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April 22, 2015



The door flung open

to the sound of a muttering man,

announcing to himself,

‘We are eight, including Gran.’


But no-one listened,

no-one heard.

They all stood there gormless

without another word.


No-one came to greet them,

or ask what were  their needs,

or tell them about the conservatory

which from the bar leads.


In disgruntled frustration

the leader turned around,

as another hurricane of draught

swirled in from the ground.


He then led out his party;

no more could he take.

The women tutting and saying,

‘It would have done for tea and cake.’


No sooner had they gone,

than the door opened once more.

This time five Chinese tourists

hovered; too polite to explore.


And in their own language,

had a doorstep debate,

as inside the temperature plummeted,

before their decision, not to wait.


Next, a very young couple,

came in and sat down

at a table for two,

but were soon wearing a frown,


when no-one came to them,

and no sign could they see

saying’ queue at the counter

for coffee and tea.


So after many minutes,

they too up and went;

making fifteen folks in total,

this place, never again to frequent!







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