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April 15, 2024



Whilst in a charity shop

I noticed a wicker chair all alone.

So I quickly took a photo for my friend,

and sent it off to her by phone.


She immediately said ‘Get it,

before you leave there,

and I’ll collect it from you,

as soon as possible, I swear’.


So the said chair was bought

and bundled onto sir,

in the passenger seat of the car,

as no other space to spare.


I then put it in the lounge,

Oh, how it added flair,

with two suitable cushions,

thrown on it, for a dare.


As the evening grew longer

the chair kept catching my eye.

I was falling for it – big time.

What a silly fool am I!


In the days that followed

plans to deliver it were set.

And then they were brought forward,

very much to my regret.


The chair that wasn’t mine,

would soon be leaving here.

A pull on the heartstrings,

that almost brought a tear.


On the day of departure

we loaded the chair into my friends car.

‘I’ll come and sit on you real soon’,

I whispered to the chair – Oh, how bizarre!


That in the short time I had known the chair,

such feelings had grown strong.

‘Tara, farewell, my dearest one,

I hope to see you before long’.


Well, a strange thing then happened,

as the chair en-route to it’s new abode,

saw my friend suddenly do a detour

along by the charity shop road.


And just as she arrived on their car park,

she spotted two new white wicker chairs

being unloaded from a van

and decided then, that they were hers!


So she dashed into the shop,

and did the deal in a trice,

before anyone else could buy them,

saying quickly ‘name your price’.


But what happened next was unbelievable,

for two more chairs in her car, there wasn’t room!

So the original one, that had won my heart,

was returned to the charity shop in gloom.


My friend then tried to ring me,

to fill me in on what she’d done.

But her call went straight to message

which I missed. Oh what a carry on!


When eventually I picked up the message,

an hour later, my heart flooded with joy.

And I dashed back to the charity shop,

with hubby in tow – Oh’, ship ahoy.


I ran into the shop and 

discovered my chair back on display,

next to a line of others,

and scooped it up saying, hurray.


Sometimes in life weird things happen,

if they are meant to be.

No better thrill for me and my friend,

thanks to serendipity.


by Harriet Blackbury

July 2023









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March 18, 2024





In May 74,  Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 

had a Top 5, on EMI with ‘Judy Teen’.

Also on EMI, ‘Mr Soft’,

at No.8,  enjoyed the Top 10 scene.


In 75, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

also on EMI, gave them a two week, No.1 hit.

And Mr Raffles (Man It Was Mean)

also in 75, reached No.13.


In 76, on EMI, peaking at No.10,

was ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

And also in 76, ‘Love’s A Prima Donna’

climbed to No.41.


In 79, ‘Freedom’s Prisoner’

on EMI, made a No.58 show.

And in 83, Ballerina (Prima Donna)

rose to No.51 on Stiletto.


In 86, The Phantom Of The Opera

with Sarah Brightman, made No.7 on Polydor.

And in 92, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, made a No.46 score.


In 95, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

on EMI, at No.33, was again to arrive.

And in 05, It re-entered the charts

on Gott Discs, peaking at No.55.



Every writer only needs one song

to set them apart from the rest.

and Make Me Smile (Come up and see me)

put you up there with the best of the best.


Thank you for the music


R I P   1951 – 2024



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January 12, 2023



After leaving The Yardbirds in 65,

in 67  Jeff Beck had his first two

solo hits on Columbia, when –


‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ reached No.14,

and ‘Tallyman’, a Top 30 was to be.

And in 68, also on Columbia

‘Love Is Blue’, climbed to No.23.


In 69, Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group, on Pye,

made No.12, with ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)’.

And in 72,on Rak, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’,

this time, made the No.17 slot.


In 73, with Rod Stewart, also on Rak,

came ‘I’ve Been Drinking’, at No.27, took a pew.

And in 82, ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’, still on Rak,

re-appeared in the charts, at No.62.


In 92, ‘People Get Ready’, on Epic,

again with Rod Stewart, rose to No.49.

Thank you for the music Jeff Beck.

Your work will live on, you were simply divine.


R I P  1944 – 2023



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