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December 26, 2013



So cruel and how,

the punishment unjust.

Now scarred from burns,

alas, the price of lust.


A lonely moment

needing to be loved.

When from pillow to post

one has been shoved.


When all around are folks

appearing so self absorbed.

Never seeing the writing,

that on the wall, is daubed.


In bold letters tall,

illuminated by the moon,

pleading; feel me, touch me,

and could you make it soon.


Make sense the madness

going around my head.

I too have needs,

I don’t just supply the bread.


Not often, true,

but sometimes I bleed.

A throbbing self doubt,

that does on weakness feed.


An isolated emptiness,

whilst stood amongst my own.

I watch you all so enthralled,

yet, feel to you, I am unknown.


Some days an uphill grind.

A treadmill I can’t control.

My insecurity exacerbating;

the dread of being on the dole.


 All this, and more I handle,

acting out life, as if a breeze.

If only now and then,

You’d give me a loving squeeze.


Or hold my hand when walking,

like when we danced and twirled.

And you love me, as you once did,

and let me back inside your world.



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