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December 15, 2018



In 72, ‘There Are More Questions Than Answers’

reached No.9 on CBS for Johnny Nash,

And in 79, gold selling ‘I Will Survive’, on Polydor,

for Gloria Gaynor made a US & UK No.1 dash.


In 92, ‘I Still Believe In You’, on EMI

gave Cliff Richard a UK No.7 entry.

and in 06, on Ten label, for French Production Duo –

Justice Versus Simian, was ‘We Are Your Friends’ at No.20.


In 64, ‘I Wouldn’t Trade You For The World’,

on Decca, for Irish Band -The Bachelors, made No.4,

and in 82, Phd on the Wea label, had success

when ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ had a Top 3 score. 


In 84, ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now’)

on Virgin, a gold seller and US No.1 & UK No.2.

And in 07, ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ on the Rinse label,

for UK Group -The Klaxons, at No.13, rang true.


In 70, Dave Edmunds first UK entry – ‘I Hear You Knocking’,

on the MAM label – a No.1 for six weeks was to be.

And in 99, ‘It’s Not Right But It’s Okay’ on Arista,

for Whitney Houston, a gold seller and UK No.3.


In 77, ‘I Will’ on the Creole label

gave Ruby Winters a UK No.4 sound.

And in 88, Aswad on the Mango label

had a UK No.1 for two weeks with ‘Don’t Turn Around’


A UK No.8 on Stateside for Mama Cass,

‘It’s Getting Better’, came in 69,

And in 81, on Arista, for Barry Manilow was 

‘I Made It Through The Rain’ – a UK Top 40, so fine.


In 89, for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,

‘I Won’t Back Down’ on MCA, a UK Top 30 pick.

Also in 89, ‘I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet’

on PWL – A Top Ten for UK DJ’s – Pat & Mick.



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December 10, 2018


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday  11th December 2018

for another fast moving hour of chat and fun.


On this weeks Show –

Tony’s Guest of the week 

will be Lorraine from Salford,

who will also be reading the poem –

For The Love Of Nature

written by Harriet Blackbury.


Tony will be paying tribute

to Pete Shelley

and reading the poem –

For The Love Of The Buzzcocks

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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December 9, 2018



In 69, ‘I’m A Road Runner’ on Tamla Motown, at No.12,

for Junior Walker & The All-Stars.

And in 84 & 85, on Electra – (both times in the Top 5),

was ‘Drive’ by US male group Cars.


In 66, ‘Working My Way Back To You’, on Philips –

a Top 50 for The Four Seasons with Frankie Valli.

And in 67, The Mamas & Papas, on RCA,

had a UK No.9 with ‘Creeque Alley’.


In 75, Chris Spedding reached No.14

on the Rak label with ‘Motor Biking’.

And ‘Going Underground’/’Dreams Of Children’. on Polydor,

for The Jam – a No.1, very much to fan’s liking.


‘Is It Love You’re After’ by Rose Royce,

on the Whitfield label, made No.13 in 79.

And in 2001, Red Hot Chili Peppers, on Warner Brothers,

took ‘Road Trippin’ to the Top 30 line.


In 63, on Decca, making No.3 for Billy Fury,

was ‘Like I’ve Never Been Gone’.

And in 81,’Rainy Night In Georgia’ – a top 20 for Randy Crawford,

and still on Warner Brothers, in 83 her ‘Night Line’ reached No.51.


In 92, ‘Sleeping Satellite’ on EMI –

a UK No.1 for Tasmin Archer.

And in 04, at No.30, and in 05 at No.33 – ‘All Mapped Out’

arrived on Parlophone for Departure.


In 82, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, on CBS made No.62,

and in 09 (this time on Columbia) their single reached No.6.

‘Walk Of Life’ by Dire Straits on Vertigo, in 86, was at No.2.

And in 70, ‘Friends’ by Arrival, on Decca, next in this mix.


In 79, ‘Confusion’/’Last Train To London’ –

a UK No.8 for Electric Light Orchestra, on Jet.

And in 83, ‘Wherever I lay My Hat (That’s My Home)’

for Paul Young on CBS – a No.1 bet.


The first UK hit for Simon & Garfunkel, in 66,

on CBS, at No.9 – ‘Homeward Bound’ was to be.

And in 2007, on Warner Brothers, first appeared for Chris Rea –

‘Driving Home For Christmas’ reaching No. 33.





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December 7, 2018



In 78, The Buzzcocks had five single hits on United Artists –

the first reaching No.37, was ‘What Do I Get’ 

and then ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Love You More’ followed,

and ‘Ever Fall In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’tve’) – a Top 20 bet.


Finishing 78, ‘Promises’, also made the Top 20,

and in 79, ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’ peaked at No. 29,

and ‘Harmony In My Head’, at No.32, (still on United Artists),

with ‘Spiral Scratch EP’ on New Hormones, at No.31, ending 79.


In 80, on United Artists, was double ‘A’ side -‘Are Everything’/

‘Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore’ at No.61,

and in 83, the solo chart entry for Pete Shelley, on Genetic label –

was ‘Telephone Operator’   – Be sure your music will live on.


R.I.P.  Pete Shelley  –  1955 – 2018 



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December 3, 2018


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday 4th December 2018 


This weeks fast moving Show includes –

 a celebration of John Lennon and George Harrison songs. 

and also songs by

10cc, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie.


Tony will also be reading the poem 

For The Love Of The Beatles – Part 1

written by

Harriet Blackbury.  



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December 2, 2018


In 62, on Parlophone, reaching No.17 in the UK,

(also a US No.1)  The Beatles arrived with ‘Love Me Do’.

And in 63, at No.2 was ‘Please Please Me’, on Parlophone,

before their first UK No.1 – ‘From Me To You’.


On Polydor, at No.48 – ‘My Bonnie’, for Tony Sheridan & The Beatles,

and still in 63 – ‘She Loves You’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ –

both No.1 in the US and the UK, on Parlophone.

with ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, in 64, their next US/UK No.1 stand.


Also in 63, ‘Ain’t She Sweet’, on Polydor, – UK Top 30,

and both ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘I Feel Fine’ – a US/UK No.1 shout.

In 65, ‘Ticket To Ride’ and ‘Help’,  also on Parlophone – 

more US/UK No.1’s,  along with ‘Day Tripper’/’We Can Work It Out’.


In 66,’Paperback Writer’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’/’Eleanor Rigby’ –

two more US/UK No.1’s to follow through,

and in 67, ‘Penny Lane/’Strawberry Fields Forever’ –

a US.No.1, that in the UK, reached No.2.


Still in 67, ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘Hello Goodbye’ –

yet two more US/UK No.1’s on view.

And ending 67, ‘Magical Mystery Tour (Double EP)’,

still on Parlophone, reached a UK No.2.


In 68, ‘Lady Madonna’, on Parlophone – a UK No.1,

and still in 68, this time on Apple, ‘Hey Jude’ – a US/UK No.1.

In 69, on Apple, ‘Get Back’ with Billy Preston, a US/UK No.1,

and also in 69, ‘The Ballard Of John And Yoko’ , a UK No.1.


Ending 69, ‘Something’/’Come Together’, on Apple, made a UK No.4,

and ‘Let It Be’ in 70 – a US No.1, made No.2, in the UK.

And in 76, on Apple, a US.No.1 and UK No.8, was ‘Yesterday’.

Also in 76, ‘Hey Jude’ on Apple, made a return at No.12 in the UK.


Still in 76, ‘Paperback Writer’ – a UK No.23, and

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ – a UK No.32, ( both on Parlophone),

and ‘Get Back’ with Billy Preston, on Apple – a UK No.28, and

‘Help’ -a UK No.37, and ‘Back In The U.S.S.R’, -a UK No.19 (both on Parlophone).


In 78, ‘SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – With A Little Help

From My Friends’, on Parlophone, a UK No.63 entry on view.

And in 82, ‘Beatles Movie Medley’ – a UK Top 10,

and at No.4, still on Parlophone, returned ‘Love Me Do’.


In 83, ‘Please Please Me’ claimed a UK No.29 slot,

and ‘From Me To You’  made a Top 40 stand.

And ‘She Loves You’ – a UK No.45,

and at No.62 was ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’.


In 84, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ reached a UK No.53,

then ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ made a UK No.52.

and ending 84, ‘I Feel Fine’ was at No.65 in the UK,

and in 85 ‘Ticket To Ride’, – a UK No.70, came back into view.


In 86, ‘Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby’, had a UK No.63, 

and in 87, ‘Penny Lane’/Strawberry Fields Forever’ made a UK No.65 try,

and at No.47,  ‘All You Need Is Love’ was followed,

twenty years on, by ‘Hello Goodbye.


In 88, ‘Lady Madonna’, on Parlophone, peaked with a UK No.67,

and ‘Hey Jude’, on Apple, reached a UK No.52.

In 89, ‘Get Back’ with Billy Preston, on Apple, made a UK No.74,

and on Parlophone, in 92, at No.53 in the UK, was ‘Love Me Do’.


In 95, on Apple, making a UK No.7 was ‘Baby It’s You’,

then followed ‘Free As A Bird’ – a UK No.2  (the penultimate hit in this mix),

and ending Part 1 of – For The Love Of The Beatles,

reaching a UK No.4,  is ‘Real Love’, on Apple, from 96.


Thank You for the music –


John Lennon   1940 – 1980

George Harrison   1943 – 2001


Written By

Harriet Blackbury



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December 1, 2018



In 70, on Paramount, at No.18

was Clint Eastwood with ‘I Talk To The Trees’.

Also, in the 70’s, on Epic – The Isley Brothers

saw ‘Harvest For The World’ follow ‘Summer Breeze’.


In 66, (after ‘Tossing And Turning’ in 65),

on Piccadilly, The Ivy League gave us ‘Willow Tree’.

And in the 70’s, Maxine Nightingale, on United Artists, had hits

with ‘Right Back Where We Started From’ and ‘Love Hit Me’.


In 81, on RCA was Odyssey

with ‘Going Back To My Roots’ peaking at No.4.

And in 68, The Foundations with ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’,

on Pye, had their second UK,  Top 2 score.


In 66, Dinah Washington, on Mercury,

had a Top 40 with ‘September In The Rain’.

And in 65, also on Mercury, German pianist -‘ Horst Jankowski

had ‘A Walk In The Black Forest’ arrive in the No.3 lane.


In 94, on Food label, at No.10 was ‘Parklife’,

and then gold selling ‘Country House’, in 95 for Blur.

‘Stoney End’ and ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’, on CBS –

70’s hits for Barbra Streisand, along with ‘The Way We Were’.


In 67, The Beatles on Parlophone

took ‘Penny Lane’/’Strawberry Fields Forever’, to No.2.

And in 68, at No.2, on VC Recording label

was ‘Bamboogie’ by UK Producer – Bamboo.


In 05, ‘Black Horse And The Cherry Tree’ –

a Top 30, on Relentless for K T Tunstall.

And in 72, ‘Walkin In The Rain With The One I Love’,

a Top 20 for Love Unlimited, so easy to recall.


In 84, at No.8, and in 93 at No.1 for 4 weeks –

The Bluebells, on London, had success with ‘Young At Heart’.

And also in 84, ‘When Doves Cry’ and ‘Purple Rain’, for Prince,

on Warner Brothers, both made the UK Top 10 chart.


In 86, on Mercury was ‘Down To Earth’

for Curiosity Killed The Cat, making a Top 3 claim.

And back in 64, on Decca, reaching the Top 5,

was Dave Berry with ‘The Crying Game’.


In 08, ‘Mountains’ on 14th Floor label,

for UK trio – Biffy Clyro, reached No.5.

In 76, on MGM ‘How High The Moon’ for Gloria Gaynor,

came before her Polydor, US and UK No.1 hit – ‘I Will Survive’


In 81, ‘A Good Year For The Roses’ on F Beat XX

for Elvis Costello, made No.6.

And In 77, on Warner Brothers, at No.26,

for George Benson, was ‘Nature Boy’ – last in this mix.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury


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November 26, 2018


Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon on Tuesday, 27th November 2018.


Today’s fast moving Show includes


Live recordings of music by

Dan Patlansky and band,

along with Charly and Gorilla Riot…

both currently touring together.


There will also be details of remaining shows 

on Tony’s Time Machine  Final Countdown.


Tony will be reading the poem

‘For The Love Of Radio

written by

Harriet Blackbury.



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In 81, on Polydor, reaching No.21

was ‘Radio Wall Of Sound’ by Slade,

and in 84, ‘Radio GaGa’ by Queen

on EMI – a number 2 position made.


In 01, ‘Paranoid Android’ by Radiohead

on Parlophone made Number 3,

and ‘Nervous Wreck’ by U.S. group Radio Stars,

on Chiswick, a top 40, proved to be.


In 04, ‘Radio’ by Robbie Williams,

on Crysalis reached the No.1 slot,

and in 91, ‘Radio Song’ by REM –

a Top 30, on Warner Brothers, loved a lot.


In 61, ‘Transistor Radio’ made No.24

on Pye, for Comedian – Benny Hill,

and in 78, ‘Radio Radio’ – a Top 30 on Radar

for Elvis Costello & The Attractions, that fans love still.


In 87, ‘Radio Heart’ at No.35 on GFM for

Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan, is next in this mix.

Also, in 87 ‘I Love My Radio ( My DJ’s Radio)’ 

for Taffy, on Transglobal, made No.6.


In 80, ‘On The Radio’ by Donna Summer,

on  Casablanca, peaked at No.32,

and in 78, ‘Jack And Jill’ at No 11, on Arista,

by U.S. group Raydio, came into view.


In 83, at No.13 on Sound of New York label was

‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life On Th Radio’ by Indeep,

and in 76, on Decca, at No.3 was ‘Music’,

by John Miles, guaranteeing a calming night’s sleep.



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November 21, 2018


From Room Number 1 rang out

Roxy Music’s ‘Dance Away’

for the umpteenth time

on that very first day.


And then from Ultravox

along with Midge Ure –

‘Sleepwalk’ and ‘Passing Strangers’

the neighbourhood had to endure.


The Box Room by the front door

was a Boomtown Rat zone,

and also heard was Blondie

‘Hanging on the telephone’.


And just as one’s sanity –

it was simply impossible to recall,

came, full blast along the corridor

Pink Floyd’s ‘Another brick in the wall’.


Meanwhile, across the landing,

as the windows shook, came Queen,

and also the dulcet tones

of U.S. soul singer, Al Green. 


And Ian Dury’s Rhythm Stick’

and Herbie Hancock’s ‘I Thought It Was You’,

had the whole place rocking,

as another gasket blew.


Then the Manager paid a visit,

humming Roger Whittaker’s ‘Durham Town’,

which definitely for a minute or two

calmed the household down.


And the bathroom always in use,

as an occupant soaked up Billy Paul,

whilst Eagle-loving ‘Desperado’s’

queued impatiently down the hall.


And Marvin Gaye – in all his brilliance,

didn’t stand a chance,

with Billy Joel’s ‘My Life’ on repeat –

causing a frenzied trance.


Then Carole Bayer Sager from the kitchen

announced, ‘You’re moving out today’,

as some demanded squatters rights,

with Odyssey paving the way.


Then suddenly came silence,

and normality was restored –

A whole new world beckoned,

and had to be explored.


as some contracts not renewed,

whilst other players were transferred,

and from rooms once filled with vinyl,

now only silence could be heard.


And as the keys turned in the locks,

after everyone said goodbyes,

quite fittingly on their car radios, 

Art Garfunkel sang ‘Bright Eyes’.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.



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