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March 14, 2016



‘The Games People Play’ saw Joe South,

riding high at No.6  in 69.

And more recently ‘Pokerface’ by Lady Gaga

ensured her second No.1 slot of 2009.


(Take a look at me now) sang Phil Collins –

another hit heartfelt and true.

No wonder ‘Against all odds’  in 84,

galloped up to No.2.


‘(Win Place Or Show) She’s A Winner’,

by The Intruders, came in 74,

reaching to 14 in the Charts –

This Top 20 hit, a sound each-way score.


In 80, ‘Games Without Frontiers’

saw Peter Gabriel at No. 4.

In 90, ‘The Joker’ by The Steve Miller Band,

a No.1,  fans couldn’t ignore.


In 79, showing his hand at No.11,

Dave Edmunds with ‘Queen of Hearts’.

And Bob Seger’s ‘Still The Same’ also a runner,

from Hollywood Nights, in the LP charts.


‘How Long Has This Been Going on?’ –

a 74 hit by Ace, asked questions of she.

Before ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ by Ace Of Base

followed their ‘All That She Wants’,  in 93.


In 75, ‘Gambling Bar Room Blues’ in the Top 40,

for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

And in 2000, Mariah Carey featuring Westlife

at No.1 with ‘Against All Odds’, played their hand.


In 57 The Crickets made No.3 with ‘Oh Boy’,

after No.1 with ‘That’ll Be The Day’.

And ‘Maybe Baby’ followed in 58,

rising to No.4, after a 10 week chart stay.


‘Crazy Horses’ a hot race, by The Osmonds

found them as high as No.2 in 72,

and in the Top 40 in 2005 –

Fatboy Slim with ‘The Joker’, on view.


In 07 Rain didn’t stop play for Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ –

( featuring Jay Z),  making it to No.1.

Long after Suzi Quatro in 78,

came ‘Stumblin In’ after saying ‘The Race Is On’.


In 85, with ‘The Road To Nowhere’

were Talking Heads with a good drive up to No.6.

‘Dog Days Are Over’ and ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)

in 2010, by Florence + The Machine, in this final mix.


Game on – What’s the chance of a number one?

(Something every artist aims for).

An outside bet as much hope as a favourite odds-on –

Strum that guitar and rock on, evermore.








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