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July 20, 2014



And with a hint

of white or grey,

but always keeping

red at bay,


she teamed with black,

her natural choice,

and only shade to make

her heart rejoice.


Though on the shelf

where pink stood out,

and caught her eye,

but left much doubt,


she sighed, resigned,

to what she knew,

that black her belt

and black her shoe!


And with lime green,

the shade of the season,

her mind, it wrestled

without reason.


And amber tones

of yellowy yuk,

were surely made,

but for a duck,


And bloody beige,

so non descript;

as safe as houses,

for those tight lipped,


But not for her,

that neutral shade;

as bare as flesh,

no statement made!


For dressed in black

when on parade;

no other choice,

was there displayed,


for elegance

or smart attire,

that would ever set

the world on fire.


And so safe, so assured

in monochrome,

when travelling in style,

to Paris or Rome.


With a touch of white,

if one may dare,

born out of desperation

and despair.


Just for a change,

to brighter be,

for the times when black

even got to she!


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