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October 1, 2016

‘Well ‘to and fro’ –

you know how it goes,

this game of ups

and downs and lows.


This getting on

with life in spite

of all the hazards

day and night.


Trapped on a see-saw –

thoughts suspended.

No get-out clause,

or ride open-ended.


And only viable

is this attraction,

when offloaded is

the weighty fraction.


So, there you go –

lets now put to bed

absurd misgivings,

sometimes falsely read.


No more getting wrong –

well – meant intentions,

that come out twisted

as if new inventions.


Trapped in a Dodgem

with a jerk, suspended.

No get-out clause;

a wedding ring intended


this ride for life

without distraction:

Problems worked through

until satisfaction,


sees fresh water

in the well run clear,

after a glass of wine

or a needy beer.


When unraveled are,

the old crossed wires,

replaced by moon dust

and loves desires.



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