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September 19, 2015


Happy Halloween – 31st October.


Cream satisfied our thirst,

in 67, with their ‘Strange Brew’,

and in this year, The Beatles took us,

on a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, they knew.


63 saw the King, Elvis Presley,

at number one with ‘Devil in Disguise’

and making number two in 69,

‘Suspicious Minds’ came as no surprise.


In 74, one of our fave U.S. Rockers,

at number one, did arrive:

Following her Daytona Demons,

Suzi Quattro took us to Devil Gate Drive.


A ‘Specials’ 81 hit –‘Ghost Town’,

in June made number one

‘Too much too young’, from their AKA live EP,

so poignant, now beloved Rico has gone.


‘Black Magic Woman’, an early classic,

from Fleetwood Mac, in style.

Two years later, Jimi Hendrix Experience

introduced us to their Voodoo Chile.


Alive and kicking came ‘Simple Minds’

insisting ‘Don’t you (forget about me).

Jim Kerr, at the helm showing us,

how cool ’Ghost Dancing’ could be.


Never ones for a ‘Quiet life’,

Japan, in 82, brought us ‘Ghosts’,

and with the help of a ‘Night Porter’,

ensured ‘All tomorrows parties’ – the most.


‘The Devil went down to Georgia’

to link up with The Charlie Daniels Band.

And ‘Ghostbusterrs’ had us on the run

when Ray Parker Jnr made his stand.


 Whether you believe in demons,

and hauntingly spooky apparitions,

or in a devil who’s entered a body,

without any consenting permission.


Or if you think the whole concept nonsense;

preferring to keep your grip on reality tight.

Just for the hell of it, drop your guard,

and enjoy ‘Halloween’ tonight.


Written By Harriet Blackbury


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