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September 29, 2018



‘I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)’,

in 74, on Charisma, peaked at No.21.

And in 77  ‘Your Own Special Way’,

at No.43 – the next hit to follow on.


Also in 77, ‘Spot The Pigeon’,

making a mark at No.14.

And in 78  ‘Follow You Follow Me’,

at no.7 – setting the scene.


Still in 78 came ‘Many Too Many’ –

their second single to peak at No.43.

And in 80 was ‘Turn It On Again’,

at No.8,  filling fans with glee.


Also in 80 arrived ‘Duchess’ – making No.46,

and ‘Misunderstanding’ reached No.42,

and then in 81′ Abacab’ – a Top Ten at No.9,

and ‘Keep It Dark’ at No.33, saw the year through.


In 82, ‘Man On The Corner’ reached No.41,

and also, ‘3 x 3 EP’ – a Top Ten.

In 83, ‘Mama’ – now on Virgin/Charisma – a Top 4,

and ‘That’s All’ on Charisma/Virgin, a No.16 for these men.


In 84, still on Charisma/Virgin came ‘Illegal Alien’ 

reaching No.46 in the chart – their hit of this year.

In 86 -now on Virgin  – came ‘Invisible Touch’, at No.5, 

‘In Too Deep’ & ‘Land Of Confusion’ – more Top 20s to cheer.


In 87, ‘Tonight Tonight Tonight’ made No.18,

and ‘Throwing It All Away’ -in this year, reached No.22.

Then in 91, ‘No Son Of Mine’ flew to No.6,

and at No.7 -‘I Can’t Dance’ – the first hit of 92.


Three more Top 20s followed in this year –

at No.16  ‘Hold On My Heart’ – the next to arrive,

and then at No.20 ‘Jesus He Knows Me’,

and finally, at No.7 came ‘Invisible Touch’ (Live).


Still on the Virgin label – ‘Tell Me Why’,

in 93, claimed a Top 40 fix.

And in 97 came ‘Congo’ and ‘Shipwrecked’,

before, in 98, ‘Not About Us’ reached No.66.


Whichever Band member our favourite –

be it Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins or Tony Banks,

or Steve Hackett or Mike Rutherford –

to each one of you we give our huge Thanks.




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