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December 25, 2020


Let’s all unite as a nation,

now that we’ve come this far.

Let’s put back the Great in Britain,

and show the world who we are.


Let’s find in ourselves some happiness,

that in recent times has disappeared.

Let’s love those who are less fortunate,

and embrace the freedom of being home-reared.


Let’s welcome to our land all visitors,

but on our terms, as now is the case.

Let’s enrich our lives with friendship,

though sadly not yet, with a physical embrace.


Let’s put our nation first, and go forward.

Each new step, such an important seed.

Let’s all take on a positivity,

that becomes infectious, so we can succeed.


Let’s show each other kindness,

and come together as one.

Let’s make 2021 special

Let’s bring back the sun that once shone.


Let’s find in our hearts the passion.

Let’s be selfless, and give something back.

Let’s make our country fantastic again,

and fly high our Union Jack.


by Harriet Blackbury

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