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November 28, 2012



I have been stood here holding

a ten pound note in my hand for

the last nine minutes, in readiness

to pay for my tray of food.

I am the only man in the queue.

The delay is simply because all

these gasbags in front of me haven’t

even thought about how they’ll pay, and

wouldn’t dream of searching for their purses

until they reach the front of the counter.

Once their purses are found, they then open

and close endless compartments before

discovering they haven’t enough small change

to pay for their items, and then they have to

go delving into their bags again, unzipping

various other hidden areas where, presumably,

bank notes and credit cards are stuffed away.

The delay isn’t over once they’ve paid – Oh no,

they then proceed to put their loose change

or cards safely away, whilst still in pole position,

instead of moving off to one side, so as to allow

the next person to be served.

What I find even more exasperating is that

it’s these very same women who are the ones

complaining that

‘It takes forever to get served in here’.


God, give me strength!



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