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October 1, 2016



Oh weekdays

when I have to face

groundhog day –

that same rat-race.


Oh weekends

when I become a chauffeur,

ferrying son

and impatient daughter.


Oh weekdays

when dear Monday arrives,

and I find stimulation

on which the brain survives.


Oh weekends

when I become handyman,

fixing plumbing jobs

the best way I can.


Oh weekdays

when I return to my chair,

sifting through emails

which become a blur.


Oh weekends

when I yearn to relax

and put my feet up

and play my sax!


Oh weekdays

when chaos starts up

The new MD decides

this old dog, swapped for a pup!


Oh weekends

now I need the family most,

they’re out doing ‘their thing’ –

no sign of Sunday Roast!


Oh weekdays

that were once salvation,

now an unsure future

heading for starvation.


Oh weekends, weekends

now I’ve faced the facts;

and on weekdays too

I’m belting out that sax.


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