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October 1, 2016



I sent you a message by telepathy

that I hoped would arrive at your side,

as you boarded the 8.10 to Euston,

in time for your daily ride.


Once inside your head I tangled,

with your thoughts, until I got through,

patiently, willingly, waiting in line,

as I knew there’d be quite a queue.


I felt you take off your jacket;

placing it neatly across your knee.

One less thought for you to think about,

before you got around to me.


I blocked your thought of the Laptop.

I’m sorry to use my power this way.

I just needed to have your attention,

more so than ever today.


Instead you took out your newspaper!

Dear Lord, there goes my master plan.

It would be another twenty minutes,

before your mind I could fully scan.


But something you read, somehow made you

look out through the window to think.

So I grabbed the chance whilst I had it;

my message through, leaving me tickled pink.


You closed your eyes for a moment.

It was then I knew I’d reached first base.

When the smile that I live and die for,

appeared on your wonderful face.



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