, on Polo.

And in 88, ‘Running All Over The World’, made No.17,

for Status Quo, on Vertigo.


In 82, ‘The Clapping Song’, on Stiff,

gave The Belle Stars a No.11.

And in 96, ‘Keep On, Keepin’ on’, on East West,

gave MC Lyte featuring Xscape, a No.27.


In 65, The Spencer Davis Group, on Fontana,

saw ‘Keep On Running’, make the No.1 line.

And in 95, ‘Running Around Town’, on Magnet,

gave Billie Ray Martin, a No.29.


In 71, ‘Run Baby Run’, on London,

for The Newbeats, reached the Top 10.

And in 92, ‘Keep On Walkin’, on A & M,

for Ce Ce Peniston, also made the Top 10.


In 82, ‘Run To The Hills’, on EMI,

for Iron Maiden, peaked at No.7

And in 04, ‘Pump It Up’, on Data,

gave Danzel a No.11.


In 90, Delamitri, made No 36,

on A & M, with ‘Move Away Jimmy Blue’.

And in 05, ‘Pump Up The Jam’, on Data,

for Dons Featuring Technotronic, reached No.22.


In 85, ‘Running Up The Hill’, on EMI,

climbed to the Top 3, for Kate Bush.

And in 91, Paula Abdul, made No.6,

on Virgin America, with ‘Rush Rush’.


In 89, Tyree Featuring JMD, rose to No.72,

with ‘Move Your Body’, on CBS.

And also in 89, ‘Express Yourself’, on Sire,

gave Madonna, a Top 5 success.





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April 24, 2020





In 82,’ Mama Used To Say’, on Mercury,

gave Junior a No.7.

And in 88, ‘Father Figure’, on Epic,

for George Michael, reached No.11.


In 72, Paul Simon, made the Top 5,

with ‘Mother & Child Reunion’, on CBS.

And in 81, ‘Daddy’s Home’, on EMI,

for Cliff Richard, a gold-selling Top 2 success.


In 74, ‘Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle’, on Warner Brothers,

gave The Electric Light Orchestra, a No.22.

And in 09, Pixie Lott, made No.1,

on Mercury, with ‘Mama Do’.


In 73, ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Temptations, a US No.1 & UK No.14 play.

And in 68, Mama Cass, reached No.11,

with ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, on RCA.


In 80, ‘Mama’s Boy’, on RAK,

for Suzi Quatro, rose to No.34.

And in 95, Boyzone, had a multiple-platinum No.2,

with ‘Father And Son’, on Polydor.


In 72, Sweet, reached No.11,

with ‘Poppa Joe’, on RCA.

And in 98, ‘Father’, on Def Jam,

was a Top 10, for LL Cool J.


In 54, ‘Papa Loves Mambo’, on HMV,

was a No.16, for Perry Como.

And in 96, Metallica, peaked at No.19,

with ‘Mama Said’, on Vertigo.


In 70, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’, on Stateside,

gave Three Dog Night, a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And in 08, N-Dubz climbed to No.19,

on All Around The World, with ‘Papa Can You Hear Me’.


In 72, ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’,

gave Slade, a No.1 on Polydor.

And in 97, ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’, on Roadrunner,

for Bennett, reached No.34.


In 53, Diana Decker, made the Top 2,

on Columbia, with ‘Poppa Piccolino’.

And in 08, Wideboys Featuring Shaznay Lewis,

on All Around The World, rose to No.8, with ‘Daddy O’.


In 75, ‘Mama Never Told Me’, on Atlantic,

for Sister Sledge (their first UK hit), made No.20.

And in 92, ‘Mother Dawn’, on Big Life,

for Blue Pearl, was a Top 50 entry.


In 72, ‘Mother Of Mine’, on Decca,

saw Neil Reid, with the Top 2 won.

And in 86, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, on Sire,

gave Madonna, a gold-selling US & UK No.1.


In 90, ‘Mother Universe’, on Big Life,

gave The Soup Dragons, a No.26.

And in 94, ‘Mama Said’, on Circa,

for Carleen Anderson, also made No.26.


In 92, ‘Father’, on Island,

gave The Christians, a No.55.

And in 05, ‘Gasolina’, on Machete,

gave Daddy Yankee, a Top 5.


In 66, The Mamas & The Papas, peaked at No.11,

with ‘I Saw Her Again’, on RCA.

And in 06, ‘Father And Daughter’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Paul Simon, a No.31 stay.


In 77, ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, on EMI,

reached No.31, for Queen.

And in 84, ‘Mother’s Talk’, on Mercury,

gave Tears For Fears, a No.14.


In 54, Eddie Fisher, had a US No.1 & UK No.9,

with ‘Oh My Papa’, on HMV.

And in 73, ‘Hey Mama’, on Ammo,

gave Joe Brown, a No.33.


In 65, ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’, on London,

made No.25, for James Brown & The Famous Flames.

And in 97, ‘Mama’/’Who Do You Think You Are’, on Virgin,

saw The Spice Girls, with multiple-platinum, No.1 claims.


In 04, ‘Hey Mama’,  on A & M,

gave The Black Eyed Peas, a No.6 score.

And also in 04, ‘Hey Papa!’, on EMI,

for Alex Cartana, peaked at No.34.


In 76, ‘Daddy Cool’, on Atlantic,

for Boney M (their first UK hit) made No.6.

And in 02, ‘Mother’, on Serious,

for M Factor, at No.18, ends this parental mix.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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April 22, 2020





In 83, ‘Thank You For The Music’,

on CBS, gave Abba, a No.33.

And in 94, Sinead O’Connor, rose to No.13,

on Ensign, with ‘Thank You For Hearing Me’.


In 84, ‘Thank You My Love’, on R&B,

for Imagination, reached No.22.

And in 88, Alexander O’Neal, made the Top 30,

with ‘Thank You For A Good Year’, on Tabu.


In 96, R Kelly peaked at No.14,

with ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, on Jive.

And in 98, ‘Thank U’, on Maverick,

for Alanis Morissette, made the Top 5.


In 78, ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’,

on Asylum, gave Andrew Gold, a No.42.

And in 2000, Mariah Carey featuring Joe & 98o, on Columbia,

had a US No.1 & UK Top 10, with ‘Thank God I Found You’.


In 2000, Bon Jovi, peaked at No.12,

on Mercury, with ‘Thank You For Loving Me’.

And in 01, ‘Thank You’, on Cheeky,

gave Dido, a Top 3.


In 75, ‘Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam),

on Polydor, gave Slade a No.7.

And in 03, ‘Thank You Baby’, on Mercury,

for Shania Twain, reached No.11.


In 68, Sam & Dave, peaked at No.34,

on Stax, with ‘I Thank You’.

And in 04, ‘Thank You’, on Parlophone,

took Jamelia, into the Top 2.


In 65, ‘Thanks A Lot’, on Brunswick,

was a No.41, for Brenda Lee.

And in 74, ‘Thanks For Saving My Life’, for Billy Paul,

on Philadelphia International, reached No.33.


In 89, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, peaked at No.75,

with ‘Thanks For My Child’, on CBS.

And in 04, ‘I Wanna Thank You’, on J Records,

gave Angie Stone featuring Snoop Dogg, a No.31 success.


In 84, ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’,

reached No.21, on EMI, for Queen.

And in 89, ‘I Thank You’, on Cooltempo,

gave Adeva, a No.17.


In 67, ‘Thank You Very Much’, on Parlophone,

for The Scaffold, climbed to No.4.

And in 07, ‘Thank You Whoever You are’,

on Intact, gave Marillion, a No.15 score.


In 91, World Party, made No.68,

with ‘Thank You World’, on Ensign.

And in 08, ‘Thank You For A Lifetime’,

on EMI, took Cliff Richard, to the Top 3 line.






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April 21, 2020





In 70, Stevie Wonder, on Tamla Motown,

had a No.6, with ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’.

And in 71, ‘Never Ending Song Of Love’, on Philips,

for The New Seekers, reached No.2.


In 80, ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’,

on 20th Century, gave Stephanie Mills, a No.4

And in 2008, ‘Never Miss A Beat’, a Top 5,

for The Kaiser Chiefs, on B Unique/Polydor.


In 78, Andrew Gold, on Asylum,

had a Top 5, with ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’.

And in 95, ‘Never Forget’, was a No.1,

for Take That, on RCA.


In 87, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’,

was a No.1, for Rick Astley, on RCA.

And in 88, ‘Never Trust A Stranger’,

made No.7, for Kim Wilde on MCA.


In 78, Black Sabbath, reached No.21,

on Vertigo, with ‘Never Say Die’.

And in 87, Bon Jovi, also peaked at No.21,

on Vertigo, with ‘Never Say Goodbye’.


In 81, Hi Gloss, shone at No.12,

on Epic, with ‘You’ll Never Know’.

And in 97, Tina Moore, peaked at No.7,

on Delirious, with ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’.


In 64, ‘You’ll Never Get To Heaven’, on Pye International,

for Dionne Warwick, made the Top 20.

And in 87, ”Never Can Say Goodbye’, on London,

for The Communards, a Top 4 entry.


In 74, ‘Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth’,

on Island, gave Sparks, a No.13.

And in 83, ‘Never Too Much’, on Epic,

for Luther Vandross, also reached No.13.


In 95, ‘The Twelfth Of Never’, climbed to No.21,

for Elvis Presley, on RCA.

And in 09, Tinchy Stryder featuring Amelle Berrabah,

was at No.1, with ‘Never Leave You’, on Fourth & Broadway.


In 73, Shirley Bassey, on United Artists,

made No.8, with ‘Never Never Never’.

And in 97, All Saints, had a multiple, platinum, No.1,

on London, with ‘Never Ever’.





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In 85, A-Ha , on Warner Brothers,

had a gold-selling US No.1 & UK No.2, with ‘Take Me’.

And in 04, ‘Take Me Out’, on Domino,

gave Franz Ferdinand, a Top 3.


In 97, Submerge Featuring Jan Johnston, on AM:PM,

reached No.28, with ‘Take Me By The Hand’.

And in 09, ‘Take Me Back’, on Fourth & Broadway,

saw Tinchy Stryder Featuring Taio Cruz, , make a Top 3 stand.


In 73, ‘Take Me High’, on EMI,

for Cliff Richard, peaked at No.27.

And in 83, ‘Take That Situation’, on Arista,

saw Nick Heyward, with a No.11.


In 75, ‘Take Good Care Of Yourself’, climbed to No.9,

on Philadelphia International, for The Three Degrees.

And in 05, ‘Take Me Away’, on Hed Kandi,

made No.9, for Stonebridge Featuring Therese.


In 80, ‘Take That Look Off Your Face’, on Polydor,

gave Marti Webb, a Top 3.

And in 93, Girlfriend, on Arista,

rose to No.47, with ‘Take It From Me’.


In 81, ‘Take It To The Top’, on De-lite,

for Kool & The Gang, climbed to No.15.

And in 85, ‘Take Me Home’, on Virgin,

for Phil Collins, peaked at No.19.


In 99, ‘Never Had It So Good’, on Edel,

for Take 5, reached No.34,

And in 07, ‘Shine’, was a gold-selling No.1,

for Take That, on Polydor.


In 75, ‘Take Your Mama For A Ride’, on Chelsea,

for Lulu, reached No.37.

And in 02, ‘Take It Easy’, on Epic,

for 3SL, peaked at No.11.


In 73, ‘Take Me Home Country Rose’, made No.15,

on Pye International, for Olivia Newton-John.

And in 86, ‘Take My Breath Away ((Love Theme From Top Gun)’,

for Berlin, on CBS, a gold-selling US & UK No.1.


In 75, ‘Take Me In Your Arms’, on Warner Brothers,

gave The Doobie Brothers, a No.29 high.

And in 95, ‘Take Me Higher’, peaked at No.32,

for Diana Ross, on EMI.


In 92, Dream Factory, peaked at No.39,

on City Beat, with ‘Take Me’.

And in 94, ‘Take It Back’, on EMI,

gave Pink Floyd, a No.23.


In 61, ‘Take Five’, on Fontana,

gave The Dave Brubeck Quartet, a Top 6.

And in 73, ‘Take Me Girl I’m Ready’, on Tamla Motown,

for Junior Walker & The All-Stars, ends this mix.






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April 20, 2020




With these six UK hits on SBK,

In 90, peaking at No.6, came ‘Hold On’.

And in 90, making No.36, was ‘Release Me’ –

(both singles reaching the US No.1).


Ending 90, ‘Impulsive’, climbed to No.42,

and in 91, ‘You’re In Love’, a US No.1 & UK No.29.

In 92, ‘You Won’t See Me Cry’, rose to No.18,

and also in 92, ‘ Give It Up’, made the No.36 line.




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In April, Petula Clark, had a Top 6, on Pye,

with ‘This Is My Song’ EP.

And in June, ‘Carrie-Anne’, on Parlophone,

for The Hollies, made the Top 3.


In January, Cat Stevens, climbed to the Top 2,

on Deram, with ‘Matthew & Son’.

And in March, ‘Jimmy Mack’, on Tamla Motown,

for Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, rose to No.21.


In January, ‘A Place In The Sun’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Stevie Wonder, a Top 20.

And in November, ‘Like An Old Time Movie’, on CBS,

for Scott McKenzie, a Top 50 entry.


In June, Pink Floyd, made No.6,

on Columbia, with ‘See Emily Play’.

And in September, Wilson Pickett, was at No.43,

on Atlantic, with ‘Funky Broadway’.


In July, ‘You Only Live Twice’/’Jackson’, on Reprise,

gave Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, a No.11.

And in December, ‘I Second That Emotion’, on Tamla Motown,

for Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, reached No.27.


In March, ‘Purple Haze’, on Track,

gave The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a Top 3 success.

And in April, The Tremeloes, had a three week No.1,

with ‘Silence Is Golden’, on CBS.


In February, Sonny & Cher, peaked at No.29,

on Atlantic, with ‘The Beat Goes On’.

And in April, ‘Gonna Get Along Without You Now’,

on Reprise, gave Trini Lopez, a No.41.


In May, ‘Give Me Time’, on Philips,

gave Dusty Springfield, a No.24.

And in September, The Bee Gees, had a 4 week No.1,

with ‘Massachusettes’, on Polydor.


In April, The Shadows, reached No.24,

on Columbia, with ‘Maroc 7’.

And in August, ‘Another Pleasant Valley Sunday’,

on RCA, took The Monkees, to No.11.


In January, ‘It Takes Two’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston, a No.16 score.

And in March, ‘Ha Ha Said The Clown’, on Fontana,

for Manfred Mann,  made the Top 4.


In April, ‘Pictures Of  Lily’, on Track,

reached the Top 4, for The Who.

And in November, ‘I’m Coming Home’, on Decca,

gave Tom Jones, a Top 2.


In January, ‘Try A Little Tenderness’, on Atlantic,

for Otis Redding, rose to No.6.

And in August, Engelbert Humperdinck, had a five week No.1,

with ‘Last Dance’, on Decca, ending this mix.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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We bend the rules, we cross the bar,

and go a little bit too far.


We turn the key, we enter in,

that private room – it is a sin.


We stretch the truth, we tell a lie,

to impress our peers, oh me, oh my.


We weep for others, we share their pain.

It helps us keep, our own head sane.


We smile, we laugh, and onward go,

and for the world, put on a show.


We dig a hole, we downward fall,

when lies exposed, shit hits the wall.


We dip and delve, we recall names,

and resurrect, the same old flames.


We visualise, we second guess,

what isn’t said, in times of stress.


We overthink, we take a gulp.

We beat ourselves, sometimes to pulp.


We agonise, we sit and wait,

until depression, lifts it’s gate.



Written by

Harriet Blackbury.








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