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April 2, 2014



A website of a thousand groans

with many rants and lots of moans.

A body of work, not great, but mine;

words from the heart, line after line.


An escape route, from stress and strains

of high class living to breadcrumb remains.

And if truth be known, my salvation too;

a different richness found, to start anew.


Some laughs as well along the way

when bouts of hope popped in to say.

‘Hey, lighten up, you grumpy bitch.

This transition time is but a glitch,


and in the greater scheme of things

a better future contentment brings’.

And hope was right; that wise old sage.

A new tomorrow is there on every page.


And the task in hand, an ongoing flow

as the mind unravels in candlelight’s glow.

And with loyal support to lean upon

please God, help me reach a thousand and one.



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