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August 19, 2015



To her that is forever

part of thee.

The loveliest flower this world

did ever see.

The one who came;

the one not meant to be.

The gift of love

that caused insanity.


To her that is forever

on the mind.

More so now, than ever,

one does find.

The one condemned

to die before her time.

The chance one takes;

this mountain one must climb.


To her that is forever

out of sight.

No happiness has found,

as was her right.

The one who happened

as if, by God’s will,

stays cherished in the heart,

and in the memory still.


To her that is forever

now unreal.

A figment of the past;

a fair done deal?

That ran it’s course

as these things often do.

Until the next world,

one must say ‘adieu’


To her that is forever

by ones side;

not in the way as planned,

but the heavens opened wide,

and welcomed home

two hearts that were as one.

No earthly solace found,

but now all suffering gone.










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