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July 23, 2015




So sad when a house,

no longer feels like a home.

Abba sang ‘Knowing me’, Knowing you’,

guaranteeing hearts would roam.


‘Hotel California’ was also,

another heartfelt pit-stop,

which landed the famous Eagles,

an album never to be forgot.


‘The Folks who live on the Hill’,

a classic from Peggy Lee.

Showing that when it’s right,

how perfect love can be.


The Four Tops sang of gloomy rooms,

that in total numbered seven.

And much later Led Zeppelin found,

their very own – ‘Stairway to heaven’


This next song of sound construction,

is a fortress to digest.

‘All along the watchtower’,

saw Jimi Hendrix at his best.


Whilst ‘Concrete and Clay’ the hit,

for Unit Four plus Two,

was hod-carried up the charts,

and loved by both me and you.


This well loved performer,

proved he was no spoof.

Trust Kenny Lynch to have a hit,

that sat high  ‘Up on the roof’.


The soul of a house enables us

to ‘Look through any window’ clearly.

This cracking Hollies song,

reminding us,  we love them dearly.


The Doors, also seized an opening

with their ‘Roadhouse Blues’ appeal;

although originally intended as

the B side to ‘You make me real’.


Lastly, the master of creation,

and best career builder of all,

has to be Michael Jackson,

who gave us ‘Off the wall’.


Buildings of the past;

architecturally sound.

Like the foundations of an idea,

that rises from  deep underground.


Buildings of the future;

high-rise with a small footprint.

Like the landscape of a City,

where the sun on glass does glint.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury

especially for LDOK.net

Tonys Time Machine.







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