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December 16, 2019




…. when all but three

were off their head

and others looked

as if half dead


all poisoned by

the arsenic tree

where bamboo swayed

and said ‘not me’


and Ursula from

the other world

with tortured charm

and cultured pearls


chose not to mix

with other girls

dancing through the night

with thrills and twirls


settling for a life

of tales untold

as fading memory

took a hold


where honey lights

shone out so true

in amber tones

from Ursula’s view


as angels came

and took her hand

to a far off, calmer

safer land


and jasmine

in entanglement

survived the seasons

old lament


where three had now

become just two

as Ursula disappeared

from view


no longer being

a driving force

as nature once more

took it’s course


seeking out the weak,

exposed and lame

unshielded from

life’s bitter game


as hawthorn

prickly as could be

watched bamboo sway

and say ‘not me’


though gum trees

taller than bamboo

took on, an all round

over view


as autumn leaves

lay dead and rotten-

a life well lived

would be forgotten


and holly branches

with berries bright

on festive wreaths

came into sight


and mistletoe

on borrowed trees

moved gently in

a winter freeze.


where all but two

were off their head

and others lingered

full of dread


all poisoned by

the arsenic tree

where bamboo smiled

and said ‘not me’.


written by

Harriet Blackbury






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