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May 10, 2014



From yesterdays winds

an old stranger blew in,

totally unannounced,

wearing a sardonic grin.


And in that last moment

left to savour,

locked in forever,

as if a favour


came a haunting echo;

almost a semi quaver!

But no hope was there

to ever save her.


….and at the end,

waiting in the wings,

was the face of that stranger;

one of her wartime flings!


‘Life not much different

to earth’ she thought,

reflecting on the gospels,

she had been taught.


No getting away from

her chequered past.

No cloth to wipe clean the slate,

that now in stone cast.


Then floating next to her soldier

appeared her partners face,

and just like two tadpoles,

they hovered in space.


And then they were joined

by many, many more!

All familiar faces,

on this bottomless floor.


And then, to her horror,

she saw she was the same;

her head, all she had left

of her old earthly frame!


With this realisation, a thought

crossed through her mind.

‘There’d be no adultery committed’

she was relieved now to find.


But before she could bade

all the tadpoles a goodbye,

her guardian angel took her by the ear,

and winked with one knowing eye!











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