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January 4, 2015



They ask ‘Who is he;

give me some common ground,

so a realistic conversation,

I can then turn around’.


They say ‘Give me some detail,

about what makes him tick,

so words can be exchanged,

without me looking quite thick’.


They ask ‘Does he like dogs,

or is he a cat man’?

‘Fill me in on his background

as soon as you can’.


They beg ‘Let me see his resume;

his imagination to catch’?

But he’ll know in a second,

the plan that you hatch!


I say ‘to hell with all that;

take him as he comes,

if you’re ever going to be,

agreeable chums’.


See him as a blank canvas;

your own picture create.

If you start off with bullshit,

no progress you’ll make.


Don’t you think that he knows,

each irritating sycophant,

and each line of nonsense,

that out of their mouths, pant?


If you go down that route,

polite excuses he’ll make,

just to get the hell away,

for his sanity’s sake.


Just imagine him naked,

but on second thoughts not,

as a sudden fit of giggles,

would see you a clot.


And what if the worst happens

and an opportunity is missed:

Is it such a big deal,

if he doesn’t know you exist?















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