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August 31, 2016



A fringe or not –

a fringe be damned.

Twelve months of madness,

now growth programmed.



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August 16, 2016



The mail that landed on my mat

was no surprise at all.

The contents ever familiar,

the colour black, ready to install.


The ‘undoing’ not worth the effort;

the parcel sellotaped for dear life.

I cut my finger opening it,

with the very sharpest knife.


The length not to my liking,

the material, cheap as could be.

No future funerals will see it

on the back of me.


No room inside my wardrobe;

the hangers full of sable black.

With clothes for every occasion,

most heading for a charity sack.


Some too good to throw out;

others of sentimental appeal.

But most just friendly neighbours,

living in a tomb of dark – unreal !


The mail that landed on my mat;

a nightmare to my ears.

I knew it would be joining a queue

of ‘perhaps’,  ‘maybe’ and ‘no fear’s’.


The unpicking not worth the effort,

as once tampered with, the end in sight.

And the ‘will I’ – ‘won’t I’, keep it’ option

gone out the window, taking flight.


The pattern not to my liking;

the ordering, a habit to flee.

No future purchase will I make.

I can promise this to thee.


No room inside my wardrobe.

The hangers go on the attack,

with clothes so heavily loaded,

heading for another charity sack.


All too good to throw out,

and with ‘Retro’ back in it’s heyday,

A car-boot sale the answer,

but will I part with them? – No Way.












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March 29, 2016



Celery beckons

with peppered cheese.

In a minute

there’ll be a sneeze.


Celery beckons

with guacamole,

as the tongue

does a roly-poly.


Celery beckons

before a cup of tea.

In a minute

there’ll be a wee.



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October 6, 2015



Users of imagination,

forever swing on tall ship’s sails.

And talk of thrills and fascination,

with truth as clear as Manx cat’s tails.




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For some reason which escapes me,

he drove us both to the railway station,

and as he opened the driver’s door,

it fell off and clattered to the ground. 



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March 15, 2015



I know her words,

they’re in my head.

I read her thoughts,

as if force fed.


More to the point,

I also saw

the open wound,

the flesh so raw.


I held my tongue,

and she held hers;

silently sharing

each others cares.


She knew I knew.

I knew she knew.

Far worse than this,

we had come through.


I know her smile,

and she knows mine.

Now comfort found,

all will be fine.




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January 18, 2015



And the end came again,

as that feeling kicked in.

The one buried deep,

and held firmly within,

that temporarily surges

when chaos abounds,

before faithful stoicism,

a crisis surrounds.



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October 18, 2014



And strangers came from afar,

to bathe in the relaxing Spa,

where all life’s stresses cast aside,

re-moisturising skin, where

sun-oil,  sat and fried.

And fake tan; blotchy,

in bursts of amber,

hardened lily white softness,

dancing the samba.

and ran in streaks

towards ankle bones.

A sight no ‘man of taste’







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July 20, 2014



They thought it fun

to partake of wine;

to laugh and frolic

and intertwine,


in the summer months

of bright sunshine,

never knowing the art

of when to draw the line.


They also thought it cool

to ‘go man go’

and be out, half naked

in winter’s freezing snow,


but in their dotage,

sense, they came to know.

Tho’ still their hearts said yes,

their bodies said ‘oh no!’







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June 5, 2014



To catch a moment

so defined,

and release the stress

as you unwind,


and hold it til

it disappears,

then find you’ve conquered

all your fears,


is worth the effort

of the catch;

a moment seized,

a perfect match.


Held tight til

sunshine re-appears

and dries away

those fallen tears.




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